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Posted on January 21, 2022

Scorpios Bar, Restaurant and Lounge – Paraga Beach, Mykonos, Greece


Huzzah and hurray, darlings. We’ve all made it to FRIDAY. Take off your shoes and drape yourself languorously on something. A staff person will be by momentarily to give you everything.


Carrie Bradshaw Revives One of Her Best Dresses
Since And Just Like That hit the airwaves in December, fashion-lover Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) has been wearing outfits that are a mixture of the old and new. In some episodes she wears new pieces like a Carolina Herrera shirtdress; in others, she revives old classics that she first wore in her Sex and the City days, including her trusty blue Manolos and Fendi Baguette bags. In today’s episode, however, Carrie returned to one her best *Sex and the City–*era dresses of all time—you may recognize it from her disastrous trip to Paris in season six.


Megan Rapinoe on the Power of Saying “No”
The new Shiseido ambassador talks setting boundaries during the pandemic and why SPF is the ultimate skincare tip.

You already know Megan Rapinoe is a winner.
The soccer star has two FIFA Women’s World Cup Championships and an Olympic gold medal under her belt — plus, she advocates for equal pay and social justice in her spare time. But even world-class athletes like Rapinoe, who are accustomed to being “on” under pressure, are feeling the weight of staying on top of one’s game throughout the past three years of living in a global pandemic.
“One good thing that’s happened during this time is the total disruption of patterns and habits,” Rapinoe tells InStyle. “We do, I don’t know, a thousand things a day we don’t even want to do. In place of that, you have to figure out what you actually want to do. That process was a little disorienting.”


How to Create Those Mermaid Waves You’re Seeing All Over TikTok
Just follow these four easy steps.

Mermaid waves are the modern-day version of the 2000s crimped hairstyle. And like all things Y2K, it’s become a huge trend as of late.
But what makes mermaid waves so special? Well, aside from the nostalgia, it piqued people’s interest because it doesn’t use a traditional curling iron to achieve those uniform curls. Recreating the look of mermaid waves requires a curling wand that has three-pronged barrels.
You might have seen the tool on TikTok already, as it’s gone viral multiple times (of course) and now offers nearly nine million views when you search for #mermaidwaves. And we’re here for this wavy hairstyle, which can be done on all hair lengths and customized to your preferences — whether you like that tight crimped look or prefer a softer take. Whichever style you like, learn exactly how to recreate mermaid waves and how to use the unique curling iron with the help of experts.


The Girl From Plainville: The True Story Behind Elle Fanning’s New Series About Michelle Carter
The Hulu series delves into the story of a 17-year-old convicted of involuntary manslaughter.
The Girl From Plainville is set to be one of those series which gives you goosebumps on the back of your neck.
Not only is the story of Michelle Carter’s ‘texting suicide’ case deeply disturbing, but actor Elle Fanning’s physical transformation to become the 24-year-old is on the same level as those of Hollywood heavyweights like Christian Bale as Dick Cheney in Vice (2018) and Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker (2029). The resemblance between the actor (post hair and make-up) and Carter is uncanny, from the brushed back blonde hair and dark eyebrows, to the mannerisms.
The Girl from Plainville is scheduled to premiere on Hulu this spring, and sees Fanning play Carter — the teenager who encouraged her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, to end his life via a text message. The series is adapted from the 2017 Esquire article of the same title.


Editors’ Picks: 17 Recipes We’re Excited to Make in 2022
Each new year brings an opportunity to experiment in the kitchen. Maybe it’s dedicating time to mastering a new technique, such as baking bread from scratch. Maybe it’s finally, finally making that recipe you’ve had bookmarked for ages. Now that we’re officially in 2022, our editors are talking about all of the dishes we’re trying over the next 12 months, from Baked Alaska to crispy fried tofu. We ended up with a grand total of 17 delicious, definitely resolution-worthy recipes. Some editors have their eyes on warming soups, like Basque Garlic Soup and Sopa de Lima; others are going all-out with cheese and whipping up feta queso-topped nachos, a three-cheese (and crab-studded) macaroni gratin, and a cheese! curd! grilled! cheese! (Take a look at the recipe and you’ll understand exactly why we’re so excited.) We can’t wait to fill our year with these satisfying meals—read on to find out how to make them all.


Can we work with toxic colleagues?
From micromanagers to gaslighters, a new book provides a survival guide to those tricky co-workers

When a friend confided in me, this year, that she was leaving her lucrative ‘dream’ job, it was for a depressingly familiar reason: she had a toxic colleague, her line manager, who bullied, patronised, and generally destabilised her over the course of two years. Sadly, she was not the first person I knew who had quit a job to escape an unpleasant co-worker.
We now discuss and opine on workplace anxiety as though it were innate to the modern workplace, but rarely do we address the fact that it can frequently derive from very specific stress triggers: our colleagues.


The Vogue Guide To The Platinum Jubilee Celebrations
On 6 February 2022, the Queen will become the first British monarch in history to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. Seven decades have passed since she acceded to the throne at the age of 25 following the death of her father, George VI. In the intervening years, she has advised 14 prime ministers, met 13 US presidents and acted as a steadfast figurehead as the nation navigated countless crises. To mark this unprecedented milestone, events will be organised throughout the year, culminating in a four-day weekend in June.


6 Common Myths About Sweet Wine
Wine pros weigh in on why dessert wine gets such a bad rap, and why it’s such an exciting category.

If hearing the words “sweet wine” conjures a neon pink bottle of glorified cough syrup, you’re not alone. While sweet wine, also known as dessert wine, has been meticulously-made and highly-prized for centuries, it’s taken a reputation hit in recent decades thanks to cloying, mass-market bottles that were all the rage in the mid-1980s. But not all sweet wines are created equal.
“White Zinfandel gave wine with sugar a poor reputation because they were mass-produced and poor quality wines,” says Amy Racine, Beverage Director for New York’s IRIS and JF Restaurants. A Riesling from a small German producer, or an off-dry Chenin Blanc from Vouvray, or a Sauternes, is a world away, she says. “These wines are extremely difficult to make, high quality, and most important, have balance.”


Meat Loaf, ‘Bat Out of Hell’ Singer and Prolific Actor, Dies at 74
The singer Meat Loaf, whose “Bat Out of Hell” album is among the best-selling and most enduring rock albums of the 1970s, died on January 20 at the age of 74. A consummate performer, he also appeared as an actor in the cult classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” as well as “Crazy Alabama,” “Fight Club” and “Wayne’s World,” among dozens more film and television credits.
Meat Loaf, whose real name is Marvin Lee Aday, won a 1994 Grammy Award for best solo rock vocal performance for the song “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That).”


Cheez-It Crackers Are Taking on a New, Puffed-Up Shape
Puff’d is the brand’s latest iteration of the cheesy snack.

Cheez-Its, one could argue, need no improvement. They’re crunchy, salty, cheesy, bite-sized crackers you can eat by the dozen — honestly, what more could you ask for? But Cheez-It has been full of innovation in its square little space. The brand has expanded its cheese flavors from white cheddar to parmesan and pepperjack, they’ve gone big (literally), they capitalized on the appetite for the rare-and-beautiful extra-toasted crackers, they’ve teamed up with Pizza Hut for a stuffed version and chef Stephanie Izard on a cake, and perhaps most ingeniously, they’ve sold Cheez-It crackers and wine in the same box.


Tearful Adele Postpones Las Vegas Residency Due to Covid-Related Delays
Adele has postponed her Las Vegas residency indefinitely due to Covid-related production delays, she said in a tearful Instagram post. The residency was scheduled to begin tomorrow (Jan. 21) at the Colosseum of Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace Hotel; “All dates will be rescheduled, more info coming soon,” she wrote.
“I’m so sorry, but my show ain’t ready,” she said in a video posted to Instagram. “We’ve tried absolutely everything we can to put it together in time and for it to be good enough for you, but we’ve been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and Covid. Half my crew and team are [ill] with Covid and still are, and it’s been impossible to finish the show. I’m gutted — I’m sorry it’s so last minute, we’ve been awake for over 30 hours trying to figure it out and we’ve run out of time. I’m so upset and I’m really embarrassed and so sorry to everyone that traveled to get [to the show]. I’m really, really sorry.


What’s the point of digital clothes?
Digital fashion makes sense for video games with virtual metaverse-like worlds, but it probably won’t ever replace real clothes.

Digital fashion, as of late, is often discussed in tandem with the metaverse, a sci-fi concept turned omnipresent buzzword that has been touted as the future of the internet. In Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse, for example, we will all have little stand-ins for ourselves, loitering around the digital landscape. These virtual avatars will work at virtual jobs, attend to virtual social obligations, and wear virtual clothes. How this Ready Player One-like world will come together is still extremely unclear.
To this end, Silicon Valley has been trying to convince Americans to think seriously about — and put real money toward — things that seem more or less fake. Compared to something as speculative as non-fungible tokens, digital fashion seems relatively easy to understand. Most people can grasp, for instance, designing an avatar for a video game, like The Sims. Your virtual self needs to get dressed; nudity is not programmatically allowed.


Queen Elizabeth Is Releasing Her Own Royal Condiments
The monarch’s Royal Estate ketchup and brown sauce come with royally high prices.

Thanks to the advent of democracy, padding your pockets as a British monarch isn’t quite as easy as it used to be, but the Royal Family continues to find ways. Over the past several years, Queen Elizabeth II and company have released beers, wine, and two different types of gin — one tied to Buckingham Palace and another to Sandringham House.


The M&Ms are different now
Nobody asked for candy with anxiety. And why can’t the green M&M be sexy?

So far, 2022 has not been very different from recent years, in that every day America seems to wake to what I can only call immensely bad news. Omicron cases are sweeping the nation, and there doesn’t seem to be a decent plan for that. Britney Spears, the sweet but often suffering patron saint of 2000s pop, is finally free, but now embroiled in a very public feud with her sister. And oh yeah, did you hear, they’re getting rid of the go-go boots on the goddamn green M&M?
Outrage feels woven into the daily cloth of our country now. That’s just the way it is — we are perpetually angry, if not mildly irritated, almost all of the time. There are a number of reasons for that: political tensions, social media and its underpinnings of constantly being surveilled, the general feeling that things used to be better. In the midst of all this, there is something psychically bothersome about a new announcement from the Mars candy company, in which they say that going forward, their iconic M&M characters will have more “nuanced personalities.”


The parents of the youngest children are not okay
An epidemiologist on the health risks of the omicron variant, child care issues, and the unique pandemic struggles of working parents.

More kids younger than 5 are sick with Covid-19 in the US this month than at any other time in the pandemic. None of these millions of children can be vaccinated yet, and almost half of them are too young to wear a mask. This is bringing a new wave of disruptions and stress for many families — especially those that rely on day care, preschool, and other shared child care — who have already endured almost two years of strain.
Various experts have reassured parents that children are not at high risk for severe disease, hospitalization, or death from Covid-19 (though certain underlying health conditions could raise the risk). Recent data from South Africa and the UK suggests that even among hospitalized babies and young children, the omicron variant seems to cause less severe illness much of the time, infecting the upper airways more than the lungs, the same as adults.


The British Museum to auction NFTs of famed works by JMW Turner
The esteemed watercolourist is set to get the NFT treatment as the British Museum revisits the exploding market next month for a unique auction in partnership with LaCollection

After last September’s vanguard auction of 200 digital works by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai, the British Museum is returning to the lucrative field of NFTs with the sale of 20 paintings by English Romantic master Joseph Mallord William Turner, drawn from its collection, as non-fungible tokens.


‘The Four Hundred’: As The Gilded Age hits screens, Tatler looks back at one of the most famous parties of the era
In New York at the turn of the 20th century, you were either in high society or you were out, and there was one woman who decided: Mrs Astor

The most famous party of all was Caroline Schermerhorn Astor’s ‘The Four Hundred’, an exclusive soirée dreamt up by the doyenne of New York society and her sidekick, Ward McAllister. A self-proclaimed ‘social arbiter’ he longed to enforce the rules of high society on the Big Apple, and was a connoisseur in etiquette. He devised a simple way to do this, by throwing a party solely for the upper echelons, with one deciding criteria being that you had been in the city for four generations. ‘There are only about four hundred people in the fashionable New York Society,’ he reportedly told the New York Tribune. ‘If you go outside that number you strike people who are either not at ease in a ballroom or make other people not at ease.’ Thus, ‘The Four Hundred’ was born, and who else to preside over the guest list than the city’s social Queen Bee, Mrs Astor?


The long forgotten tale of a bejewelled egg to rival Fabergé which might be lost to history
The world’s largest mechanised diamond egg was created by Paul Kutchinsky in 1990, featuring a gallery of Bystander images inside, but after financial hardship and personal tragedy it was lost. Now, his daughter Serena is on a mission to find it

When imagining objet d’art in the form of bejewelled eggs, your first thought would be Fabergé. However, there’s another. Taking obvious inspiration from the revered brand, the Argyle Library Egg was created by British born Paul Kutchinsky in 1990 and remains the world’s largest diamond encrusted ornamental egg.
Kutchinsky was a respected 100-year-old family business with a showroom a few doors along from Harrods and an impressive celebrity clientele, but after Paul took the helm in the early 1980s, he became obsessed with emulating the romance of Fabergé, dedicating 7,000 hours of expert labour into creating his own egg.


Saris, Lehengas and Why Carrie Bradshaw Should Know the Difference
Worn at weddings, festive occasions and most recently on an episode of the “Sex and the City” reboot, these traditional Indian garments are not the same.

When the sixth episode of “And Just Like That,” the reboot of “Sex and the City,” aired earlier this month, it garnered a lot of attention from the South Asian community. Named after the Hindu festival Diwali, the episode used the celebration as a plot point and provoked strong reactions to a faux pas that is now being called sari-gate.
In one scene, Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, and Seema Patel, a real estate broker played by the Indian-British actress Sarita Choudhury, are shown buying outfits for a Diwali party at what Ms. Bradshaw calls a “sari shop.” After the episode aired, many viewers pointed out that the store was actually stocked with Indian garments beyond the sari, and that Ms. Bradshaw ultimately bought a lehenga, a three-piece garment worn at Indian weddings and celebrations.


David Bowie to Camille Walala: a history of Montreux Jazz Festival posters
Camille Walala is the latest artist to be given carte blanche on the iconic Montreux Jazz Festival poster. As the 56th edition approaches (1 – 16 July 2022), we look back on the most memorable designs since 1967, including those by David Bowie, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Sylvie Fleury and Julien Opie

Early years saw icons of 20th-century art leave their mark (although it was a notably male line-up). Among them were Milton Glaser, Shigeo Fukuda, and Max Bill. Keith Haring produced a trio of posters in 1983 and another in collaboration with Andy Warhol three years later. In 1995 David Bowie stepped up to the plate. More recently – as the festival has broadened its musical remit to the likes Muse, Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams, Ed Sheeran, Alicia Keys, Adele, Lady Gaga – it has welcomed contemporary art takeovers from John Armleder, Julian Opie, Sylvie Fleury, Christian Marclay, and JR.


The Hedgehog and the Heroine
A dive into our online collection reveals a fascinating 13th-century story

Ask Getty curators about the cutest animals in our collection, and The Hedgehog is sure to come up.
Take a close look at the spiked critter the woman on the left is pointing to. How did it end up in a medieval illumination? Who are the people with it? Getty manuscripts curators Elizabeth Morrison and Larisa Grollemond were excited to give us answers on this small work of art with a great backstory.


9 Mobility-friendly Trips That Are Accessible to All Travelers — to Destinations Like Greece, Costa Rica, and Morocco
The new trips run from April to November 2022.

Wheel the World is already known for making global travel more accessible for people with disabilities and seniors — and now the travel booking platform is making group travel easier with its launch of nine fully accessible tours, announced last week.
Each of the packages includes accessible accommodations, bathroom stops, locally trained guides, and other logistical offerings that ensure nothing stands in the way of experiencing the world. With eight to 10 people on each tour, the trips will also have different numbers of spots for manual and power wheelchair users.





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