Amazon’s I WANT YOU BACK Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on February 09, 2022

Look at all these people, standing on a red carpet! In fashion! Sort of. We’re not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth (honestly one of the weirdest idioms in English) because we’re so happy to see things returning to whatever normal is now. We will, however, be judging our gift horse’s style choices. Okay, the metaphor probably got away from us, but like we said, we’re a little giddy at the moment. We know it hasn’t exactly been as long as the OG shutdown, but in many ways Hunker 2.0 felt like it was taking longer to wind down.

Anyway, let’s get judgey, just like the old days (of 3-4 months ago).


Manny Jacinto

It’s … kind of a great jacket, although it’s too big on him and we hate the tennis club logo. We can understand not wanting the rest of your pieces to fight with the jacket, but he could’ve used some contrast, a pop of color, or a more interesting shoe.


Charlie Day

Believe it or not, we have few critiques. Actually, we only have one: the turtleneck. We don’t mind a black one paired with this suit (especially because it suits him and gives his face a little bit of framing), but we hate the way it sits on the lapels. We suspect it was folded down one too many times to fit him. Otherwise, we think he looks cute here; total boyfriend material, which is exactly how a male rom com star should dress.

Okay one more: Get a haircut, sir.


Jenny Slate in Carolina Herrera

Jenny, we’re gonna be blunt here: you’re too hot for this sad frock. Big hair and bold colors are your friends. If it all gets too confusing, just ask yourself “What would Fran Fine wear?” There’s your muse and your style guide, girl. This ain’t it.



Clark Backo in Giuseppe di Morabito

Nothing about this look represents or embodies our favorite styles (a nice way of saying, it’s not to our tastes), but we can’t deny she’s pulling all the focus here. To our way of thinking, you can have an asymmetrical neckline or an asymmetrical hemline, but you can’t have both at the same time.



Gina Rodriguez

This looks like some sort of utility uniform. It needs a name patch to complete the picture. She looks like she works at a power plant or something. It’s a total no, is what we’re trying to say here.



Scott Eastwood

The jacket ruins what is an otherwise stylish and cute casual look. Tsk. Beige isn’t your color. Also, your beard’s shaped a little weird.






It’s a near hundred percent certainty that they’ll wind up together by the 100-minute mark, but this still looks pretty cute.



[Photo Credit: Cover Images/ – Video Credit: Prime Video/YouTube]

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