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Posted on December 07, 2021

Сafé Les Olé Bar and Restaurant – Moscow, Russia


Bright, bold and green, darlings! Perhaps not the first words that come to mind when thinking of Moscow, but today’s LOunge feels just right for our December mood. We’re trying to adjust to the ever-shortening days, but this time of year always throws our sleep schedule way out of whack, subsequently forcing all of the cats’ sleep schedules way out of whack, which results in a household full of grumpy tired people and cats. No wonder we all bake and string lights this time of year.

Anyway, we’re off to do bloggy stuff and possibly even fit in some real-world stuff today, so chat amongst yourselves.


Rachel Zegler Hits A High Note
For the 20-year-old phenom, a career-making role in West Side Story is just the beginning.

The part Zegler was auditioning for—Maria in Steven Spielberg’s cinematic reimagining of the classic musical West Side Story—wasn’t just a plum role for a newbie. It had the po- tential to reinvent the iconic heroine for this charged moment. But when she sang “Me Siento Hermosa” (“I Feel Pretty”), from the show’s bilingual Broadway revival in 2009, into that tiny lens, she couldn’t have imagined what would unfurl from there. Once the news that she’d aced a nationwide casting call hit the trades, Zegler’s family members were inundated with phone calls. She remembers “these random people being like, ‘Can we get the inside scoop on Rachel?’ And they were like, ‘What the hell? No.’ ” Her school hallways filled up with whispers about “the girl who got the movie,” she says. “I was one of those people who had decided that I was going to survive high school and not love it,” and the attention made her want to “stuff my head in my locker and not come out.” (“My principal was like, ‘You can come into my office whenever you need to just take a deep breath,’ because it was really overwhelming,” she adds.)


How Used Clothing Brings Hope—And Community—To Refugee Families
“So many clothes end up in landfills within a year of being manufactured,” Akabas says. “This made it really easy for parents to give their kids’ clothes a second life, and to know that the items were going somewhere meaningful.” By 2018, the community initiative had turned into New Neighbors Partnership, an official nonprofit that normalizes the idea of sharing among community members—and helps local and refugee families build relationships that go beyond hand-me-down baby clothes.
“We take what would otherwise be a one-time blind donation and turn it into a longstanding community connection between people who might not have otherwise crossed paths,” Akabas says. “It’s a much more personal and direct network for sharing clothing.”


Chrishell Stause Is Excited About Her New Home, New Relationship, And Next Chapter
The Selling Sunset star dishes on what’s coming in season 5, those spin-offs, and her romance with Jason Oppenheim.

If you’ve ever wondered if Chrishell Stause is really as nice as she seems on Netflix’s Selling Sunset, the answer is a resounding yes.
Stause won me over long before she complimented my name at the end of our interview, saying, “That was my best friend’s name growing up. And it always makes me smile.” (Cue the weeping emoji). From her candor about her very public divorce that played out during season 3 to her openness about why she decided to write a book about her journey, Stause is exactly as you’d imagine her to be—the girl next door you can’t help but root for.


Losing Control at The Prado
“I’m not easily swept up,” Marlowe Granados writes. But as a novelist, she discovered “the best way to undergo love or art is to let it wash over you.”

I was introduced to Las Meninas in passing, during a conversation with an old flame. While in London, we walked through The Wallace Collection and he stopped abruptly, pointing to a small painting hung near the ceiling, almost indistinct against the smattering of works it was displayed among. It was a portrait of a little girl in a silver dress with pale, almost moonlit skin with a pink bow in her blonde hair. It was as though he was taken by surprise, “The Infanta.” He later spun a half-baked story that the Spanish princess in the portrait succeeded her parents’ throne and became an adolescent queen, immortalized as a child in Diego Velázquez’s 1656 masterpiece, Las Meninas. I found out on my own that most of this history he confidently extolled was untrue, but still, the figure of the little girl lingered in my mind. I imbued a sense of power and foreboding represented by this small child. There was something in her idealized beauty and youth that was a reminder of the old guard’s mortality. To me, she posed a threat to all that promised. I neglected the truths of her life—married off to her cousin who would be the Holy Roman Emperor and dying at age 21.


The Dissolution of Shiv Roy
The leading lady of HBO’s Succession fails at likability in every way. That’s why we can’t stop watching.

When the show began, fans found all sorts of reasons to celebrate Shiv’s character. Her sharp wardrobe inspired us to wear tailored suits and sleek knitwear, and her working relationship with a Bernie Sanders–esque senator made her seem like she had solid, progressive values. Though she was never exactly likable, she was a rarity we could root for among a cast of terrible characters. But as the show has gone on, Shiv has gradually become exactly like the rest of them, but worse, creating a growing distance between her character and the audience. There’s a history of fans directing sexist hatred against female characters who stand in the way of male protagonists, like Breaking Bad’s Skyler White or Mad Men’s Betty Draper, but that’s not what’s going on here. Shiv is disliked because she’s simply a bad person.


Is Landscapers Based on a True Story?
Will Sharpe, who directed the new HBO murder mystery, on the real-life events that inspired it.

To be sure, Landscapers—which will run over the course of four episodes—is based on true events. Namely, the 2014 arrest of Susan and Christopher Edwards (played by Olivia Colman and David Thewlis) for murdering her parents and burying their bodies in a garden. The pair seemed unlikely killers—she was a librarian and he was a bookseller—and they managed to keep the fact that her parents were even missing a secret for years until they were caught. What the series does isn’t just a retelling of the gruesome story, however, but an exploration of who Susan and Christopher were, who they became, and why their story played out the way it did.


Chris Noth Weighed in on Kim Cattrall’s Comments About Sarah Jessica Parker
Cattrall described Parker as being “cruel” and “a hypocrite.”

“I have to tell you, I have absolutely no idea what her thinking is, or her emotions,” he said. “I do know that I’m very close with SJ and [Cattrall’s] descriptions of her don’t even come close. I liked her, I thought she was marvelous in the show and some people move on for their own reasons. I don’t know what hers were. I just wish that whole thing had never happened because it was sad and uncomfortable.”


12 Showstopping Prime Rib Roasts to Make for Christmas
If you’re looking for a main course to anchor your holiday menu, look no further than a Christmas prime rib roast. The tender, juicy roast will not only be the most impressive (and delicious) thing on the table, but it’s also easy to make. These recipes are some of our favorite showstopping savory delights, including Salt-and-Pepper Crusted Prime Rib with Sage Jus, Beef Rib Roast, and the classic Standing Rib Roast of Beef. Read on for even more Christmas prime rib roasts for your holiday dinner.


Insecure: For the First Time, Every Single Costume Was Designed by a Black Woman
Director Amy Aniobi and costume designer Shiona Turini explain how episode seven made history for the Emmy-winning HBO show.

On Sunday night’s episode of Insecure, every detail of every costume was designed by a Black woman—from clothing to accessories to shoes. It’s a fashion first for the series, intentionally accomplished by longtime costume designer Shiona Turini and executive producer and writer Amy Aniobi, who also directed the episode. It goes hand in hand not only with the overarching theme of the show—a celebration of and devotion to Black womanhood—but also with the theme of the seventh episode itself, which features best friends Issa, Molly, Kelly, and Tiffany bonding over the course of a day that morphs into a cozy night sewn with secrets.


“I Really Want To Be A Grown-Up, But I Can’t”: At 56, Kristen McMenamy Remains Fashion’s Most Fabulous Eccentric
Over the course of the past few months, the anomalous beauty – mother of four, long-time Instagram refusenik, now its brightest new star – has made a spectacular return to the heart of fashion in the middle of her sixth decade, once again the model of the moment. Campaigns, runways, every hot ticket in town, she’s down for them all, including recently opening Donatella Versace and Fendi’s Kim Jones’s Fendace show. “Kristen is the coolest,” says her old friend, Kate Moss, who has known her since the early 1990s. “We worked together in Milan for Kim’s show and she didn’t have a dress to wear for the after-party, so she wore the Fendace T-shirt with her lacy turquoise tights and high silver platforms. It was major,” says the British supermodel approvingly. “The best look at the party.”


The Best Mini Liquor Bottle Stocking Stuffers, Ranked
Which 50-milliliter liquor bottles make the best stocking stuffers? We ranked some of the best-known brands on the market.

At just 50 milliliters a pop, liquor miniatures or mini-bottles (or whatever you like to call them) make for great stocking stuffers – regardless of whether you’re choosing something family members can indulge in later or want to surprise them with something perfect for tossing in their morning coffee right then and there. (Come on! It’s the holidays!)


Karl Lagerfeld’s Sketches Sold For More Than 100,000 Euros At Auction
Part one of the Karl Lagerfeld estate sale was hosted in Monaco from 3-5 December (part two will be held in Paris on 14 and 15 December). It featured more than 1,000 lots from Lagerfeld’s personal residences in France and Monaco, including a portrait of the designer by Takashi Murakami, scrapbooks created by Lagerfeld himself, and a telegram from Marlene Dietrich. It’s worth noting that many of the lots in the sale went for much higher bids than their estimated prices, a testament to his indelible legacy.


How To Make Your Home Feel Like A Wes Anderson Set
Who wouldn’t want to live in Wes Anderson’s world? With his 10 feature films released over two decades, the auteur has provided us with a perfectly symmetrical and pastel-hued respite from reality when we’ve needed it most – never more so than with this year’s zippy comedy The French Dispatch. Set in a fictional French city, it follows a crew of journalists chasing down a series of outlandish stories, from JKL Berensen (Tilda Swinton) reporting on an incarcerated artist (Benicio del Toro) who paints abstract frescoes on the walls of his prison to Lucinda Krementz (Frances McDormand) tracking a student uprising led by a chess-playing revolutionary (Timothée Chalamet). Through it all, the interiors are as swoon-worthy as you’d expect: an oasis of lemony walls, patterned wallpaper, mid-century modern sofas, antique tables, rotary phones, film cameras and candy-coloured typewriters.


What Was So Special About Greta Garbo?
An enigma onscreen and off, the actress only magnified her celebrity by suddenly renouncing it.

Fame is so powerful that renouncing it can seem like the supreme power move. Celebrities who retreat from the public eye (Howard Hughes, J. D. Salinger, Prince) will always be legends, no matter what else they may be. Rumored comebacks tantalize. Paparazzi circle. The mystery deepens. In 1941, at the age of thirty-six, Greta Garbo, one of the biggest box-office draws in the world, stopped acting and, though she lived for half a century more, never made another film. For a star who, more than any other, “invaded the subconscious of the audience,” as Robert Gottlieb writes in his new biography, “Garbo” (Farrar, Straus & Giroux), this was an abdication, a privilege of monarchical proportions. But it was also a decision made by one particular, peculiar person who had never been temperamentally suited to celebrity in the first place. There was a reason, beyond the exertions of the Hollywood publicity machine, that a single line she uttered in one movie—“I want to be alone”—became so fused with her image. What can look like a strategy for keeping the public interested can also be a sincere and committed desire to keep it at bay.


Why the Cathartic Release of Female Rage Dominated 2021’s TV Plotlines
In a post-#MeToo television landscape, female protagonists have begun to bear their fangs — and these portrayals of unapologetic anger are just as therapeutic for viewers.

Historically, TV’s crossest women have often been nagging wives and shrewish singletons. Anger, after all, is considered an “unfeminine” quality, and young girls are routinely socialized to tamp down their emotions to take on traits like passivity and agreeableness. But the past decade of television has seen a rise in nuanced portrayals of seething women, from the caustic gynocracy of the Ryan Murphyverse to the megalomaniac noblewomen of Game of Thrones and its imitators to all the sardonic and richly drawn comic leads of the streaming era.
As real-life women have taken to social media to document their collective fury — about politics, about #MeToo malfeasance, about gendered labor disparities throughout the pandemic — they have seen their ferocity increasingly reflected back on them during this golden age of TV storytelling.


Antarctica was once a rainforest. Could it be again?
The coldest continent on Earth used to be as warm as Italy. Here’s how we know.

Not far from the South Pole, more than half a mile below the ocean in a region that was once covered by ice, a layer of ancient fossils tells a surprising story about the coldest continent on Earth. Today, the South Pole records average winter temperatures of 78 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. But roughly 90 million years ago, the fossils suggest, Antarctica was as warm as Italy and covered by a green expanse of rainforest.


Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Sex and the City’s frenemy feud
It’s unlikely that Kim Cattrall’s Samantha Jones will ever return to Sex and the City.

It turns out that Samantha’s exclusion doesn’t have much to do with the story but rather a feud between Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Samantha’s dear friend Carrie Bradshaw and who served as an executive producer on both the old and new shows. While the actresses were portraying platonic soulmates, the two, according to Cattrall, butted heads when the cameras stopped rolling.
Looking back with this lens, storylines that had Samantha getting fat, getting arrested in Abu Dhabi (and having a condom-waving meltdown in a souk), and impulsively dyeing her pubic hair red-orange in a misguided attempt to stave off her looming mortality, could be mordantly interpreted as Parker enacting a wicked, slow-boil torture on her rival. Yet, the two never let whatever was happening offscreen bleed into onscreen animosity. It’s a testament to both that fans want to see the women of SATC be friends until their dying days.


Society hostess Princess Lee Radziwill’s famed London home is on the market
She entertained her sister, former First Lady Jackie Kennedy and her husband JFK, at the elegant home behind Buckingham Palace

Following her divorce from Michael Cranfield (widely believed to have been an illegitimate son of the Duke of Kent), the New York style icon married Polish royal Prince Stanislaw Radziwill in 1959, becoming Her Serene Highness Princess Lee Radziwill. The couple soon moved into 4 Buckingham Place, a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace (she once referred to it as the ‘divine house behind the palace’).


The Best Places to Spend Christmas
These are 15 of the best places to spend Christmas this year.

The best Christmas vacations offer cheerful decorations and festive events that capture the holiday spirit, all set against the backdrop of a beautiful destination. And with many ideal holiday destinations located across the country, you’re never further than a road trip from a perfect December vacation.
Wondering where you can actually travel for Christmas in 2021? From sunny shores to winter wonderland ski resorts, these are the best places to spend Christmas this year. While some destinations and hotels have released their holiday plans, these are subject to change due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, so be sure to check before planning your trip.


Your Face Is, or Will Be, Your Boarding Pass
Tech-driven changes are coming fast and furiously to airports, including advancements in biometrics that verify identity and shorten security procedures for those passengers who opt into the programs.

Biometrics are unique individual traits, such as fingerprints, that can be used to automate and verify identity. They promise both more security and efficiency in moving travelers through an airport where, at steps from check-in to boarding, passengers are normally required to show government-issued photo identification.
In the travel hiatus caused by the pandemic, many airports, airlines, tech companies and government agencies like the Transportation Security Administration and United States Customs and Border Protection continued to invest in biometric advancements. The need for social distancing and contactless interactions only added to the urgency.





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