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Posted on January 10, 2022

The Mirror Bar – London, UK


Hmph. Well, we guess we’ll just have to let this 2022 thing play out, apparently. It just keeps ticking off the days no matter what we do. Here we are in the second week of the year and we’ve barely made a dent in our de-Christmassing. After we get all the jingle-jangle packed away, we’re planning on doing a little shakeup in our home lives; one that sounds trivial but will actually have huge repercussions for us. We’re going to trade work spaces. No, really. This is seismic. Experience tells us (we do this every three to five years) it will have effects on everything from our productivity to our eating habits to our sleep schedules. There is an office set up in our living room area and an office set up in our bedroom. Our living area is situated in an open floorplan industrial loft with ten foot windows facing a busy street. Our bedroom looks out over an enclosed courtyard with a tree full of chirping birds to keep the cats tuned in all day. Very different vibes. The adjustment period is always difficult (the desks are entirely different in shape, style and materials; one has drawers and the other doesn’t) and the cats wind up getting cranky about it for a couple of weeks because, like us, they abhor change. But we have bigger brains than they do and we know that change is actually a good thing for our kind of work. As we come up on the two-year mark of this frigging pandemic, we feel like we need to freshen things up and re-energize ourselves. Most people seem to hate resolutions but we’ve always loved seeing January as a time to shift gears or shake things up. We think it’s because our birthdays are in the summer, which means we’ve always been on a six-month self-assessment cycle for most of our adulthoods. Anyway, that’s the excitement happening in our neck of the woods. What’s keeping things fresh for you right now? Is it coffee and naps? Procrastination and emotional avoidance? Because honey, all that’s good too. Pull up a seat.


Jennifer Hudson Is Ready to Play Oprah Next
The actress on Aretha, adversity, and getting that EGOT.

In 2004, a young powerhouse by the name of Jennifer Hudson blew judges away in an audition for Season 3 of American Idol. Her cover of Aretha Franklin’s “Share Your Love with Me” not only stunned viewers nationwide, but grabbed the attention of Franklin herself. Yet it was the Idol alumna’s subsequent Oscar-winning performance in Dreamgirls that earned her the Queen of Soul’s respect. The two developed a close relationship based on undeniable similarities in their life experiences. Hudson was told by Idol judge Simon Cowell that she was “out of her depth” before placing seventh in the competition, but she managed to break through on her own terms. She went on to win an Oscar, a Grammy, and an Emmy—which is certainly one way to prove the naysayers wrong.


Gosford Park at 20: An Oral History of The Comedy of Manners, Money, and Murder
The cast and creators of the upper-crust whodunnit recall the half-truths and hijinks required to get the film made.

It took a bit of magic, and no small amount of mischief, for Robert Altman to get Gosford Park to the screen. Twenty years after its release, the film is now beloved, a deliciously witty British country house murder mystery. Set during a shooting party in 1932, it is fraught with sex, snobbery, and duplicity, with an emotional jolt at the end. The privileged class upstairs includes Michael Gambon as a boorish tycoon, Kristin Scott Thomas as his aristocratic wife, who loathes him, and Maggie Smith as her haughty aunt, the Countess of Trentham. Below stairs are the servants, including Helen Mirren as the housekeeper, Eileen Atkins as the cook, and the late Alan Bates as the butler, all with secrets of their own. Add the house party’s guests, their servants, and a bumbling detective, and the story is rich with layers of drama and playfulness. But it’s a wonder Gosford Park ever got made.


51 of Our Best Vegetarian Recipes
Whole fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains provide the canvas for vibrant and delicious vegetarian recipes that are loved by vegetarians and omnivores alike. Here, we’ve rounded up our best to showcase the diversity of plant-based foods. Get introduced to reimagined flavors, new cooking techniques, and more with satisfying dishes like Carnitas Jackfruit Tacos, Charred Vegetable Ragu and Smoky Breakfast Pizzas. Check out the big main dish energy these recipes have, and more of our best vegetarian recipes.


The Power of the Dog, West Side Story and Succession were among the winners of the 79th Golden Globe Awards that were announced on Sunday night via social media and not, as in years past, as part of a star-studded, boozy, nationally televised gala.
This, as much as anything, illustrates the stunning fall from grace experienced over the past year by the organization behind the Globes, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The group has been on the outs with many in Hollywood since last February, when a series of Los Angeles Times pieces revealed that the collection of L.A.-based journalists for foreign outlets included zero Black members and had engaged in unethical conduct and suspect financial practices.
Without much fanfare, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced the winners of the 2022 Golden Globes via Twitter on Sunday night, with no media in attendance or celebrities walking the red carpet, like years past.


Am I Really Selfish For Having A Dog But Not A Child?
This week an old man who knows nothing about my life berated me for not having kids. He even had the temerity to tell me that the lack of a baby in my life would take away my humanity. Then he went even further, bemoaning my choice to have a dog, saying it was selfish. And the kicker was that this guy doesn’t even have kids himself!
Okay, it wasn’t just any old man, it was the Pope, and he was talking to an audience at the Vatican. But he basically described me. Childless, fawning over my dog, devoid of all humanity. Here I sit, hoping the world will burn, my barren womb plotting to take down all that is decent and good. How did he know?


You Can Make Sourdough Starter With a Packet of Yeast
A helpful hack to stretch out store-bought yeast, if you’ve got it, and kickstart your sourdough journey.

It seems like everyone is back to making bread (especially the no-knead kind) these days. It makes sense. Now that much of the country—heck, much of the world—is back under some version of self-isolation or quarantine orders yet again thanks to highly-contagious variants of the coronavirus, cooking projects that take a long time can be a welcome distraction. As has been well-documented, the shortage of yeast in grocery store shelves has driven bakers to sourdough recipes, since sourdough starter replaces the need for commercial yeast in many bread recipes and with a bit of flour every week or so, is endlessly self-replenishing.


Bob Saget, ‘Full House’ Star and Comedian, Dies at 65
Bob Saget, a stand-up comedian and actor beloved for his role as Danny Tanner on the 1990s sitcom “Full House,” died Sunday at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Orlando, Fla., police confirmed to Variety. He was 65.
Shortly after 4 p.m., police officers responded to a man-down call at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes hotel and discovered Saget unresponsive in a hotel room, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office told Variety. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The sheriff’s office did not have any information on a cause of death, and detectives did not find any signs of foul play or drug use in the case. The Medical Examiner’s Office will determine a cause and manner of death at a later date.


Everything You Need To Know About Lab-Grown Vs Mined Diamonds
As the diamond industry searches for ways to be more sustainable, Annabel Davidson asks: which is the kindest cut of all?

Large-scale diamond mining, mainly on the continents of Africa and Australia, and in Brazil, Canada and Russia, does have a negative environmental impact, but shifting the industry – and with it millions of livelihoods – to lab-grown factories is not the answer, according to Cristina Villegas, director of the Mines to Markets programme at Pact, an NGO specialising in aiding development in impoverished countries and helping resource-dependent communities work more sustainably and effectively. “Walking away from responsible miners in far-flung communities and prioritising jobs in the global north is literally the opposite of responsible sourcing,” she says.


Guess Turkey Hill’s New Mystery Flavor and You Could Win Free Ice Cream for Life
Fans who correctly identify the new ice cream flavor could be in for a very sweet treat!

Think your tastebuds are in tip-top shape? The folks are Turkey Hill are looking to put your talent to the test with a mystery flavor ice cream challenge. Discerning dessert detectives from across the nation can get in on the fun by purchasing the new limited-edition ice cream and making their best guess as to its flavor. Those who get it right will be entered into a drawing to receive free Turkey Hill ice cream for life!


30 Stylish White Bathroom Ideas to Transform Your Space
From classic paint colors to chic decor, here’s inspiration for your next design.

White may be a simple color, but it has the power to brighten your space. This neutral color provides any design with a sleek and cleaner look — perfect for exuding a calm and spotless feel to your bathroom. By adding white to your bathroom’s decor (or remodeling the space with an overall polished white look) you don’t have to worry about your room looking washed out.
For a crisp and sparkly style, consider adding pearly white subway tiles to your walls. Adding off-whites throughout the space offers a warm feeling to any dark colors (including your black and white design combinations). Using white coats of paint throughout every surface maximizes the light that will seep into the room. White makes a soothing addition to any of its fellow neutral colors or vivid brights — and it’s great to incorporate for a bathroom refresh. So if you’re looking to transform your space, whether it’s large or small, see our roundup of white bathroom ideas that include modern, classic and industrial looks. Plus, you’ll find more than enough inspiration to choose the right decor for white bathrooms.


Colors: Where did they go? An investigation.
Why do so many TV shows and movies look like they were filmed in a gray wasteland?

If you watch a lot of movies and TV shows, you might have noticed that over the last few decades everything has gotten a lot more … gray. No matter the kind of story being told, a sheen of cool blue or gray would wash over everything, muting the colors and providing an overall veneer of serious business.
So many TV shows and movies now have a dull filter applied to every scene, one that cuts away vibrancy and trends toward a boring sameness. Every frame’s color scheme ends up feeling the same as every other frame. And when there are so many projects using similar techniques, you end up with a world of boring visuals that don’t stand out.


Want to know how to save nature? Ask Indigenous scientists.
Nature conservation needs a transformation, according to a new book by environmental scientist Jessica Hernandez.

“Nature protects us as long as we protect nature,” writes Hernandez, who is now a 31-year-old postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Washington. “Ancestral knowledge has been sustained in our communities,” she added in an interview. “It’s a valid form of knowledge that isn’t necessarily validated through the Western ways, like publications and books.” This kind of knowledge forms the basis of Indigenous science, Hernandez says, that is crucial to caring for the Earth.
Indigenous peoples and local communities steward far more of the planet than protected areas like national parks, and around 80 percent of the diversity of species known to be living on Earth are found on lands owned or managed by these groups. That’s despite centuries of genocide, racism, and what Hernandez and other academics and activists refer to as settler colonialism — the intentional displacement and erasure of Indigenous peoples by outsiders.


A Soldier Sent a Letter to His Mom in 1945. It Was Just Delivered.
A letter from a 22-year-old U.S. Army sergeant serving in Germany was finally delivered last month to his widow in Woburn, Mass.

Angelina Gonsalves answered the doorbell to find her longtime letter carrier standing in front of her, with registered mail in his hand.
“Hi, was your husband in the service?” Ms. Gonsalves, 89, recalled the letter carrier’s saying. “Yes, he was,” she answered. “But I didn’t know him then.”
The letter carrier handed her an envelope. “Well, I’m pretty sure I have something that’s personal for you,” he said.


Pedro Almodóvar casts Cate Blanchett in his first English-language feature
Pedro Almodóvar’s debut English-language feature film is on the way, and Cate Blanchett has officially signed on to play the lead.
Titled A Manual for Cleaning Women, the film is an adaptation of the eponymous short story collection by Lucia Berlin, which was credited with bringing a new audience to the American writer’s work when it was published posthumously in 2015. The book features 43 stories that navigate the lives of several women who work in low-paid, demanding jobs.


Wes Anderson is adapting another one of your favourite childhood books
The filmmaker is teaming up with Netflix for an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

Following the release of 2021’s The French Dispatch, Wes Anderson is returning to screens with a second adaptation of a Roald Dahl story – 12 years after his Oscar-nominated version of Fantastic Mr Fox.
The adaptation of the short story The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar will be released on Netflix, which recently purchased rights to Dahl’s full catalogue. First published in 1977, the story follows a magical gambler who gains the power to see through cards. Benedict Cumberbatch will play the lead role, with more announcements to follow.


This Underrated Region in Puerto Rico Is Home to Gorgeous Beaches, Mountains, and Cities
Eastern Puerto Rico may not be the island’s most popular destination for tourists, but this massive stretch of land is ideal for beach lovers, history buffs, and foodies alike.

Equipped with world-class hotels, fascinating historic sites, and a vibrant party scene, it’s easy to see how San Juan has become such a prominent Caribbean tourist destination, but Puerto Rico has a lot more to offer than just its capital. One region in particular — the east, to be precise — is certainly one of the most gorgeous destinations to visit across the island, as well as one of the most underrated. Rolling hills, lush forests, and soft, sandy beaches can all be found in abundance, offering visitors a unique and charming perspective on this iconic Caribbean destination.


7 Luxury Chocolate Shops Worth Traveling For
Get ready for a high-end sugar rush.

As the saying goes, “when it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.” Though you may not be able to say “no” to your favorite decadent sweet treats, you can, at the very least, make sure you’re indulging in the best. Chocolatiers around the world continue to get more and more creative with their chocolate innovations. And while there are countless chocolate shops worth recognition, we’ve narrowed this list down to a few of our favorite chocolat purveyors to visit in person while traveling. Whether you’re after buttery, melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate or nougat-filled dark chocolate delights, read on to discover seven luxury chocolate shops in Europe and the U.S. that serve up divine treats.






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