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Posted on December 28, 2021

Danza Restaurant and Wine Bar – Ludwigsburg, Germany


Don’t let the bright efficiency of today’s LOunge stress you out, darlings. We’re still floating between the holidays, barely managing anything that could be called productive in our day. You’re still invited to spread out and procrastinate. We just figured we could all use some sun right about now.

We’re off to put the final touches on a fun series of year-end posts, so chat amongst yourselves and feel free to sample from our daily buffet of distractions.


Alana Haim On Starring In Licorice Pizza And The Real-Life Story That Made Its Way Into The Movie
Most often, when you find Alana Haim on-screen, she’s in the same place: stage right, guitar in hand, standing next to her two older sisters, and playing as the Grammy-nominated band Haim. But come this winter, audiences will get to see Alana in an entirely new light, as the musician completes her star turn in Licorice Pizza, the latest film from Academy Award-winning director and longtime Haim collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson. The comedy-drama, set in the 1970s San Fernando Valley, is Alana’s very-first acting gig, and the singer says she was shocked when Anderson called her up to be part of his cast.


How I Found Susie’s “Outrageous” Style On Curb Your Enthusiasm
Susie Essman shares how her character’s over-the-top wardrobe came to be. (Hint: Larry David had nothing to do with it.)

Contrary to popular belief, Susie Essman is nothing like her Curb Your Enthusiasm character (who, not-so-coincidentally, is also named Susie). Equal parts brash and outspoken, with a penchant for bad-mouthing Larry David, Susie Greene has graduated from supporting character to fan favorite over the show’s 21 years in existence, not least because of her garish outfits, which have been called everything from “ridiculous” to “deranged”—particularly in the most recent season.


The Biggest Style Stories of 2021
Seventeen ways we—and our wardrobes—will never be the same.

New Year’s resolutions may be a mere journal session away, but revolutions? They’ve already started in the fashion world. Witness the chiffon-clad insanity that was 2021, complete with red-carpet resets, creative director shuffles, trend cycles faster than a Kim Petras beat, and heated debates about who counts as a style icon—and who shouldn’t. Along the way, we found a visual vocab for 2021 fashion that is stranger and truer than any in recent memory, and sets the stage for even more style disruption (the good kind) in 2022. Below, the 17 moments that defined 2021’s absolutely wild year in fashion and what they mean for our closets (and our cocktail chatter) in the coming months.


I Found My Personal Style When I Turned 30
From a young age I developed an acute love of fashion, inculcated by my mother, who sewed different colored bows on my shoes to match my outfit of the day, and inadvertently introduced me to her collection of fashion magazines, which I pored over the minute she turned her back. My mother handed over the reins of styling quite early on, with my being able to demonstrate to her that my blue resin elephant necklace and white fisherman’s Velcro sandals would complement a navy and white gingham dress. Growing up in Bangladesh, where I always felt that I didn’t quite fit, fashion became not only the way I expressed myself but a way in which I retained elements of my personality I had not surrendered for acceptance. Policing the way women and girls dress holds generationally and globally, from white American teenagers being punished for their necklines to a British Muslim teenager being punished for the length of her skirt. It also shaped much of my life, dictating not only the limitations in how I dressed but in how I lived my life.


The 15 Best Cooking Tips We Learned from Chefs This Year
We will never throw out herb stems ever again.

Much like 2020, 2021 was a year of continued home cooking exploration. While some of us (me) experienced serious banana bread burnout, and others (also me) gave up on sourdough, we continued trying new recipes, taking virtual cooking classes, and upgrading our home kitchen gear. And, like every year, we continued learning from chefs.


Could Kodi Smit-McPhee Become the Second Youngest Supporting Actor Winner for ‘The Power of the Dog’?
Kodi Smit-McPhee has maintained a stronghold this awards season for his work as Peter Gordon in Netflix’s “The Power of the Dog.” Pundits and awards enthusiasts have to wonder: has a frontrunner emerged?
Twenty-nine precursor awards have been announced thus far, with 14 naming Smit-McPhee’s darkly psychological turn the best of the year. The next closest actor to his dominance is Troy Kotsur in “CODA” and Jeffrey Wright in “The French Dispatch,” who have picked up three and two wins, respectively. In addition, Smit-McPhee’s also landed Critics Choice and Golden Globe nominations, two critical stops on the awards circuit.


Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Denis Villeneuve and More Mourn Jean-Marc Vallée: ‘One of Our Purest Artists and Dreamers’
The Quebecois director Jean-Marc Vallée is being remembered by the entertainment industry, with heartfelt tributes emerging from the late filmmaker’s peers and collaborators.Vallée, who directed films such as “Dallas Buyers Club” and “Wild” and helmed TV projects including “Big Little Lies” and “Sharp Objects,” died suddenly at his cabin outside Quebec City, Canada on Saturday. He was 58 years old.


The 20 Best HBO Shows of All Time, Ranked
There’s no shortage of great television out there, but sifting through a slog of weaker shows in order to get to the good stuff — especially in the age of streaming — can be an exercise in patience. The good news is that steaming and binge-watching offer new potential in terms of going back and catching some of the best television viewers may have missed the first time around.
Over the years HBO has proved to be a prestige player in both the comedy and drama genres, raking in awards and spending unfathomable cash on attracting and retaining some of the best talent in the business. Now, with the launch of HBO Max, the cabler’s vault of equally cachet shows are available to enjoy in full.
From sexy vampires and brooding software developers, to dragon-riding saviors and mafia antiheroes, here are the 20 best HBO shows of all time.


Britney Spears opens up about being hurt ‘from every angle’ and her restored faith in God
Britney Spears has opened up about feeling ‘hurt from every angle’ and being ‘humiliated’ by her family, which has left her feeling insecure and ‘scared of people and the business’.
The Toxic hitmaker took to her official Instagram account on 28 December to share a string of quotes, as well as a lengthy heartfelt message about her feelings, and restored faith in God, following the 13-year conservatorship her father, Jamie Spears, formerly headed.


The Most Anticipated Fashion, Art, and Photography Coffee Table Books of 2022
Just because the holidays are coming to an end does not mean you can’t get started on your 2022 gift list. Next year promises Diane Keaton’s own photography, large-format chronicles of haute couture fashion houses, and Harry Styles trivia. Below, we’ve gathered a collection of the most anticipated art, fashion, and photography coffee table books that are sure to be a big hit in anyone’s home.


A Linguistic Look at Omicron
What is this penchant for using Greek to designate disasters?

An unusual side effect of the coronavirus is the regular appearance of the Greek alphabet in newspaper headlines. The highly contagious Omicron variant has broken through in more ways than one: the Greek alphabet has made it into the Style section.
What is this penchant for using Greek to designate disasters? During hurricane season, if meteorologists use up the approved letters of the English alphabet, they have traditionally turned to Greek for naming storms. In recent years, we got as far as Hurricane Iota. During the pandemic, scientists with the World Health Organization are relying on Greek to make the variants of the coronavirus easier to talk about and to avoid associations with the names of places where the variants were initially detected; for instance, the strain with the designation B.1.617.2, which was first identified in India, is popularly known as the Delta variant. Although it was unlikely that, even with global warming, a single hurricane season could yield enough storms to run through both alphabets, the pandemic threatens to deplete our store of Greek in no time. Having reached omicron (ο), we are already more than halfway through the alphabet.


How ‘And Just Like That’ Handles Willie Garson’s Death
The fourth episode of the HBO Max series gives the late actor a simple send-off in a scene featuring Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw and Mario Cantone’s Anthony Marentino.

“When we started [filming], Willie was in all 10 episodes. We wrote the most hilarious comic, tragic arc for Stanford,” King told the magazine. “I didn’t know he was so sick, and I was on set one night saying, ‘And then this happens to Stanford and then this happens and then this happens and this happens.’ And he’s just looking at me. Then he took a turn for the worst. I really thought we could get through the season. When he took a turn, we had to talk about the fact that he couldn’t make it. And we had to adjust [storylines].”


Why more psychiatrists think mindfulness can help treat ADHD
A 1-minute mindfulness practice helped settle my ADHD-addled mind.

Mindfulness, the practice of present-moment awareness without judgment, has a nearly 5,000-year history with roots in Hinduism, Buddhism, and other Eastern religions and philosophies. It has been studied in the US since the 1970s for various mental health issues, including stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, and pain management.
One of the first major research studies to look at mindfulness as a treatment for ADHD was done by Zylowska, when she was working at the Mindful Awareness Research Center at the University of California Los Angeles. Her original study, published in 2007 in the Journal of Attention Disorders, looked at the effects of a mindfulness program on adolescents and adults with ADHD.


11 epic mysteries scientists totally can’t solve
What is the universe made out of? When did the anus evolve? Can humans live to 150 years old? And more!

We set out to ask big questions that inspire scientists to do their work — questions that fill them with wonder or a sense of purpose, or remind them that the universe is still an enormous place with untapped potential.
In exploring these stories, we’ve learned some of the surprising reasons why major scientific mysteries can go unsolved for years or even decades: Some are due to the limits of technology, others are because of human failings. Regardless, working on Unexplainable has reminded us there’s hope in a question. Why ask one if you don’t believe an answer is possible?


‘People Want Jewelry With Meaning’: How Breast Milk Became a Gem
Mothers are memorializing their breastfeeding experiences with stones made from the liquid.

Alma Partida knew her breastfeeding journey was coming to a close in June. She had nursed her daughter, Alessa, for nearly 18 months — longer than most mothers in the United States do — and the process had not been easy.
First there was Alessa’s birth, by emergency cesarean section, in February 2020. In the hospital after surgery, Ms. Partida struggled to breastfeed. Once she and her daughter were discharged, nursing was still challenging.
“It was a really long journey,” said Ms. Partida, a 29-year-old speech language pathologist in Watsonville, Calif. Now that it was ending, she wanted to find a way to mark it.
While scrolling through posts on a parenting Facebook group, Ms. Partida came across an unusual but fitting keepsake: a pendant containing a white stone. The main ingredient? Breast milk.


Helping to Reveal a Still-Shuttered World
Our weekly photo essay series offered readers a glimpse of distant places and cultures that, for a second straight year, remained largely inaccessible.

We called it The World Through a Lens — and, frankly, we didn’t expect it to last this long.
But as the weeks turned into months, and the months into years, we’ve continued publishing photo essays each Monday morning, carrying you — virtually — from the islands of Maine to the synagogues of Myanmar, and nearly 100 other places in between.We hope the series has offered you a little solace and a little distraction throughout the pandemic — and perhaps a chance to immerse yourself, if momentarily, in a distant place or culture that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.


An intimate glimpse at Frida Kahlo’s Blue House and all its treasures
Frida Kahlo: Her Universe is a fascinating archive of personal objects and photographs from La Casa Azul, where the artist was born, lived, and died

During her lifetime, Frida Kahlo intended her home to be turned posthumously into a museum. The Blue House, now one of Mexico’s most beloved cultural landmarks, is the place where Kahlo was born, lived, and died. Famously painted cobalt blue inside and out, La Casa Azul was described by Kahlo as her “intimate universe”.
Many of the rooms have been preserved much as she lived in them before her death in 1954, allowing a fascinating window into the private world of this enigmatic artist. The garden is still decorated with the pre-Hispanic sculptures collected by the couple, and many of the interior spaces also retain the original furniture chosen or inherited by Kahlo.


Savannah Has Become One of the American South’s Most Exciting Food Destinations — See What’s Cooking
Over a relatively short span of time, this U.S. city has evolved into a foodie mecca.

Something extra special is simmering in Savannah these days. Sure, Georgia’s oldest city has been a tourist draw for generations. The irresistible charm of its cobblestone streets and fountain-strewn squares — Spanish moss suspended above it all — was enough to earn it distinction as a National Historic Landmark over 55 years ago. That story’s been the same for centuries, in fact. But now, the urban enclave is writing an exciting new chapter into the future, establishing itself as a full-fledged foodie mecca. Come have a taste of what’s cooking over in the “Hostess City of the South.”





[Photo Credit: danza-restaurant.de, ifgroup.org]

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