Adele in Armani Privé at the BRIT Awards: IN or OUT?

Posted on February 08, 2022

We’re gonna be completely straight (you’ll pardon the phrasing) with you here. From where we’re sitting, this is an unquestionable IN:




Your girl is heading to the Witches Ball later tonight, but stopped by the Brit Awards to remind everyone how fabulous she is. If we’re being perfectly honest and blunt (as if we could be any other way with you), we can admit that we think the actual dress design isn’t the freshest thing in the world. As we always say when it comes to matters of fashion, if someone 40 years older than you would look great in it, maybe you want to reach for something a little more up to date.


Miss A is an old school, world-class DIVA and thus a classic sweeping gown with a little off-the-shoulder action and a healthy serving of tulle is exactly right for her. But we’re turning this one over to you for the final call, not because we can’t make up our minds, but because there’s been such a dearth of red carpetry that this is only our second “IN or OUT?” post of the year. Anyway, let’s hear it.

Adele’s Diva Magnifica Turn:

IN or OUT?


Style Credits:
– Custom Armani Privé Black Silk Velvet Dress with Tulle Neckline
Lorraine Schwartz Jewelry

Styled by Jamie Mizrahi | Hair by Sami Knight | Makeup by Anthony Nguyen | Nails by Michelle Humphrey


[Photo Credit: Pa Images/]

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