Pop Style Opinionfest: Oscar Noms, Scam Artists, and Black Dwarven Princesses

Posted on February 11, 2022


You knew it was coming, darlings! It’s OSCAR TAWK TIME! Of course we have much more to say about the 2022 Oscar nominations than our initial tossed-off thoughts the same hour they were announced. We run down all the major categories and give our thoughts on who should win, who will win, who got snubbed, and who never should’ve gotten nominated in the first place.


We simply had to weigh in on Vanity Fair’s exclusive and gorgeous first look at Amazon’s Tolkien adaptation, The Rings of Power. We’ve covered some of the initial imagery and video here and here, but VF goes deep, with character reveals, set reveals, and a behind-the-scene report. Of course things being what they are, everyone got all up in arms over the casting of Black actors in the traditionally white worlds of Tolkien’s dwarves, hobbits and elves, but we had a lot to say about the costume design, casting, and why it all works so well, making most of the outcry sound silly.


We have a costume post on Netflix’s new series Inventing Anna planned for Monday, but we had to spend a few minutes reviewing the series and talking about where it works, where (and why) it fails, and why scam artist Anna Delvey remains such a figure of fascination.



In other words, the Opinionfest has once again lived up to its name. We’re nothing if not consistent on that particular front. Thank you all for listening!


[Photo Credit: Netflix, Focus Features, A24, Walt Disney Studios, Neon]

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