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Posted on February 18, 2022

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That’s right, kittens. It’s FRIDAY. Congratulations. Now go enjoy your earned reward.


Faith Ringgold Knows She’s Ahead of Her Time
With a major new retrospective, Faith Ringgold is finally getting her due in the art world. But as the artist, now 91, recalls, acceptance was never the point.

In the 1960s and 1970s, people didn’t like the fact that I was making political art. I also began to organize protests of museums and institutions for the way they excluded women and people of color. I was arrested. I was detained. I was shut out of certain spaces and opportunities, and I didn’t have the support of a community or an institution. But I felt I had something to offer, and I was determined. The more they didn’t like what I was doing, the more I realized it was what I needed to do. That’s why I started to involve my two daughters in my activism. I knew that whatever they sought to do in life, they were likely to encounter trouble too. And I thought it might be good for them to see what I was going through so they’d be able to understand that there are always difficulties, but you need to see things through. In 1980, I began to make quilts. I made my first one, Echoes of Harlem, with my mother. I learned some of the skills involved in making quilts from her, and she had learned them from her mother. It was a family tradition that went back to my great-great-grandmother, who had been enslaved. To me, those skills were like a form of inheritance.


I No Longer Envy The Dad In The Basement
No one was ever only a worker, despite what our employers might want us to believe.

At the beginning of the pandemic, my editor and I used to fantasize about “the dad in the basement.” This was a father who, every morning of the pandemic, kissed his children goodbye and walked downstairs to his home office, where he worked uninterrupted all day long. He did not do Zoom calls with his children crawling on him; he did not have to push back his deadlines to wipe noses; he did not become overwhelmed with guilt and run upstairs to find out what all the yelling was about. No, this dad was in the basement. When he shut the door, he was at work. His work was important, and while he was doing it, nothing and no one could interrupt him.


22 Flare Leggings to Try Because They’re Happening Again
An athleisure update.

The last time flare leggings were a capital-T thing, we were still debating whether they qualified as real pants. (They do.) Flare leggings were also formerly known as yoga pants, or jazz pants for those of us muddling through our first dance classes when they were last relevant. Then time passed, hemlines narrowed, and we forgot about flare leggings—until recently.
The style has crept back into our consciousness: in laid-back street style, in celebrity outfits for grabbing a green juice at Erewhon, all over social media styling videos.


Austin Butler Transforms Into Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis
Here’s everything we know about the hotly anticipated film.

The first look at Baz Luhrmann’s highly anticipated Elvis Presley documentary is here.
The upcoming feature, simply titled Elvis, stars Austin Butler in the titular role and follows the King’s rise to fame under the wing of his longtime manager, Colonel Tom Parker, played by Tom Hanks. While plenty of historic Presley pop culture moments are included in the film’s official trailer — including the singer’s debut, the crowds of fainting women, and his marriage to Priscilla Presley — the film also promises to unearth more overlooked aspects of the musician’s career. The trailer begins not with Elvis as the handsome, blue-eyed, raven-haired heartthrob the world knew him to be, but rather a blonde little boy, enamored by the power and gospel of the Black church and its music. Other famous faces in the world of rock and rhythm and blues, such as Little Richard, B.B. King, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe, will also be featured in the film.


The Dream of the ’90s Is Alive in Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Roll your eyes all you you want, but like clunky-soled boots, Christian Slater films, and ripped fishnets, these ‘maters transcend the haters.

If you’d asked 19-year-old me, in her secondhand combat boots, ripped fishnet tights, and paint-streaked thrift store dress, what food sat firmly spiked on the apex of sophistication, she’d probably tell you — with a snotty art-school eye roll — that it was sun-dried tomatoes. It was the early 1990s, and perhaps you might be lenient with me for the outfit and the attitude. But I’m not gonna apologize for loving the now-passé pantry item. Their flavor stands the test of time.


Trailblazing Model Beverly Johnson On Stealing the Show at NYFW
New York Fashion Week is always a star-studded affair, but this season the most exciting cameo happened on the runway. Walking for both Sergio Hudson and Bibhu Mohapatra was the trailblazing model Beverly Johnson—who you may know as the first Black women to ever grace a Vogue cover. At each show, she strutted to the tune of the audience’s applause, proving that she can still shut down a catwalk after five decades in the field. At Mohapatra, an excited guest screamed from the front row, “Yass, mother Beverly!”


At the New Museum, a Long-Overdue Showcase for the Great Faith Ringgold
This week marks the opening of “Faith Ringgold: American People,” a sprawling tribute to the 91-year-old American artist, author, and civil rights activist at the New Museum in New York. Mining some 60 years of paintings, sculptures, performance art, and those iconic story quilts, it’s the most comprehensive presentation of Ringgold’s output to date. (Remarkably, her last New York exhibition even approaching this scale opened in 1998, and that was also at the New Museum.)
For one of the art world’s most restlessly inventive outsiders, the show has been a long time coming. “It’s late, but late is better than not at all,” she tells me from her home in Englewood, New Jersey. At this point in her life, is she still gratified by mainstream recognition? “I knew that I was gonna get it. And I knew I was supposed to have it. So, I got it,” she replies simply.


‘Stranger Things’ Renewed for Fifth and Final Season at Netflix
Along with revealing the premiere date for its much-delayed fourth season on Thursday, Netflix announced that “Stranger Things” — the sci-fi horror series that premiered in 2016, and became a phenomenon — has been renewed for a fifth and final season.
In a letter to fans that said “Stranger Things 4” would be split into two parts, with the first to debut May 27 and the second to launch July 1, series creators Matt and Ross Duffer also unveiled the big news that the show will conclude with “Stranger Things 5.”


15 Vodka Cocktails You Need to Try
Vodka has been America’s most popular spirit since 1976 for a reason: It’s incredibly versatile. Clear, colorless, odorless, and (relatively) flavorless, vodka pairs well with just about any flavor profile you can think of, making it an essential bottle to have on hand if you’re entertaining at home. That neutrality also means it also takes well to infusions with ingredients like citrus fruits, herbs, and even jalapeño peppers. We’ve collected our favorite vodka cocktails here, from bartenders and chefs around the country. Some, like the Vodka Gimlet, are easy to make, requiring only vodka and lime cordial. Others, like the East Jaffa Mule, are perfect for showing off your mixology skills. But there’s something for almost everyone here, from Martinis to Bloody Marys to Mules. Stock up your cabinet with your favorite vodka and start mixing.


‘My Tinder Date Swindled Me Out Of More Than £200,000’
When Cecilie Fjellhøy and Pernilla Sjoholm matched with a billionaire playboy on Tinder in 2018, little did they know their dreams of finding love would turn into a nightmare.

All it takes is one picture of a good-looking stranger to change your life forever. One minute, you could be slumped on the sofa, mindlessly swiping left and the next, you could swipe the other way, get a match and be heading off on a first date with the future love of your life. This is exactly what happened for both Cecilie Fjellhøy and Pernilla Sjoholm, or at least, so they thought.
For these two women and numerous others, what started out as a search for love eventually spiralled into an ongoing nightmare of deceit, manipulation, and eye-watering amounts of debt.


If You Are Going to Splurge on Caviar, You Should Learn the Best Way to Eat It
The rich roe comes with a hefty price tag, which is why caviar pro Karin Nebot is devoted to teaching people how to make the most of it.

The cost of the caviar supplement on a restaurant’s already-spendy tasting menu often produces sticker shock, paired with a disinclination to opt for the add-on. Just a little scoopful of the salty, buttery roe can command a rather immoderate price, leaving the luxurious item to reside in a world of its own.
Of course, not all caviar — which traditionally comes from sturgeon — is created equal, and while it’s possible to procure some of the rich roe at a slightly more wallet-friendly price, Karin Nebot, managing director of Paris institution, Kaviari, wouldn’t recommend it.


12 Green Nail Ideas To Inspire Your Next Manicure
Go for green.

Social media has spoken: spring’s ‘it’ nail polish colour is green. Spotted everywhere, from myriad A-listers to our favourite nail influencers, green (in all its varieties) has become a go-to nail colour of choice with Google searches for the shade up 550% in the past year.
‘Green feels fresh and it’s a great transition shade to take us from winter into spring,’ says nail influencer Melanie Graves (aka @overglowedit). ‘There’s also a ton of range where you can pick a deeper emerald colour for a moody vibe or a neon bright for something more playful.’
The current must-try colour? ‘Bottega green,’ says Max Factor nail ambassador and manicurist, Iram Shelton, who believes the brand has re-introduced the bright green hue into everyone’s wardrobe (and nail kit).


Olivia Colman Will Appear As Charles Dickens’s Most Divisive Heroine In A Great Expectations Adaptation
Olivia Colman has made a habit of choosing less-than-expected roles through the years; the former Peep Show star won an Oscar as a gout-riddled Queen Anne (The Favourite), then turned around and played the lead in a series about Susan Edwards, a real-life murderess who did away with her own parents before spending their fortune on Hollywood memorabilia. Her next major TV role? Appearing as Miss Havisham in the BBC and FX’s forthcoming Great Expectations adaptation.
In case you managed to escape school without reading Dickens’s 1861 novel, the story follows a penniless young orphan named Pip (to be played by Dunkirk’s Fionn Whitehead), who begins receiving money from an anonymous patron when he turns 18. His assumed benefactress: Miss Havisham, “an immensely rich and grim old lady”, who invited him to visit her at Satis House as a boy, where he met and fell in love with her ward, Estella (Hayley Squires).


24 Throwback Photos Of Priscilla Presley, A Legend In Her Own Right
Although best known as the ex-wife of Elvis Presley, Priscilla Presley is so much more. While married to the controversial rock ’n’ roll icon for six years, Priscilla had successful careers as both an actor and mogul in her own right. Co-star of the acclaimed Naked Gun films, she also played Jenna Wade in the beloved primetime series Dallas. And, as the chair of the Presley estate after Elvis’s passing, she helped to turn Graceland – her ex-husband’s private mansion estate near Memphis – into one of the USA’s biggest tourist attractions, rivalling the White House for the number of visitors it attracts. As the first trailer drops for Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic, where the great beauty is played by Olivia DeJonge, revisit 24 striking photographs of the icon.


Henry Golding Shares the Story Behind His Wedding Ring
Most major luxury jewelers rely on star power to help draw in customers—but David Yurman waited until now to appoint its first-ever celebrity ambassadors: Scarlett Johansson and Henry Golding. For the latter, a trip to New York City to shoot the campaign at the Carlyle Hotel’s storied Bemelmans Bar was a rare bit of excitement in his newfound life as a dad. At least, that’s the impression he gave off when he spoke with W on a usual Friday night in. “It’s daddy life,” the 35-year-old Snake Eyes and Crazy Rich Asians star, who has a 10-month-old daughter with the yoga instructor Liv Lo, said with a laugh. “Early to bed, early to rise.” He tells the story behind his wedding ring and reminisces on his days as a hairdresser.


The wild finish to the Olympic women’s figure skating final
Kamila Valieva, Russian score inflation, and a teammate’s full-blown temper tantrum.

When the dust settled at Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing Thursday, presumed favorite Kamila Valieva did not win an Olympic medal for women’s figure skating, setting off a series of extraordinary events. The International Olympic Committee (IOC), probably breathing a sigh of relief, was allowed to conduct a medal ceremony for the top three finishers: Russia’s Anna Shcherbakova (gold) and Alexandra Trusova (silver); and Japan’s Kaori Sakamoto (bronze). Had Valieva qualified for a medal, the ceremony would have been postponed because of an investigation into her failed drug test.
But instead of relishing a moment of joy and accomplishment in winning a silver medal, Valieva’s training partner and teammate Trusova threw a temper tantrum (in Russian) saying she hates the sport, hates that everyone has a gold medal, possibly hates their teammate Shcherbakova, and hates their coach Eteri Tutberidze.


A history of the Royal Family on tour in the Caribbean
Next month, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are thought to be embarking on their first royal tour in two years, visiting the Caribbean. It will be the first time that the couple have visited many of the Commonwealth nations there, having previously been to Australia and New Zealand, as well as the US and Canada. The trip is part of a planned charm offensive during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year, with the young and charismatic duo set to showcase their unique brand of modern royalty.
The Caribbean has always been an important destination for royal tours. Indeed, the Queen is currently still head of state in 15 countries around the world, half of which are in the Caribbean, so it is unsurprising it is such an important destination for the Royal Family.


The Most Prized Watch Brands You’ve Never Heard Of
The rising prices of Rolexes and Pateks have collectors turning to what one expert called “the dead brands society.”

In 2012, when Scott Heileson turned 35, he decided it was time to buy a nice watch.
Like millions of people before and after him, he gravitated to Rolex, deciding he wanted an Explorer 1016 model from 1977, the year he was born. The watch proved elusive, but the search ignited a passion for wristwatches that Mr. Heileson hadn’t realized he had.
“Very quickly, I went down this rabbit hole of military watches,” Mr. Heileson, a patent lawyer based in Northern California, recalled during a recent phone call.


Gregory Peck’s Daughter and Others Keep ‘Mockingbird’ Sequel Rights
In a settlement agreement, the estate of Harper Lee, who wrote “To Kill a Mockingbird,” renewed the movie sequel and remake rights of Cecilia Peck and other successors and heirs to the makers of the original 1962 film.

In the years since Harper Lee’s death in 2016, her 1960 novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” has been reimagined in surprising new ways. It was released as a graphic novel in 2018, and adapted into a hit Broadway production by the screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.
Now, after a yearslong legal battle, the path has been cleared for another major adaptation: a film remake or sequel.
No plans have been announced, or are even being contemplated, according to the successors and heirs of the makers of the original 1962 film adaptation starring Gregory Peck.


It Takes Artists and Scientists to Understand the Human Body
A new exhibition explores depictions of anatomy from the Renaissance to today

As a medical student at the University of Bologna in the late-18th century, you might have strolled home through the covered arcade of the Portico del Pavaglione, nipped into the printmaker’s shop owned by Antonio Cattani and his partner Antonio Nerozzi, and bought anatomical prints that mapped the body in actual size.
Aspiring painters were also among the shop’s customers since the prints were initially marketed to them; anatomy was a basic component of artistic training, and art students could consult the prints during life drawing classes to quickly resolve questions of form and contour.


Best Places to Travel in April 2022
These are the best places to visit in April in the United States and around the world.

Spring travel usually means getting ahead of summer vacationers and taking advantage of mild weather and attractive prices. Flowers are in bloom, with cherry blossoms in Washington D.C., azaleas in Wilmington, North Carolina, and wildflowers in Malibu.
For those who can’t wait until summer to get to the beach or pool, we suggest Hawaii, Palm Springs, Mexico, and Florida. If the travel urge will be satisfied only by an international trip, consider Paris and Vienna — lovely in April. Historic and closer to home, Astoria, Oregon is a fascinating city. Wherever you go to welcome spring, travel safely and check the latest health details at your destination.






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