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Posted on January 06, 2022

Motta Milano 1928 Bar and Restaurant – Milan, Italy


Darlings, today is a day for dazzling surroundings where you take meetings, gossip, and plot the downfall of your enemies. Today is a day for wide-brimmed hats worn low, Champagne flutes, and intrigue. Today, in other words, is a very good day to slip the surly bonds of reality and simply wallow in your fantasies and distractions. The world is full of wonders and beauty and love – but not so much today. Best to avoid it all. Order another round and tell us a secret.


Why Lisa (and Her Mother-In-Law!) Is And Just Like That’s Breakout Style Star
While she’s a secondary character throughout the series, Lisa embodies uptown glamour every time she appears on screen, stealing every scene as a result. Whereas Charlotte’s Upper East Side-ready looks are filled with dramatic puff sleeves and sprightly polka dots (an aesthetic that remains largely unchanged from her days on the original Sex and The City), there’s something more quietly-luxurious and modern about Lisa’s wardrobe. One of her best looks is when she invites Charlotte over for a dinner party at her home (which is decorated to perfection with art by Gordon Parks and Deborah Roberts, by the way). Lisa wears a printed, off-the-shoulder dress by Rianna + Nina punctuated by a brown, beaded statement necklace. The outfit is slightly bohemian, doesn’t take itself too seriously, but best of all, it also feels expensive.


Cher Looks Back On Her Best Beauty Moments
“There are no half measures when you’re creating art.”

Cher is often imitated, never duplicated. Kim Kardashian, Tracee Ellis Ross, Dua Lipa, and Normai are just a few of the celebrities who have found inspiration in the endless fashion and beauty archives of the singer, actress, and entrepreneur.
But the thing that makes the singer the most beautiful is a childhood lesson she learned from her mother. “My mom had all these sayings she would always bring up,” Cher says. “When I was little she would always remind me: ‘People are people. You should never look at them differently or judge them.’ My mother always had friends who were different than her, but they were always treated with respect.”


I Was in the Capitol on Jan. 6, and I Won’t Stop Telling My Story
Reporter Haley Talbot on why none of us should forget that harrowing day.

One year ago today, we witnessed an attack that shook the very institution of American democracy. It was a day that will live forever in infamy.
When I first wrote about what transpired on the House floor on Jan. 6, 2021, I could barely find the words. It was not yet clear to me that the next 12 months would bring such profound sadness.
I have only been covering Congress for three years, but in that time I have seen more than some reporters do in a lifetime — Supreme Court battles, government funding fights, two impeachments, a raging pandemic, and, of course, the attack on the Capitol. My colleagues Garrett Haake, Frank Thorp, and Leigh Ann Caldwell have decades of experience covering Capitol Hill, and I often look to them in disbelief with one question: “Is this normal?”


Betty White Fans Bought Her Beers at This Wisconsin Bar in Case She Ever Showed Up — Now the Money Is Going to Help Animals
Commerce Street Brewery is located in the hometown of White’s late husband Allen Ludden.

The Commerce Street Brewery in Mineral Point, Wisconsin has allowed both regulars and first-timers to buy a beer in advance for a friend, which could be collected on their next visit to their pub. The bartenders kept track of everyone who had a brew waiting for them in a charmingly analog way: by writing their name on a giant chalkboard hanging on the wall.
For the past several years, the top name on the list has been Betty White, who had more than 40 beers waiting for her if she ever happened to be in the area.


What Temperature Should Your Refrigerator Be Set To?
Beware of overstuffing.

When it comes to grocery shopping, we all strive to stretch our dollars while also stretching the shelf lives of our store-bought foods. Having your refrigerator set to the proper temperature not only extends the freshness of your groceries but is overall better for your health.
So, what’s the ideal temperature to set your refrigerator to? Angi Home Expert, Bailey Carson says the typical temperature to set your fridge is between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but there are a few things you need to know that go beyond the thermostat.


In And Just Like That…, Samantha Jones Has Become the Elusive—Yet All-Important—‘Text Friend’
While the Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That… has on balance been a sorely needed delight in a winter of Omicron stress and general malaise, there’s one glaring omission from the original that’s hard to get over: the curious absence of one Samantha Jones, P.R. maven and all-around good-time gal. Of course, this absence can simply be explained by the fact that Kim Cattrall, the actress who played Jones for six seasons and two movies, declined to come back for AJLT, but her presence was—and is—missed nonetheless.


The writer of A Very British Scandal had Meghan Markle in mind when creating the drama
The Crown‘s Claire Foy plays the defamed Duchess of Argyll

[Sarah] Phelps revealed that she had Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, firmly in mind when she was writing the drama, because of the misogynistic treatment and constant defaming by the press that the Duchess of Argyll was subjected to.
“I think a lot about Meghan Markle, and how the press hate her – how much they absolutely go for her every time and compare her with Kate Middleton,” Phelps told press including Harper’s Bazaar UK. “And there’s a prevailing idea that if you’re in the public game, you’re fair game – you’re meat. If you put yourself out there then you’re fair game and if you get bruised, so what? That’s your job. Your job is to be ripped apart by us and that’s who I was thinking a lot about when I was writing this.”


Retro Refresh – The Return Of Old Hollywood Hair
Lauren Bacall, Bianca Jagger and other stars from bygone eras are inspiring a new wave of cool-girl hairstyles.

Anybody with even a loose understanding of fashion knows that trends are circular: what was popular decades ago might be reincarnated on next season’s catwalk. ‘But the saying “trends repeat themselves” doesn’t just apply to fashion,’ says Los Angeles-based hairstylist and vintage-clothing collector Gregory Russell, who has been pulling images from 1950s, 1960s and 1970s Hollywood to create buzz-generating styles for clients including Anya Taylor-Joy and Lily Collins. ‘We have reached the saturation point of beach waves on the red carpet, so now I’m looking back in time for inspiration to create styles that feel fresh and different.’


25 Famous Women on Dealing With Anxiety
During the last two (pandemic) years, the number of women experiencing anxiety has skyrocketed. Millions of people worldwide have anxiety disorders, and women are twice as likely as men to be diagnosed in their lifetime, which is also true of depression. Back in 2020, when the world was first in lockdown, many people spoke out about how the isolation was affecting their mental health. Celebs like Selena Gomez took to Instagram to share diagnoses, and athletes like Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles took time off to care for their mental health. Below, we’ve rounded up sage advice from famous women who have lived through low moments and aren’t afraid to talk about it.
Read on to hear from Lady Gaga, Zendaya, Kerry Washington, Selena Gomez, and others on coping mechanisms, the importance of asking for and accepting help, and the necessity of speaking out about anxiety and mental health struggles.


49 Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2022
New worlds to help make the one you’re living in a little more bearable.

The wheels seem to be falling off 2022 before it can even back out of the driveway, but that’s not to say we can’t mentally fortify ourselves to go the distance this year. A host of new fiction and nonfiction titles — including a new memoir by Margo Jefferson, novels by Ottessa Moshfegh, Jennifer Egan, and Pankaj Mishra, and poetry by Ocean Vuong — can help us separate the mistakes we want to leave in the past from the new realities we want construct for ourselves and each other.


The “Gaslighting” of Jan. 6: TV News Grapples With Capitol Riot a Year Later
On the anniversary of the chaos, correspondents who covered the scene discuss how the moment changed American politics: “We crossed some kind of rubicon in what is acceptable to some portion of the country.”

On the afternoon of Jan. 6, 2021, NBC News Capitol Hill producer Haley Talbot was working as the TV pool reporter in the House chamber. There were plans to go into the night, as Republicans were expected to challenge results from some of the states won by then-President-elect Joe Biden.
But those in the chamber were unaware of the chaos that was beginning to foment outside the building. Talbot says that some texts from friends and family clued her in that something was amiss.
The pictures and videos were broadcast around the world, but it is the things that TV viewers didn’t see that stick with those who were covering the events that day. And the reverberations are still being felt.


America doesn’t have enough teachers to keep schools open
The problem started way before omicron.

School closures have been a fixture of the pandemic since March 2020, when K-12 institutions in all 50 states shifted to remote learning to help stem the spread of Covid-19. Those closures varied in length from a few months in the South and Midwest to more than a year in parts of California, but by early 2021, teachers were getting vaccinated, case rates were falling, and experts were cautiously predicting a normal fall for kids, educators, and families.
Obviously, that didn’t happen. Instead, public schools dealt with the rise of the delta variant, which helped ensure that quarantines were a fact of life for many students and some staff — in Los Angeles, for instance, 3,500 students were quarantined as close contacts in the first week of the fall 2021 semester alone.


The biggest fast food rollout of meatless fried chicken is happening next week
KFC will soon serve up Beyond Meat chicken at its 4,000 US locations.

Over the last few years, meatless meat has gone mainstream, in large part due to the popularity of plant-based burgers from Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods that taste more like beef than the veggie burgers of the past.
Now, plant-based chicken is getting its turn in the spotlight. Starting January 10, Beyond Fried Chicken will be available at KFC’s nearly 4,000 US locations, the first — and biggest —nationwide rollout of plant-based poultry at a major chicken chain. It will be served as part of a combo meal, or in six- or 12-piece orders. (KFC says the six-piece order will start at $6.99 but may vary by location. For comparison, an eight-piece order of Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets cost $8.39 at a location near me in Maryland.)


Are All These Diverse Dolls Actually Making a Difference for Kids’ Self-Esteem?
It’s indisputable: The doll aisle is more diverse than it’s ever been. What’s less clear is whether we can actually pull a more inclusive beauty narrative off the shelf.

Until very recently, that sense of belonging was limited to slim, white, able-bodied, cisgender girls. In 1986, the first three American Girl dolls were born, part of a new line that was supposed to be all about education and empowerment, with each doll sharing a story of the part she played in American history. They were all white. Seven years later, when the first Black American Girl, Addy, came out, she was a nine-year-old trying to escape enslavement.
Since then, American Girl has introduced four other Black American Girls — including one whose wealthy family contributed to the pre-Civil War culture of New Orleans and another whose story takes place in Detroit during the Civil Rights Movement. There is an Indigenous American Girl and one who is Jewish. You can get an American Girl with a hearing aid, or a prosthetic limb. In December, the company announced its 2022 American Girl of the Year: Corinne Tan, a Chinese-American girl growing up in Aspen, Colorado, whose story addresses anti-Asian racism and the dynamics of blended families.


This is the most Googled British tiara in the world
And it doesn’t belong to Her Majesty the Queen

Rich in history and beauty, royal tiaras are amongst the most fascinating objects in the world. Often gifted on the occasion of a royal wedding, and passed down from generation to generation, they speak to the history of a family. So it is unsurprising that they illicit such high search volumes online – but whose diadem provokes the most interest?


Is that you, Mr Bond? The hottest contenders to be the next 007
Now that Daniel Craig has made his final outing as James Bond in No Time to Die, there’s an empty pair of suave spy shoes to fill

After months – even years – of anticipation (thanks to repeated delays on account of the pandemic), No Time to Die made its long-awaited debut last year. Which means so too has Daniel Craig bid his final farewell to the franchise. As the actor steps down from the role, having starred in five Bond films since 2006, speculation is rife as to who will take up the 007 mantle next.
Punters are making their guesses, with a new poll of over 1,000 Brits revealing that Idris Elba has proved the most popular candidate, according to Hatch Communications. A duo of Toms (Hardy and Hiddleston) were also highly ranked, followed by names including James Norton, Henry Cavill and Richard Madden. See the mostly hotly-tipped names below, plus some of Tatler’s extra picks for the the coolest candidates to have on your radar.


Cases Rise, Criticism Mounts, but Ships Keep Cruising
One day after the C.D.C. advised against all travel on cruise ships, thousands of cruisers partied like it was 2019. But worries about onboard policies — and frustration over quarantines — is rising.

Even as case numbers rise, and criticism mounts about the safety of cruising and over cruise line protocols in reporting cases to passengers, ships keep sailing and guests keep embarking, adamant that the onboard environment is safe because of stringent health and safety requirements, including pre-departure testing and vaccine mandates.
The cruise industry’s trade group, Cruise Lines International Association, called the C.D.C.’s warning “perplexing,” and said that cases identified on ships “consistently make up a slim minority of the total population on board — far fewer than on land.”


“It Happens”: Breaking
Glass With Judy Chicago

Judy Chicago is so inextricably linked to The Dinner Party—the iconic, yonic, banquet-style installation she first staged in 1979—that it’s tempting to see everything that the 82-year-old artist has done since as chapters of the same story. Indeed, the sculptures in Judy Chicago in Glass, the artist’s latest series of large glass heads and hands on view at Miami’s Nina Johnson Gallery, could be the long-lost limbs of The Dinner Party’s phantom guests. But where The Dinner’s ceramic place settings represented a number history-altering women, Chicago’s latest exhibition focuses on more sweeping themes that have intrigued the artist over nearly seven decades of practice.


Cancun or Cabo: Which Mexico Destination Is Better for You?
Cancun vs. Cabo — find out which Mexican destination is best suited to your travel style.

Winter has arrived in full force, which means it’s time to start considering your seasonal escape. Mexico is currently open to international travelers, and with approximately 5,800 miles of coastline, you’ll have plenty of beach options to discover.
Traditionally, Cancun and Los Cabos are two of the most sought-after beach destinations in Mexico — and for good reason. Both are well-connected to the U.S., have a wide range of hotel and resort styles, offer plenty of activities, and feature among the best restaurants in the country. And with each on opposite coasts, no one in the U.S. is ever much more than a four-hour flight from one or the other.
While true, both Los Cabos and Cancun are some of the best beach destinations in Mexico, each one is incredibly unique, with distinct differences that create two totally separate vacation vibes. That’s why we broke them down by several categories — beaches, activities, food, nightlife, and more — to help you discover which is right for you.


Leigh Bowery’s most debauched costumes are getting a London exhibition
The Fitzrovia Chapel will celebrate the life and work of the rebel performance artist

The exhibition, Leigh Bowery: Tell Them I’ve Gone to Papua New Guinea, will be held in the only remaining building of the Middlesex Hospital, where Bowery passed, and is a reference to the rumours that the artist had spread surrounding his disappearance from the club scene – he’d often say he was going to Papua New Guinea to research anthropological tribe masks. The chapel will also play host to a short film comprising interviews with some of Bowery’s close friends and collaborators including his wife Nicola, Boy George, and BodyMap founder David Holah. Dr Rob Miller, who looked after Bowery when he was at the Middlesex, and who is now a trustee of the chapel, is also interviewed.
The buck wild costumes Bowery would debut at Heaven, Asylum, and Taboo – all gimp masks, towering platforms, and ratty pubic wigs – make up the focal points of the show.





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