Cathy Cambridge Visits the Foundling Museum Wearing $4 Earrings

Posted on January 19, 2022

If we were more of a tabloid-style publication or prone to click-baity headlines, we’d call this one KATE GETS THRIFTY WITH FLARE!


The flared pants are back and it seems like the Duchess may actually be close to retiring her beloved skinny pants – for the moment, at least. Except for sporty-casual functions, we can’t remember the last time she wore a pair of tapered pants. Anyway, we’re pretty sure the coat (which is lovely) and the rest of the ensemble have been worn before. This is now becoming a classic Kate look in the way her cute little flared coatdresses were about five years ago. If someone were to write a style retrospective on her from far in the future, this will be seen as her classic post-lockdown/post Harry exit look: professional, mature, minimalist. Frivolity toned down as far as the dials will go. She paired this look with some four-dollar earrings which immediately sold out, thereby giving a UK company a sales boost and tying her closely (if illusorily) to all of the people who could afford a piece of her and immediately bought it. We seem to make some people mad when we point out that she’s better at imagecraft than pretty much anyone in that family.


Style Credits:
Jigsaw Teal Coat
Jigsaw Trousers
Accessorize Mini Hammered Doorknocker Hoop Earrings
Emmy London ‘Josie’ Pump


[Photo Credit: Dominic Lipinski/Pa Images/]

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