SPENCER Star Kristen Stewart Receives American Riviera Award in Chanel Couture

Posted on March 05, 2022

If stars would just, you know, lay off on wearing highly discussable outfits on the weekend, that would be great. With the ramping up/return of red carpets happening just as awards season is reaching its fever pitch, these two opinionated bitches haven’t had a weekend off since their Christmas tree was still up. Anyway, this is our whiny way of announcing that your big queer Oscar nominee broke the rules again. K Stew, take it away…



It’s hideous. We love it.

Looking at the sheer belly and dropped chevron waist, we can’t not be reminded of Cher’s famous fuck-you Oscar dress from 1986 by the legendary Bob Mackie. Is it a deliberate reference? We can’t be sure, but if there’s any current nominee cheeky enough to make it, it would be her. She really does have a knack for making Chanel look punk, even when the design is terrible. In other words, Kristen Stewart is a professional driver on an enclosed track. Readers and other stars would be advised not to attempt this in the real world.




Style Credits:
Chanel Dress from the Spring 2022 Couture Collection

Styled by Tara Swennen


[Photo Credit: Sarah Morris/Getty Images, Marechal Aurore/Abaca/Instarimages.com]

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