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Posted on December 27, 2021

Cucù Cocktail Bar – Vicenza, Italy


We’re back! Full of panettone and cookies, sated with various forms of alcohol (almost all of them, possibly), and a little antsy after two full days of movie-watching on the couch (It’s a Wonderful Life, all of the LOTR extended editions, 75% – we fast-forward through a lot – of the Hobbit movies, The Green Knight, The Lion in Winter, Yours, Mine, and Ours (the OG), The Matrix Resurrections, Nightmare Alley, Shang-Chi, Barb and Star). We had a lovely holiday, although that bitch Rona just had to stick her fool head in and try to ruin things for us. A whole chunk of the family tested positive hours before our Christmas Eve gathering (they’re all vaxed, boosted, and feeling mostly fine) and we had to tell a friend who’d be at high risk for traveling that it would be best if he skipped his annual visit of several days. Even so! We refuse to succumb to any forms of despair and we maintain, stress and COVID fears aside, that this year’s holiday was MILES BETTER than last year’s depressing solitary confinement.

We’ve got a few things in the pipeline for this week, content-wise. While we’re off putting those masterpieces together, talk amongst yourselves! How was your holiday or non-holiday?


The Making Of Claire Foy’s Sumptuous A Very British Scandal Wardrobe
Every year one series cuts through the post-Christmas haze to make a lasting impression on viewers. This December that series is A Very British Scandal, starring The Crown’s Claire Foy as the scandalous Duchess of Argyll, a textile heiress whose ’60s divorce became a sensation after her third husband leaked nude images of her in flagrante with other paramours to the newspapers.
Just as notable as the three-part drama’s long-overdue questioning of the so-called “dirty” duchess’s treatment by the press? The sumptuous costumes, with designer Ian Fulcher creating no less than 85 looks for Foy to wear across the three episodes.


Oscars: ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Team Plans Best Picture Push, Tom Holland Open to Hosting
Holland, Marvel chief Kevin Feige, Sony chief Tom Rothman and producer Amy Pascal speak with The Hollywood Reporter in the aftermath of their film’s strong critical and historic commercial debut.

Kevin Feige, who worked on the first Spider-Man movie as a low-level executive and on the last three as the president of Marvel Studios, which also released Black Panther, “I think both of these types of films deserve recognition.” He hopes that Academy members will “think about the artistry that goes into storytelling that connects with a wide range of people on a very emotional level,” emphasizing, “It’s a good thing when people are in a theater and they stand up and cheer. It’s a good thing when people are wiping tears because they’re thinking back on their last 20 years of moviegoing and what it has meant to them. That, to me, is a very good thing — the sort of thing the Academy was founded, back in the day, to recognize.”


Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Day Brooch Paid Tribute to Her Late Husband Prince Philip
She delivered her most personal holiday broadcast while wearing the sentimental accessory.

Queen Elizabeth gave her first Christmas Day address following the passing of her husband Prince Philip, and while he wasn’t physically there with her this year, she made sure to keep his memory alive in more ways than one.
During her most personal holiday broadcast yet, the Queen paid tribute to Philip with not only her words, but also with her choice in decor and accessories.


Sarah Jessica Parker’s Makeup Artist Dropped Her Entire “And Just Like That” Glam Routine
And it includes a $25 fan-favorite product.

Sex and the City is, and probably always will be, pop culture’s most coveted show for fashion. And with the reboot of the 1999 series, it’s clear that And Just Like That is defending that title. Since its premiere, the HBO Max series has brought us everything from nostalgic accessory callbacks to conversation-starting maxi dresses, proving that the show’s wardrobe department hasn’t missed a beat. But as a beauty lover, I couldn’t help but wonder… Why isn’t anyone talking about the glam? More specifically, has anyone else noticed how radiant Sarah Jessica Parker looks in this revival?


21 Moments You Forgot Happened in 2021
The Olympics were like four months ago, help.

At least one doctor, probably, has said that in order to move on from trauma, we must first embrace it.
Without further ado, a list of 21 moments that happened in 2021 that we’ve all done our best to suppress, rehashed in all their photogenic glory.
Nevertheless, we persisted.


The Duchess Of Cambridge Revealed Her Piano Skills At Her Christmas Carol Service
Earlier this month, Kate Middleton was spotted arriving at Westminster Abbey in London to film a mysterious Christmas carol concert. The TV special was later revealed to be hosted by the Duchess of Cambridge herself as a tribute to the frontline workers, carers, and community volunteers who helped others throughout the pandemic, announced with a charming trailer that saw Middleton wear a delightfully festive Miu Miu cardigan. Finally, last night on Christmas Eve, Royal Carols: Together At Christmas premiered on the British broadcaster ITV—and with an unexpected surprise.


This Year, Harry Styles Truly Mastered Stage Style
Each show in Harry Styles’s Love On Tour served up more than just great music. The performances have doubled as a fashion show, where Styles dresses up in custom Gucci ensembles, and his fans in equally-as-theatrical fits. On some occasions, like Styles’s Harryween shows, the singer has even encouraged a specific dress code for his fans to adhere to (and they’ve nailed it). The tour has been the perfect picture of music, fashion, and fun, but Styles has been killing the fashion game off stage, too.


TSA to Take Away ‘Privilege’ of TSA PreCheck From Unruly Passengers
The TSA will rescind membership for anyone who is fined by the Federal Aviation Administration for bad behavior.

Unruly passengers on planes could lose access to TSA PreCheck in the Transportation Security Administration’s latest tactic to fight back against an uptick in disruptive incidents in the skies.
The agency will rescind membership for anyone who is fined by the Federal Aviation Administration for bad behavior. The agency called the TSA PreCheck service “a privilege reserved for low-risk travelers.”


A Parisian Pastry Chef Has Re-Invented the Croissant
At the Ritz Paris, François Perret is thinking outside of the crescent. His long, narrow pain au chocolat delivers chocolate in every bite.

​​Behind a glass counter at Le Comptoir, the new pastry shop at at the Ritz Paris, artful cakes are displayed like fine jewelry next to a spectrum of madeleines in flavors like blackberry, passion fruit, and salted caramel. There are glossy strawberry tarts, liquid caramel-topped barquettes, and croissants like you’ve never seen them before. Instead of the iconic crescent shape for which the flaky, laminated dough pastries were originally named, these croissants are long, narrow batons, plain or stuffed with colorful fillings.


What Lois Lowry Remembers
Lowry, who has lost a sister and a son, has spent decades writing about the pains of memory. Literature, she says, is “a way that we rehearse life.”

The title character of Lois Lowry’s most famous novel, “The Giver,” is an old man who guards all of human history and memory. The book’s protagonist, Jonas, is his apprentice. Jonas’s training involves withstanding the prismatic flood of the past—memories of joy and pain, war and suffering—so that his tightly regulated community can thrive in ignorance. When the book came out, in 1993, Lowry had already won a fervent following. She received a Newbery Medal, in 1990, for “Number the Stars,” a novel about a Danish family resisting Nazi rule; her series featuring Anastasia Krupnik, a mischievous pre-teen in owlish glasses, charmed both grumpy older sisters and their parents. But “The Giver” remains her deepest achievement. Heaped with accolades, including another Newbery and a reputation as perhaps the best children’s novel ever written, it has sold more than twelve million copies. It also landed on the American Library Association’s list of the most challenged books of the nineties. From the vantage of 2021, the novel is a double portent: a dystopian fantasy and an early spark in the tinderbox of the curriculum wars.


80 Best Party Dip Recipes to Feed a Crowd
Whether it’s Super Bowl Sunday or the holidays, these easy dips are sure to impress.

There are many elements that go into a great dip recipe— consistency, flavor, vehicle used for dipping or scooping. If you get all of those things right, your homemade dip is sure to be a crowd favorite at your next party.
They are by far one of our favorite easy appetizers to make. Whether you need game day food for a Sunday showdown or you’re in need of a last-minute holiday party appetizer (pizza dip, anyone?), these delicious picks fit any occasion. Let’s be honest, everyone secretly loves the dip recipes on the table more than anything else. And with this guide, you can choose from so many different slam-dunk recipes to serve. Go for a hot one in the winter and a cold one in the summer, or one of each in any season. You can truly never have enough.


When Did We All Stop Smiling in Photos?
Smiles have all but disappeared in the modern woman’s online photos. Is it just another beauty trend…or has modern joy suddenly gone cold?

The Julia Roberts era of Crest Whitestrips-enhanced, toothy smiles that once warmed and enlivened family photos, portraits of loved ones, and snapshots of us hugging our girlies has gone by the wayside. In their place lie smirks and smizes and demure gazes that have made themselves at home on our faces — distant or unbothered looks that suggest, “You cannot possibly know me, the real me, just by looking at my photos.”


What do moviegoers want from the movies now?
The survival of theaters depends on the people in the seats.

Spider-Man: No Way Home, the third installment in the Tom Holland Spidey era, made bank on its opening weekend. The movie beat out Avengers: Infinity War for the second-best domestic box office opening of all time, raking in a whopping $260 million — and that’s in a pandemic.
There’s a lot to parse in that figure, which indicates a market in which huge-budget franchise films with built-in audiences, produced by giant corporations, are squeezing out space once occupied by mid-budget original fare. But Spidey’s success suggests that the death of movie theaters, writ large, isn’t quite the fait accompli some doomsayers suggest.


Why so much Obama-era pop culture feels so cringe now
How Hamilton, Parks and Recreation, and Harry Potter lost cultural cachet.

One of the oddities of getting old is bearing witness as the pop culture you used to think would always be beyond reproach slowly slides out of favor. As millennials age into the solid middle of the culture here at the end of 2021, they’re getting to experience that disorienting slip with some of the most beloved pop culture of their youths, and most particularly the pop culture that was celebrated during the presidency of Barack Obama.
Sunny, wholesome, nominated-for-16-Emmys Parks and Recreation is now widely considered an overrated and tunnel-visioned portrait of the failures of Obama-era liberalism. Iconic and beloved Harry Potter is the neoliberal fantasy of a transphobe. Perhaps most dramatic of all is the rapid fall of Hamilton and its creator and star, Lin-Manuel Miranda, whose reputation is now one of embarrassing earnestness.


How Nicole Kidman Learned to Love Playing Lucille Ball
A career of dramas like “The Hours” and “Big Little Lies” was not enough to help Kidman portray the “I Love Lucy” star in “Being the Ricardos.” As she put it, “Funny’s hard.”

There are valuable lessons Nicole Kidman has learned each time she plays a real-life figure: How that person was misapprehended by society at the time. How that era of history is more like the present day than she realized. And, crucially, how to maintain her balance while traipsing barefoot through a vat of grapes.
Recounting her preparations to play Lucille Ball, the star of “I Love Lucy,” Kidman suggested that her methodical efforts to learn Ball’s enduring 1956 grape-stomping routine were not fully sufficient when it came time to re-enact it on camera.


Art You Loved and Looked For in 2021
Your most searched and most downloaded artworks
Here at Getty, we know our visitors pretty well.
So many of you are repeat visitors, subscribers to Get Inspired, and frequent perusers of art. Art brings inspiration and hope, and sheds light on how we understand history and the human experience. As 2021 comes to a close, we’d like to take this opportunity to revisit the artists and works of art you searched for and downloaded the most.


10 Waterside Hotels Around the World Where You Can Arrive by Boat
The arrival is just as much a part of the experience at these amazing hotels around the world.

Some hotels were meant to be seen first from the water — not just glimpsed, but truly approached by boat from across a glassy lake or murmuring sea. Arrivals like these ensure a sensory overload — surrounded by nature, with the wind in your face and the destination growing larger with each splash, you glide directly into the stunning property. It’s the ultimate way to check in.


How to Prep Your Plants Before Vacation, According to Experts
Here are five ways to avoid coming home to wilting plants — or worse.

You’ve got your hotel booked, your flight ticket in hand, and your bags packed. Yes, you’re ready to go on vacation, but there’s just the matter of one teeny, tiny thing: your plants.
Our little green friends tend to be the last on the list of considerations when prepping for vacation, but even if you’re leaving for just a few days it’s important to make a plant plan.
Here are a few ways to help you prep your plants for your vacation time, according to the experts.






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