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Posted on January 13, 2022

Kava & Chai Café – Dubai, UAE


Let’s all pretend we’re the coolest clique in the cafeteria, kittens! Remember: on THURSDAYS we wear black (because it’s universally flattering, of course). Let’s regress! Just for a little while! Now, load up your tray, grab a seat, and tell us all some gossip. Everyone gets to be a mean girl today.


For Camila Mendes, Fame Is the Best Revenge
Well, that and being a whole, fulfilled person.

Some stars may pride themselves in going too close to their own psychological borders—a recent Hollywood Reporter cover asks, ‘Is this acting or is this f*cking therapy?’ but Mendes—who has been candid with her past struggles with anxiety—prefers to keep her work life contained. “That [mentality], ‘I suffer for my work’ comes with some egotistical pride,” she says. “But you have to do [it], to separate yourself from your character, and separate yourself from the emotions that might come up in a scene. It’s vital to your mental health…that’s why we have training. I went to school to learn how to be the best actor I can be, and learning to separate myself from the work is part of it.”


Oh My God, Adele’s New Music Video Is Stunning
She teamed up with her “Rolling in the Deep” director for new dance-filled visuals.

Last year might’ve been the year of Adele’s comeback, but she’s not done surprising us yet. The singer just released a new video for her song “Oh My God,” from her latest album, 30, to start the new year off strong.
Directed by Sam Brown, who helmed Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” video in 2010, “Oh My God” is a gorgeous visual display shot in black and white. Adele is clearly the star, dressed in elegant gowns (including a custom Vivienne Westwood number) and perfectly-styled updos, but as the camera travels through a bare studio, it also spotlights an array of dancers helping to bring the upbeat song to life. (According to the credits, we have choreographers Megan Lawson and Taylor James to thank.)


Jamie Lynn Spears Breaks Her Silence On Britney And Their Rift In New Interview
Britney shared a shady Instagram ahead of Jamie’s interview alluding to her disenchantment with her younger sister’s actions.

Britney Spears’ younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, addressed questions about her role in Britney’s 13-year conservatorship and the rift between them in clips from a new ABC News interview aired this morning on “Good Morning America.” Jamie Lynn is promoting her upcoming memoir, Things I Should’ve Said, which is out Jan. 18.
Jamie Lynn maintained to ABC News that she “took no steps” to be part of the conservatorship and even privately tried to help Britney get counsel on how the terminate the legal arrangement.


How To Read James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small Books In Order
The beloved PBS show is based on a series of eight books.

Masterpiece PBS’s All Creatures Great and Small, aka perhaps the most wholesome and comforting show on television, is finally back for its second season. The series follows the adventures of a young veterinarian, James Herriot, who moves to the north of England (the stunning Yorkshire Dales, to be specific) during the 1930s.
As most fans already know, the show is based on a series of equally beloved novels by Herriot, whose real name is James Alfred Wight, and who wrote the books based on his own experiences as a young veterinary surgeon. So if you just can’t get enough of the rich, uplifting world of Herriot and the animals he cares for, here’s how to read the original books in order.


Carrie Bradshaw’s New It-Bag Has Serious Fashion History
You know a bag has reached icon status when it hits the big screen. Just like the Fendi Baguette was immortalized in Sex and the City, this time around it’s the turn of Balenciaga’s Hourglass in And Just Like That… Carrie Bradshaw’s new It-bag has been a highlight in the show we all love to hate; the sculptural design a signal that the columnist known for her eclectic taste still keeps a finger on the fashion pulse – even if just one.


Dole Is Recalling Bagged Salad in More Than 30 States Due to Listeria Risk
Check your fridge for these salads, which include Kroger, HEB and Walmart store brands.

Dole has announced a recall of more than 30 types of salads due to a risk for listeria after finding listeria on the equipment used to harvest some iceberg lettuce. The recall includes products under the Dole brand as well as the HEB, President’s Choice, Kroger, Aldi’s Little Salad Bar and Walmart’s Marketside brands. The recalled products were produced in either Springfield, Ohio, or Soledad, California, and were distributed in more than 30 states and three Canadian provinces.


Halle Berry Pens Tribute to Sidney Poitier: ‘An Angel Watching Over All Of Us’
I grew up idolizing Sidney Poitier.
I was around 9 when he flickered into my world on a television replay of “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.” I was a latchkey kid in Cleveland, daughter of a white, single mother and a Black father — whose union their parents had frowned upon. In the film, Sidney and his co-star, Katharine Houghton, play an interracial couple whose parents also struggle with their children’s relationship. There I sat in front of my mom’s old console, mesmerized, as I watched my family’s dynamic play out. For the first time in my childhood, I felt seen. Understood. Validated. The world already knew Sidney, who died last week at 94, as a formidable performer. But I first experienced him as a mirror.


You Can Order Girl Scout Cookies on DoorDash This Year
The Girl Scouts of America are teaming up with the delivery platform in a new partnership.

There may not be a better combination of words than “the start of Girl Scout cookie season,” other than maybe “your Girl Scout cookie order is here.” The Girl Scouts of America kicked off the 2022 cookie season on Tuesday, and this year, it’ll be easier than ever to get your annual Thin Mint fix.
In a press release, the Scouts said that, depending on “local data and mandates,” those iconic in-person cookie booths may be back, but online ordering will still be available too. And in addition to their hybrid sales approach, Girl Scout cookies will be available for delivery through the DoorDash app. That’s right, you can have Trefoils and Tagalongs brought (almost) directly to your couch. You can also use the app to arrange a pickup from a local cookie booth.


Ethical jewellery: the brands to have on your radar for 2022
If you’re looking to invest in ethical fashion this year, it’s not a huge leap to assume you’ll be interested in ethical jewellery too.It’s always tempting to impulse buy affordable trend-led pieces, but it would be a little counter-productive. For starters, you might fall out of love with them in a season, but more importantly, you don’t know how they’re made.
Do you know where your jewellery is sourced from – especially when it comes to diamonds? Exactly. So if you want to change the way you shop and invest in some pieces that will last and won’t make you feel guilty, you’ve come to the right place.

Jason Momoa And Lisa Bonet Announce Split After 16 Year Relationship
‘We share our Family news~ that we are parting ways in marriage’

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet have announced their split after 16 years together.
The former couple released a joint statement on Jason’s Instagram, writing: ‘We have all felt the squeeze and changes of these transformational times… A revolution is unfolding ~and our family is of no exception… feeling and growing from the seismic shifts occurring. And so~ We share our Family news~ That we are parting ways in marriage.’


Campbell’s Turned Two of Its Most Beloved Soups into Scented Candles
The limited-run Chicken Noodle Soup and Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese go on sale today.

I’ve accepted that anything can be turned into a candle. Over the past couple years, we’ve covered scented candles that smell like a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder, IKEA meatballs, and Miller Lite’s version of a dive bar. But just because something can be turned into a candle, doesn’t necessarily mean it makes sense to turn it into a candle. (See the previous three examples, perhaps.)
But what about soup? With soup, the aroma and warmth are part of the experience — meaning they’re not that dissimilar from a candle. And so, this winter, the Campbell Soup Company is getting into the candle game.


Good News For Cheese Fans: Avoiding Dairy Might Do More Harm Than Good
While many are turning to veganism or vegetarianism out of concern for the environment, something Givens acknowledged is valid, he warned that the decision to forgo all meat and dairy needs to be approached with “caution”, and that more attention should be paid not just to how many carbon emissions are produced by a food type, but the nutrients they offer too. Deficiencies in these key nutrients can impact bone health, particularly during the menopause, as well as energy levels, healthy weight, mental health and can even cause hair loss. Put simply, it’s important you get enough of all of them.


Djokovic’s Strange Australian Odyssey
The tennis champion’s resistance to the coronavirus vaccine has brought about an international fiasco at the Australian Open.

Novak Djokovic’s application for a covid-vaccine exemption in order to play at the Australian Open was, from the start and in its essence, a cynic’s ploy. As recently as a month ago, he was uninfected with the coronavirus and unyielding in his conviction (as he still is) that he does not want a covid vaccine to enter his body.Being healthy but unvaccinated, as he was until mid-December, meant he could not, without a lengthy quarantine, have entered Australia under its strict pandemic travel restrictions. That meant no tennis for him at an event he has dominated for years, which, in turn, could be understood to mean that his personal anti-vax convictions are so strong that he was willing to forgo what is arguably his best opportunity to win his twenty-first major—one more than anyone in the men’s game has ever won. It would be interesting to know what he was thinking at that point: what it felt like to be the greatest player of his era passing up the chance at an all-time record—the record in his sport—because he held a view, held it firmly. But then something fortuitous happened: he got covid. Who in the world could be in a position where contracting the coronavirus would present an opportunity, a loophole?


Jonathan Majors’ Powerful Letter of Thanks to Sidney Poitier: “We’ve Got Your Back!”
The star of ‘The Harder They Fall’ pays tribute to the late screen legend, whose searing film performances continue to inspire and embolden: “What you have done for me as a Black actor, and for other marginalized artists, is monumental.”

To Sir …
Dear Mr. Poitier,
My name is Jonathan, I am an actor, and there are a few things I’d like to share with you — and whoever else may read these words. When I was 14 years old, a young Black boy in Texas, I found myself in lots of trouble, similar to the children your character dealt with in your 1967 picture To Sir, With Love. I remember one scene in particular: You, Mr. Thackeray, were fed up with your class, and during this particular morning’s ruckus, you had finally had enough. You began to lay down the law and did so with such elegance, precision and clarity. The event of the moment was to instill respect in the classroom, but the cheat sheet was to achieve that respect by first encouraging the members of the classroom to develop their own self-respect. You taught them dignity and guided them toward grace. It was in this moment that you offered a line, a line I would carry with me to this day, 18 years later: “Toughness is a quality of the mind, like bravery, honesty and ambition.” At the moment I saw this picture and received this line, I, myself, was indeed a childish delinquent, performing community service to be absolved of my many misdemeanors. Now, I won’t say that this one line changed my life or altered my path, but it did reach me, a boy who at the time seemed unreachable and unteachable. I had heard words similar, but none delivered from such a messenger — Mr. Thackeray; you, Mr. Sidney Poitier. The messenger made all the difference: a tall, charming, well-dressed, caring and strong Black man, an icon I had not yet seen on my TV set.


I’m a Brit who spent 4 months at a university in Pennsylvania. Here are 8 things that surprised me about US college culture.
In August 2016, I embarked on a four-month exchange semester at Millersville University of Pennsylvania.
The campus is located in Millersville, a borough of just 2 square miles in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the university website states. Millersville has a population of around 8,367, according to World Population Review.
I knew I would face culture shock, not only because I was relocating from a city to a town. Moving to Millersville meant fully embracing college life in a way that I had never done before, from sharing a dorm room (which isn’t a thing in the UK) to staying on campus on the weekends.


15 Top Paint Color Trends to Keep on Your Radar for 2022
We looked at the latest Colors of the Year and spoke with designers to help you pick the perfect interior hue.

The new year is the perfect time to consider a home refresh. But if a gut renovation isn’t part of your plans, giving your space a new look with a fresh coat of paint is the next best thing. Cover all four walls with calming blues or neutrals, or go for an arresting accent color — think everything from dreamy pinks to moody black tones. If you’re looking to have even more fun with your abode, give one of the 2022 Colors of the Year a try. Benjamin Moore chose October Mist, a soft sage; Sherwin-Williams also selected a subdued green, Evergreen Fog; on the other hand, Pantone decided to go bold with Very Peri, a lively periwinkle color.
In an effort to offer some guidance on choosing the best hues, we’ve tapped a selection of design pros to reveal the best painting trends for 2022. Use these expert-approved picks to land on the right interior paint color for your home.


The empty promise of instant delivery
The pandemic changed how shoppers think about convenience, but on-demand delivery can only offer so much.
As a resident of New York City, I face long lines with a sigh of hardened resignation. I don’t question the absurdity of the experience. Instead, I foolishly consider it a mark of stamina, even if getting a Covid-19 test, as of late, means standing outdoors in 27-degree weather for an hour. Recently, while in a lengthy Starbucks line, my patience wore thin. It dawned on me that this wait was a result of my stubborn preference for buying coffee the old-fashioned way — that there was, in fact, an escape from this humiliating cycle. I could simply place a mobile order, and retrieve it at the store without waiting in line.
This kind of frictionless convenience is wildly appealing and seemingly everywhere now; it’s especially pronounced in transactional spaces, whether it be a Starbucks, the local grocery store, or the airport. But there is a trade-off to resetting our expectations, and it looms large. Customers these days feel so entitled — and they are enraged. People are angrier, meaner, and more prone to throwing childish tantrums in front of service staff, as detailed in a recent New York Times feature titled, “A nation on hold wants to speak with a manager.” It doesn’t help that we’re two years into a pandemic that has burst the country’s bubble of abundance (read: supply chain issues and rampant inflation).


Two for the price of one: hidden painting discovered under Botticelli masterpiece up for auction
Sotheby’s is auctioning Man of Sorrows in New York later this month, but the buyer will be getting an unexpected bonus artwork not visible to the naked eye

In the Renaissance, it was common practice for artists to reuse old canvases to create their masterpieces, with many loath to waste expensive materials. It was certainly the case if that artwork was painted onto a wooden-framed canvas, which was notoriously expensive. So it is unsurprising, really, to discover that the great Italian artist Botticelli painted another composition underneath his famed Man of Sorrows, which is the star lot in Sotheby’s Master Paintings sale later this month.


The Countess of Rosslyn uncovers the country’s greatest art collections in a BBC documentary
It’s your last chance to watch Helen Rosslyn dive into the country’s most splendid stately homes in her three-part documentary

In her BBC documentary Bought with Love: The Secret History of British Art Collections, Tatler arts editor Helen Rosslyn goes through the keyhole of the UK’s most magnificent stately homes to uncover their world-class art collections. Across three episodes, Rosslyn examines how old master paintings, and more, came to Britain, while tracing the stories of the people whose enthusiasm for art, adventure and wealth shaped the cultural history of the nation.


Contouring Is Back. It’s Not What You Remember.
A lot of women who once avoided contouring because of its unnatural, made-for-Instagram effect, are now gravitating toward it.

A simple scroll on TikTok reveals that contouring is back from the dead.
It is back after a backlash against the sculpted, drawn-on look often associated with the early 2000s. (Remember strobing? Baking?) It is back after a pandemic in which many people swore off makeup altogether. But the look is not what you may remember.
Makeup mavens are now sweeping bronzer, blush and highlighter underneath their foundation for a look that’s called under painting. It’s an approach makeup artists have used for years to create a “natural” look: All of the color goes on first, and the foundation acts as a veil to diffuse it. Sometimes the look is referred to as soft sculpting. The idea is to choose lighter formulas, apply less and blend more.


Following the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on a Road Trip Through the Deep South
And reflecting on how his legacy continues to evolve.

King was born in Atlanta, and though he traveled around the world — meeting with leaders in countries like Ghana and India — much of his time was spent in the Deep South, where Jim Crow laws had created a world of legalized terror for Black Americans. To better understand his life, and how the South shaped him, my sister and I were inspired to pick up a car in South Carolina for a road trip tracing King’s legacy across the region. We decided to walk the same paths he had, visit monuments and landmarks of his influence in each place we stopped, and eat at the restaurants he enjoyed — plus others that might not exist today without his bravery. What I found was a land that had been brutalized by racism, but one that continues to be full of possibility, charm, and, thanks to some of those who live there, hope.





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