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Posted on January 18, 2022

Harry’s Bar and Restaurant – London, UK


We’re in the mood for some comfy, slightly shabby grandiosity, darlings. What better sort of LOunge for a Tuesday, also known as the Worst Day of the Week? As much as we’d love to fluff up a pillow before settling into our seat for a day of gossip and kvetching, we’re off to the content wilds to see if we can scare up something to keep you entertained today. The stars are all hibernating at the moment, but we’re hoping if we bang some pots and pans and make the appropriate mating calls, a few of them can be flushed out of their hidey-holes and convinced to put on something sparkly. Wish us luck!


Chanel Unveils A Celestial Masterpiece To Celebrate 90 Years Since Coco’s First (And Only) High Jewellery Collection
Chanel unveils a glimpse of its new high jewellery collection for 2022, and it’s one that quite literally reaches for the stars. The centrepiece of the 1932 collection, which celebrates 90 years since Bijoux De Diamants, its founder’s historic and one and only high jewellery collection, is the Allure Céleste. This magnificently modern sapphire and diamond necklace was inspired by the same celestial theme that spurred Gabrielle Chanel’s own creations. “I wanted to cover women in constellations,” said the designer when her collection was unveiled at her private apartment at 29 rue du Faubourg de Saint-Honoré, on 5 November 1932.


The 22 Musicians Set To Rule 2022
2021 was a memorable year for new musicians who burst onto the scene, ruled TikTok, and immediately dominated the conversation — artists like Olivia Rodrigo, PinkPantheress, and ArrDee who rose to fame with tracks released at its very start. It’s a reminder that the biggest star of 2022 may not even have recorded a song yet.


Valentine’s Day Nail Art 2022: Nail Art Inspiration For When You’re Feeling The Love
Wear your heart on your nails

Whether you’re having a solo night in watching ‘Bridgerton’ from beginning to end all over again, hanging with your fave ladies with a glass of wine and a pot of the more expensive hummus, or spending the evening at home with your SO giving the Valentine’s Day haters something to moan about, there’s always space for a little romantic nail art.
Yup, we’re talking hearts, roses and a whole lot of cute so you can have a little bit of love at your fingertips, whatever your relationship status. Plans might still look a little different this year (thanks Omicron) but that doesn’t meant we can’t celebrate a little self love with some romantic nail art that looks just as good in your living room as it does in a swanky restaurant.


Kristin Davis On Feeling ‘Extreme Stress’ Over Ageing In The Public Eye
She’s currently starring on HBO’s And Just Like That.

With the rise of ‘tweakments’ like Botox and facial fillers that, to some extent, appear to reverse the effects of time – not to mention the damaging impact of the unrealistic filters that are now commonplace online – it’s little wonder that the concept of ‘growing old’ (and all that comes with it) can feel daunting.
It’s a feeling that Kristin Davis, star of Sex and the City and its reboot And Just Like That, knows all too well. Opening up about the pressures of ageing in the public eye, the 56-year-old told New Beauty: ‘It can be extremely stressful to be ageing and to be compared to your much, much, much younger self.’
‘If I was from a regular life, I would feel fine; I would feel great!’ she added. ‘I’m healthy, I’m strong, I’ve got this little three-year-old son, and I carry him around and it’s all good – but, no, I’m on television, where every bit of my physical being is analysed.’


“Respect is earned, not demanded”: Navarro Cheer coach Monica Aldama on what it takes to be a great leader
The star of the hit Netflix series sits down with Bazaar to discuss her leadership skills

“I think being empathetic. I definitely have high expectations for everyone and, for some people in my team, it could be the first time anyone’s had any expectations for them. I think everyone will rise if they’re set with expectations, but at the same time, I’m also empathetic and I try to have a loving heart and understand what each individual is going through. I don’t coach everyone the same. Everybody needs to have something a little bit different.”


Please stop using ‘you’ve lost weight’ as a compliment
Plus-size model Nyome Williams recently lost weight due to stress, and was saddened by the backhanded praise she received

The comments surrounding my weight loss have been congratulatory, as if shrinking myself was somehow worthy of praise. These responses, however well-meaning, highlighted to me the ongoing and ever present biases there are towards larger bodies. The ‘well dones’, ‘congratulations’ and ‘you look so good’ in reference to my stress-induced, unintentional weight loss filled me with a great deal of sadness. They indicate that taking up space is still such a prolific problem within our society. People took my smaller size as a sign that, finally, I was ‘taking care of myself’. It implies that I wasn’t good enough, attractive enough or desirable enough before. The message was tacitly obvious – that once you lose weight, then and only then, will you be complimented on how great you look.


Cate Blanchett says she dressed up and spoke like her daughter’s teacher during the COVID lockdown
Cate Blanchett said she dressed up as her daughter’s school teacher when she undertook homeschooling duties during the COVID-19 lockdown.
Blanchett — who lives in the UK and home-schooled her four children after the British government closed schools in March 2020 to curb the spread of COVID-19 — said her daughter Edith demanded that she recreate the appearance of one of her school teachers before she sat down for lessons at home.
“She wouldn’t allow me at all to teach maths or do phonics unless I dressed up as her teacher and put on her teacher’s voice,” Blanchett told the BBC.


A viral wedding photographer shares the red flags that would make her refuse a job
An Arkansas photographer who makes viral TikTok videos offering insights into the wedding industry says there are tell-tale signs that she isn’t the right photographer to shoot a couple’s big day.
Shayla Herrington, 22, makes videos telling wedding stories and giving advice to her audience of over 277,000 followers on TikTok.
She told Insider it’s common for couples to approach her to take their wedding photographs but she often has to say no for various reasons. Herrington outlined some of the things couples should consider before selecting a photographer.


How the Refrigerator Became an Agent of Climate Catastrophe
The evolution of cooling technology explains why supposed solutions to global warming have worsened the situation.

A couple of years ago, in spring, my wife and I took our dog for a walk near Bantam Lake, in northwestern Connecticut, a few miles from our house. In swampy woods on the lake’s northern shore, we noticed a double row of lichen-spattered concrete pillars, each one four or five feet tall. The rows began at the edge of the water and extended maybe two hundred yards into the trees. Nearby was a narrow canal filled with water and dead leaves, crossed in several places by wooden bridges that looked like shipping pallets. In a rectangular clearing beyond the inland end of the canal, we saw two parallel strips of concrete, hundreds of feet long and more than a hundred feet apart. They made useful walking paths over the mucky ground. I learned later that we had seen ruins of the Berkshire Ice Company, which ran a harvesting operation on the lake a century ago.


“Bambi” Is Even Bleaker Than You Thought
The original book is far more grisly than the beloved Disney classic—and has an unsettling message about humanity.
The film in question is, of course, the 1942 Walt Disney classic “Bambi.” Perhaps more than any other movie made for children, it is remembered chiefly for its moments of terror: not only the killing of the hero’s mother but the forest fire that threatens all the main characters with annihilation. Stephen King called “Bambi” the first horror movie he ever saw, and Pauline Kael, the longtime film critic for this magazine, claimed that she had never known children to be as frightened by supposedly scary grownup movies as they were by “Bambi.”


25 Small Plants That’ll Definitely Fit In Your Teeny Apartment
Ready to live in a fairytale dream forest of green?

If you live in a small apartment or house, you know space comes at a premium. You’ve got to be strategic about where you put what, otherwise you’ll end up in a super cluttered situation before you realize it. If you have little room to work with, you’ve probably avoided starting a massive collection of plants. I mean, that random corner is much better reserved for a metal bar cart, bookshelf, or something more functional, right?
But fortunately, you don’t need a huge house to accommodate a little greenery in your life. Plants come in all sizes and varieties, and there are tons of space-efficient options to choose from. It’s high time you take advantage of those small plants to add a hint of the Great Outdoors into your personal home environment.


A physicist’s lessons about race, power, and the universe
In her book The Disordered Cosmos, Black queer scientist Chanda Prescod-Weinstein argues that physics can be more universal.

When Chanda Prescod-Weinstein was a 10-year-old growing up in East Los Angeles, she came across the Errol Morris documentary A Brief History of Time, which chronicled the life of the physicist Stephen Hawking. Watching it, Prescod-Weinstein says, she realized Hawking “was being paid to use math all day to solve problems Einstein hadn’t worked out.”
For a queer Black Jewish kid from a working-class neighborhood who liked doing math, that seemed like a pretty good deal. “That was really where I got my first taste of the idea that math is kind of like the language of the universe,” Prescod-Weinstein told me.
She’s now an assistant professor of physics and astronomy at the University of New Hampshire, where she studies dark matter and particle physics. She’s also on the core faculty of the university’s Women’s Studies department — a seemingly unusual combination that hints at the multifaceted approach she brings to her work.


TV’s buzziest shows aren’t trying to trick viewers anymore
Succession, Yellowjackets, and other critically acclaimed shows are leaving the mystery box behind. That’s a good thing.

The rise of TV discussion online closely paralleled the rise of the mystery-box show. One of the earliest shows to inspire wide conversation and debate online was The X-Files, which ran (in its initial incarnation) from 1993 to 2002. That show’s massive alien conspiracy plotline all but begged audience members to sit down and try to connect the dots among its many elements.
And the ultimate resolution of that conspiracy led to a common pattern for mystery-box shows: If you really want to do the work, you can figure out exactly what the conspiracy was up to, but it’s so complicated and obscured that you’re unlikely to do the work. I’ve watched The X-Files many times (I literally wrote a book on it), and I can more or less tell you what the conspiracy was up to. But if I did this, I guarantee you your eyes would glaze over. It’s so needlessly complicated that you’ll simply bounce off it at some point.


Elizabeth Debicki is the spitting image of Diana in new pictures from the set of The Crown
The Australian actress is taking up the role in season 5 following Emma Corrin’s departure from the show

Anticipation is mounting for the fifth season of The Crown, and – with production finally underway – fans have been treated to some thrilling on-set photos of the cast and crew in action. The latest shows Elizabeth Debicki recreating the late Diana, Princess of Wales as she is hounded by paparazzi while getting into her car in London, with the actress being a dead-ringer for the royal in her Eighties-tastic outfit of monochrome striped trousers and a black blazer.


The Secret to Easy Homemade Pizza
You don’t have to struggle with from-scratch dough when store-bought French bread can step in.

Making pizza at home sounds fun, but homemade pizza dough can be finicky, even if you’ve had a lot of practice. Still, that doesn’t mean delivery is the only way to satisfy a craving.
Solution: French bread. Squishy supermarket French bread is a ready-made vehicle for your favorite pizza toppings. Sure, you could just buy a box of Stouffer’s, but with a little planning, homemade French bread pizza makes a great meal after a day’s work.


Dancing diamonds make for playful engagement rings by Delfina Delettrez
Delfina Delettrez brings a fluidity to fine jewellery with a new collection that celebrates movement

Diamonds tremble on their golden stems in the new ‘Dancing Diamonds’ collection from Delfina Delettrez. The jewellery designer has built on the playful foundations of her ‘Piercing’ and ‘Dots’ collections for these pieces that free solitaire, marquis and baguette-cut stones from their traditional settings.


Once, twice, sold? Rome villa with Caravaggio up for auction
A Rome villa containing the only known ceiling painted by Caravaggio is set to go on a court-ordered auction block Tuesday, thanks to an inheritance dispute pitting the heirs of one of the Italian capital’s aristocratic families against their step-mother, a Texas-born princess.
Princess Rita Jenrett Boncompagni Ludovisi, formerly known as Rita Carpenter, woke up Tuesday morning in the Casa dell’Aurora surrounded by her dogs, as usual, on what might be the last day that her home of nearly two decades is actually hers.





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