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Posted on December 30, 2021

Da Ya Li Bar and Restaurant – Chengdu, China


What day is this? Does it even matter? This week, we’re marking time by counting cookies. We had big, expensive dinner plans for last night (because we rarely go out on New Year’s Eve), but we cancelled them days ago. We’re not necessarily all that concerned about going out. It’s more like we weighed the pros and cons and decided that spending several hundred dollars on rich food in a week when we’re ingesting butter-based eats by the poundful is probably not worth whatever risk there is at the moment. We’ll reschedule for Valentine’s Day, probably.

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? We’ll probably watch movies, finish off the rest of the cookies and have a little Champagne while covered in cats.


A Wholly Scientific Analysis Of Celebrity Couples’ Joint Breakup Notes
The first question in this analysis is, of course, why? Why announce your break up at all, and why do so together, when you are in fact, not together? The urge to put out a statement might seem obvious; in our celebrity-obsessed culture, it’s difficult to keep news a secret, and it’s better to control the narrative yourself than let a tabloid do it for you.
“One of the cultural values we attach to romance in our society is that we get to control the presentation of our love story to others,” she says. “For the celebrity stories, the same thing is happening. It’s making sure people see these individuals as adhering to cultural values and norms about romance, about how you treat a partner, about how to be mature and what to disclose in terms of secrets.”


Yellowjackets Season 2: Everything We Know
The hit Showtime thriller follows a group of teen girls stranded in the wilderness.

Let the fan theories commence: Yellowjackets is getting a second season.
The newest hit thriller follows members of a high school women’s soccer team in two timelines: the immediate aftermath of a 1996 plane crash that left them stranded in the wilderness for 19 months, and 25 years later as the women still living try to keep what they did to survive secret. The brutal premise is part survival horror, part psychological drama, showing how the teenage friendships initially devolve and later get warped by trauma and secrets over the years–and that’s before you add in its excellent ’90s punk soundtrack.


10 Hair Trends to Look Forward to in 2022
Prepare for the return of the side bang.

There is a lot to look forward to in 2022: the Winter Olympics, Legally Blonde 3, it…not being 2021 anymore. But there are also several exciting beauty trends on the rise, particularly when it comes to hair. From bold new hues to of-the-moment cuts, we’re already spotting some of the looks that are sure to take over in 2022. Read on for ten haircut, color, and styling trends to be keep an eye out for, including the tasteful return of the side bang.


Dezeen’s top 10 installations of 2021
From a giant inflated bubble to a steel-wired mosque designed to challenge Islamaphobia, we take a look at 10 standout installations covered by Dezeen this year as part of our review of 2021.


Your Love of Caffeine May Be the Reason You Like Your Coffee Black
New research found that a natural inclination to caffeine was more important than taste when choosing how to drink coffee.

Scientists have long known that genetics help determine a preference or distaste for bitter foods. Scientists have also learned that genetics can determine how quickly our bodies process caffeine – causing some people to crave more of the stimulant than others. But a new study has found that when people drink their coffee black, it may be the caffeine more so than the flavor their after.


Jada Pinkett Smith Opened Up About Accepting Her Alopecia
“At this point, I can only laugh.”

After years of treating her hair loss with steroids, Jada Pinkett Smith says that she’s finally come to accept it. In a frank video posted to Instagram, she showed her followers an up-close look at her scalp and the bare patches that come with her alopecia. And in true Pinkett Smith fashion — anyone who’s watched a Red Table Talk sit-down can attest to her no-nonsense attitude to just about everything — she told everyone that now that it’s gotten past the point of hiding, she accepting it for what it is.


The Top 20 Most Anticipated Streaming Titles of 2022
As some of the biggest streaming services saw their subscriber growth slow in 2021, it’s certain that the competition in the year ahead will be heightened as companies aim to show investors that they’re not falling behind. Moreover, companies have been pointing to 2022 as a year that will allow them to release marquee content that was delayed due to the pandemic.


How Movie Theaters Fought to Survive (Another) Year of Turbulence and Change
From shorter theatrical windows to simultaneous streaming releases, in 2021 the cinema business was challenged like never before.

“I went in front of the crowd and waved my hands. I think we filled up because other theaters were sold out,” O’Meara says. “We’re not as well known, and there were a significant number of people who had said they had never been to our theater before.”
For cinema operators like O’Meara, the latest Spidey movie isn’t merely a deus ex machina, something that swings in like a gift from the heavens to boosts ticket sales and popcorn purchases. It’s also a welcome reminder, after a brutal 22 months, that movie theaters can still create a kind of grand cultural happening that simply can’t be replicated on Netflix.


Every Jennifer Lawrence Movie Performance, Ranked
In a shockingly short time, Jennifer Lawrence has compiled a formidable résumé that’s as impressive for its range as for its string of successes. Starting with her 2010 breakthrough, Winter’s Bone, she’s racked up a series of acclaimed art-house hits, snagging four Oscar nominations along the way. (She won in 2013 for Silver Linings Playbook.) And then there are the massive blockbusters: When she wasn’t running around as Mystique in the X-Men reboot/prequels, she was the moral compass and bow-and-arrow heroine of the Hunger Games franchise.
But box office and awards only partly explain her appeal. Raised in Louisville and discovered on the street in New York by a talent scout when she was a teenager, Lawrence gives off a lively, funny, slightly smart-aleck vibe in interviews that’s a perfect buttress against our celebrity-obsessed times. She plays the part of a glamorous starlet with ease, but there’s a fundamental distrust of fame’s machinery — a sense that she wants us to know that she knows that Hollywood is kind of silly — informing her unpretentious public persona as well as her performances.


‘Ghislaine Maxwell Is Worse Than Epstein.’ Virginia Giuffre reacts to the conviction she knows is long overdue.
Early Thursday morning at her home in Perth, Australia, Virginia Giuffre woke up to her husband shaking the bed, saying “Wake up! You’ve got to wake up! She’s guilty.” As she opened her eyes, she was shocked to learn that Ghislaine Maxwell had been convicted of sex-trafficking charges, and could face up to 65 years in prison for recruiting, grooming and abusing girls alongside Jeffrey Epstein. “It’s a bittersweet emotion because I have been fighting for long,” she said. “But it’s definitely a relief to know that she’s off the streets.”
After Epstein died in 2019, victims like Giuffre were robbed of the chance to face him in court. While defense lawyers used this to their advantage, painting Maxwell as a scapegoat for a dead man’s sins throughout the trial, Giuffre sees the British socialite as the even bigger culprit. “She’s more evil than Epstein,” she told me. “What Ghislaine did to so many of us is unforgivable.”


Ghislaine Maxwell Convicted in Jeffrey Epstein Sex Abuse Case
The British socialite was convicted Wednesday of luring teenage girls to be sexually abused by the American millionaire.

The British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted Wednesday of luring teenage girls to be sexually abused by the American millionaire Jeffrey Epstein.
The verdict capped a monthlong trial featuring sordid accounts of the sexual exploitation of girls as young as 14, told by four women who described being abused as teens in the 1990s and early 2000s at Epstein’s palatial homes in Florida, New York and New Mexico.
Jurors deliberated for five full days before finding Maxwell guilty of five of six counts. As the verdict was read, Maxwell appeared to show little reaction behind a black mask. She stood with her hands folded as the jury filed out, and glanced at her siblings as she herself was led from the courtroom, but was otherwise stoic.


Buckingham Palace did not want Elton John to perform at Princess Diana’s funeral, according to government documents
Buckingham Palace didn’t want Elton John to perform at Princess Diana’s funeral, according to government documents released by the British national archives this week.
John — who had been close friends with Princess Diana — performed a reworked version of “Candle In The Wind,” a song that was originally written in memory of Marilyn Monroe, at Diana’s funeral in 1997. The singer-songwriter and his longtime lyricist Bernie Taupin changed the first line of the song from “Goodbye Norma Jean” (Monroe’s real name) to “Goodbye England’s rose.”


This Florida-based jeweler creates earrings filled with real tea
Evelynne-Rose Jones started making perfumes as a tribute to her mother, who loved fragrances, and expanded to jewelry after realizing her perfume vials could be made wearable as earrings and necklaces. She now crafts fun designs like tea-filled earrings, necklaces, and rings in addition to tea-set and dessert-platter pieces.


Aretha Franklin’s Beauty Legacy Lives on Through the Respect Film
The lead artists behind hair and makeup share the behind-the-scenes moments that made this must-see film so mesmerizing.

Besides the power of Hudson’s unmatched vocals, the film’s hair and makeup also bring Franklin to life, taking viewers through the evolution of the late singer’s signature style. Davis, an Emmy Award-winning hairstylist, strategically teamed up with lead makeup artist Stevie Martin to develop each beauty look. “I was adamant about having Stevie as a trailer partner,” recalls Davis. The two worked together before on the TV series Greenleaf and Claws. “This one was really important to me because we were telling an icon’s story,” says Martin.


How to purge risky chemicals from your beauty products
Eliminating endocrine disruptors is harder than you might think.

I wanted to learn how to lower my risks from personal care items with help from science, so I joined a consumer study led by the Silent Spring Institute, a research and advocacy organization that studies toxins in the environment. For three months, I meticulously tracked my personal care, right down to the brands I used and how often I used them.
It isn’t just that beauty products are full of hard-to-pronounce and potentially harmful chemicals. The study, a partnership with the Resilient Sisterhood Project and published as the POWER study, also validated previous findings that Black women like me purchase more hair products than other groups, and that these products are more likely to contain endocrine disruptors. The results rocked me to my core.


Inspired by Murano, Glassware Goes Wild
The opulent look of Murano glass is on the rise, propelled in part by a new wave of home goods and accessories inspired by the centuries-old aesthetic.

What happened in Murano, stayed in Murano.
So was the rigidly guarded way of life on the tiny island in the Venetian Lagoon, about a mile north of Venice, where, in the late 1200s, the Venetian government mandated that the furnaces used by local glassmakers, and the glassmakers themselves, be relocated from the city center.
Intended as a measure to protect central Venice from the fire hazard posed by the furnaces, the law also protected the secrets of the Murano glassblowers’ revered craft, which involves melting mineral sands at temperatures between 1,700 and 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit and adding in elements like cobalt and gold leaf to create vivid colors and glimmering finishes.


A Story of Love and Obsession
At home with James Fenton, the English poet, journalist and critic, and Darryl Pinckney, the African American novelist and playwright, in their obsessively, deliriously embellished house in Harlem.

Built in 1890 as a family home for John Dwight, a founder of Arm & Hammer, the house was a fanciful shape, with a stack of four oval rooms, one on each of four floors, that ballooned out onto 123rd Street, and an imposing Neo-Renaissance style entry, with an arch and pillars. More recently, it had been a single-room occupancy building and a place of worship for a religious organization (which had sliced off half an interior oval wall and boarded up the stairs). It had also served as a medical facility and, for one year, in 1937, the home of the Harlem Community Art Center, a Works Progress Administration effort headed by Augusta Savage, the African American sculptor.
Its history was a typical Harlem story, with waves of progress and regression. Dwight family descendants showed Mr. Fenton and Mr. Pinckney a letter a family member had written in the late 1930s that urged the house not be sold to “negroes.”


The Best Time to Visit Greece for Good Weather, Fewer Crowds, and Affordable Prices
Greece is calling your name.

Greece has long beckoned travelers with its beauty. From the crystalline waters in the surrounding Mediterranean Sea to the rich historical sites that dot the nation’s map to the divine cuisine and stellar hotels, the European country deserves a spot high on travelers’ wish lists.
Ready to plan your trip? Here are the best times to travel to Greece, whether you’re after good weather, affordable prices, or fewer crowds.






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