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Posted on December 14, 2021

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Let’s try elegance today. Don’t worry. No one is expected to raise their pinkie ’round these parts. Comport yourself however you feel like today. Elegance is for surroundings. People are as free to be as inelegant as they want in any T LOunge. All are welcome, from the friendly to the moody; from the goofy to the snooty. Take a seat and be fully yourself for the day, darlings.


Simon Rex, Again and for the First Time
The Red Rocket star proves the path from rags to riches is sometimes laid with porn, poverty, pain and prosperity — and porn again. In 2021, the poster boy of our ’90s fantasies has found a whole new spotlight.

Is Simon Rex famous? We may not all have the same answer to that.
Some of us have not only known his name for over two decades, but were in love with him as prime prey of the ’90s heartthrob era, only to absentmindedly forget about him (and Jason Priestley, Joey Lawrence, and Kennedy! Yes, Kennedy) and all the others as we grew up and Simon faded from the once-dazzling MTV spotlight. But today, thanks to his starring role in A24’s Red Rocket, and his surprising addition to the Best Actor Oscar race (alongside Denzel Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Benedict Cumberbatch, just to emphasize the “surprising” part), the 47-year-old actor has clawed his way from the dusty subconscious corners of our brain to the amygdala, where dopamine runs dangerously hot.


Chris Noth and Ryan Reynolds Won the Internet with Their New Peloton Ad
Peloton didn’t know the context in which their bike was being used in the show [And Just Like That …]. “HBO procured the Peloton Bike on their own,” the company’s Senior Communications Lead Denise Kelly told Buzzfeed. “Peloton was aware that a Bike would be used in the episode and that Jess King would be portraying a fictional Peloton instructor.”
She added, “Due to confidentiality reasons, HBO did not disclose the larger context surrounding the scene to Peloton in advance.” Somehow, this might even be worse than the brand’s 2019 holiday ad.


Which Sex And The City Outfit Lives In Your Head Rent-Free?
And just like that, ELLE got eight superfans to sound off on the looks they’ll never—ever—forget.

There’s so much about the HBO classic Sex and the City that’s impossible to forget—the Post-it note breakup, Carrie’s cheeseburger and Cosmopolitan combo order, the notion that anyone could live a designer lifestyle in New York City off a columnist’s salary. But perhaps the most memorable moment started at the very beginning, when Sarah Jessica Parker first filmed the opening credits in her now-famous tutu skirt and solidified one of the show’s core tenants: On Sex and the City, the costumes are a character. Now, more than 20 years after the comedy-drama first aired, the show’s looks, famously styled by Patricia Field, have taken on a life of their own. They’ve inspired multiple viral Instagram accounts and continue to delight and puzzle fans, while influencing the fashion we see both on our screens and off. So in honor of the upcoming reboot, And Just Like That, premiering Dec. 9, ELLE.com polled a few SATC superfans to reflect on the series’ outfits that—for better or worse—will always live in our heads, rent-free.


Ariana DeBose: West Side Story’s Anita Helped Me Embrace My Latinx Identity
Ariana DeBose creates characters that touch the heart and linger in the mind. Every new screen or stage role, whether it’s starring in Netflix’s The Prom or being in the Hamilton ensemble on Broadway, is a visceral challenge and a chance for her to grow. Her latest turn as Anita in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story looks to define her career as it did for Rita Moreno, who originated the part in the 1961 original film and became the first Latinx woman to ever win an Oscar. For DeBose, playing Anita is more than a vehicle for a brilliant performance; it’s a full circle moment. The film helped DeBose connect with her Latinidad as a child in Raleigh, North Carolina and sparked an interest in pursuing dance professionally. Now, she’s turning the mirror back on the next generation of Afro-Latinx moviegoers, who will see a more accurate representation of Latinx people who are diverse in culture and complexion, and crystalize the kinship therein.


Living In Fear: Life Inside A Notorious Sex Cult
In an excerpt from her book Sex Cult Nun, Faith Jones recalls her tumultuous childhood spent in the fundamentalist group Children of God.

In 1968, the Children of God, later known as The Family, was founded by David Berg in California. Now known for allegations of child abuse and exploitation by former members, the cult spanned the world. Faith Jones, Berg’s granddaughter, was raised in the cult and relocated to a commune farm in Macau with family members after the group’s actions caught the attention of law enforcement. Journalist Lynne Watson closely followed the group throughout the ‘80s. After leaving the cult as a young woman, Jones attended Georgetown University and is now an attorney. Sex Cult Nun: Breaking Away from the Children of God, a Wild, Radical Religious Cult explores the spiritual manipulation and abuse that she was taught to accept as normal during her childhood. Read an exclusive excerpt below.
Diane von Furstenberg’s Best Quotes About Life, Love, and Fashion
The designer’s wisdom goes way beyond the runway.

Diane von Furstenberg is one of the most inspiring fashion designers in the industry. But it wasn’t an easy road to becoming the ultimate fashionista and feminist. As the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, she was taught that fear is never an option and put in serious work to build her style empire from scratch. The Belgian-born designer began crafting clothes in 1970, and hasn’t looked back since.


CL on the Global Evolution of K-Pop Style
The superstar talks about her role in shaping the genre’s definitive look.

Global pop star Chaelin Lee, or CL (as she’s known to her fans), has mastered the power of fashion since she debuted in the former K-pop girl group 2NE1 in 2009.
Back then, while under the tutelage of the major Korean music label YG Entertainment, CL and the other girls (Dara, Bom, and Minzy) were dressed by fashion students Daniel Lee and Yang Seung-ho, who now goes by the name XIN. While most Korean girl groups adhered to a certain hyper-feminine, angelic uniform, Lee and Yang took a completely different approach. The group was heavily influenced by hip-hop and relied on baggy pants, cartoonish chains, blacked-out sunglasses, and sneakers—an aesthetic that was considered particularly radical at the time. As they continued to push the boundaries of dress, 2NE1 eventually caught the eyes of brands like Chrome Hearts, Rick Owens, Moschino, and Jeremy Scott.


The Many Lives of Kathleen Turner
Kathleen Turner’s voice has always commanded attention. Pick any random review of Body Heat or Romancing the Stone, and you’ll likely see it described as smoky, sexy, sensuous, tobacco-cured, or scotch-laden. The effect of Turner’s voice in person, seated in a corner booth at The Odeon in Tribeca, is nothing short of intoxicating: It has a lower, huskier quality now than it did in those old films. “I was never meant to be an ingenue,” the 67-year-old says with a laugh. “I’m lucky I escaped Body Heat being typecast as just a sex symbol. Everyone kept saying ‘Sure, she’s sexy, but can she be funny?’ I mean, fuck me—it’s called acting!”


21 of Our Best Christmas Soup Recipes
For some, soup is a tradition. For others, it’s a cozy way to enjoy the holiday. Whether you need an appetizer, a second course, or a next-level main dish, we rounded up our favorite soups to accent the holiday meal. Ladle up some Christmas tradition with Zuppa Sante or go luxe with Truffle-Infused French Onion Soup. Need something meatless? Try this robust Miso-Roasted Vegetable Soup. Whether you’re a traditionalist, or you’re ready to begin a new Christmas soup tradition, our guide has you covered.


Naff ’80s Christmas Decorations Are Now The Height Of Chic
Minimalists, look away now. The era of the plain white fairy light is over, swept aside by a wave of embellished rainbow baubles, coloured lights and even (whisper it) tinsel. Yes, the runways may be increasingly preoccupied with all things Y2K, but at home – at least when it comes to the Christmas decorations – it’s all getting very ’80s.


Impossible Foods Opened a Delivery-Only, Plant-Based Burger Chain
The new ghost kitchens are operating out of Dog Haus restaurants across eight states.

Plant-based meat giant Impossible Foods — best known for their Impossible Burger — has launched its own chain of fast food restaurants… kind of. Using a modern method favored by everyone from Applebee’s to Guy Fieri, Impossible’s new delivery-only restaurant will operate as ghost kitchens, namely, working out of the Dog Haus hot dog chain.


Tom Holland’s First Crush Was Emma Watson in Harry Potter
For his Screen Tests With Lynn Hirschberg interview, the Spider-Man: Homecoming actor discusses feeling more comfortable speaking in an American accent, crushing on Emma Watson wearing “that pink dress” in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and his obsession with playing golf.


Overwhelmed and ‘heartbroken’ Minnesota doctors took out a full-page newspaper ad to beg people to get the COVID-19 vaccine
Overworked doctors reaching their breaking point in Minnesota took out a full-page newspaper ad over the weekend to plead for more people in their state to get vaccinated.
Executives representing nine healthcare systems in the state signed on to an open letter urging all Minnesotans to get vaccinated or receive their COVID-19 booster shots as soon as possible.
“We’re heartbroken. We’re overwhelmed,” read the ad, which was published in the Sunday edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.


Can “Distraction-Free” Devices Change the Way We Write?
The digital age enabled productivity but invited procrastination. Now writers are rebelling against their word processors.

For a long time, I believed that my only hope of becoming a professional writer was to find the perfect tool. A few months into my career as a book critic, I’d already run up against the limits of my productivity, and, like many others before me, I pinned the blame on Microsoft Word. Each time I opened a draft, I seemed to lose my bearings, scrolling from top to bottom and alighting on far-flung sentences at random. I found and replaced, wrote and rewrote; the program made fiddling easy and finishing next to impossible.
I’d fallen into the trap that the philosopher Jacques Derrida identified in an interview from the mid-nineties. “With the computer, everything is rapid and so easy,” he complained. “An interminable revision, an infinite analysis is already on the horizon.” Derrida hadn’t even contended with the sirens of online life, which were driving writer friends to buy disconnected laptops or to quarantine their smartphones in storage bins with timed locks. Zadie Smith touted Freedom, a subscription service that cut off the user’s devices—a chastity belt for procrastinators.


Alex Proba works with schoolgirls in Ghana to create rug collection
Portland-based designer Alex Proba’s Little Proba initiative partnered with the Toni Garrn Foundation to create colourful rugs through workshops in Ghanian schools, and in collaboration with Indian weavers

Alex Proba, the Germany-born, Portland-based designer, has become known for her colourful compositions of abstract shapes, which she has applied to everyday household objects as well as murals and swimming pools. Most recently, they formed the starting point for an impressive installation throughout Miami’s Design District, unveiled during Design Miami 2021.


Looking back at the ’90s has meant reexamining the decade’s toxic diet culture
How Impeachment, Spencer, and Katie Couric are rethinking the diet culture of the ’90s.

In 2021, America’s long-building fascination with revisiting the lives of scorned women of the 1990s and 2000s went thoroughly mainstream. Together, the media class and inhabitants of Twitter watched viral documentaries about Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, and Brittany Murphy; we unearthed old Us Weekly upskirt photospreads and stared queasily at the results. Our culture is absorbed right now in the women whose lives obsessed us 20 years ago, and with how that obsession ruined their lives.


Is a new kind of religion forming on the internet?
Algorithms are surfacing content that combines Christian ideas like prosperity gospel with New Age and non-Western spirituality — along with some conspiracy theories.

I asked Joseph Russo, a professor of anthropology at Wesleyan University, if this loosely related web of beliefs could ever come together to form into its own kind of religion. “I think it already has,” he says.
Call it the religion of “just asking questions.” Or the religion of “doing your own research.” It’s still in its infancy, and has evolved in an attempt to correct a societal wrong: that the world is a pretty fucked up place and it doesn’t seem like the current system of dealing with it is really working, so maybe something else is going on, something just out of reason’s reach. The religion of the internet has also already culminated in real-world violence, the most obvious examples being the QAnon-related coup on January 6 and the conspiracy theories surrounding lifesaving vaccines. Yet its more innocuous effects have been likewise transformative.


All the most touching Royal Family Christmas cards over the years
The unveiling of the official Royal Family Christmas cards is an annual highlight for royal fans – and it’s a tradition that dates back many generations. Long before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge became known for their sweet family snaps, the Queen’s grandparents, Prince Albert Edward (later King George V) and Mary of Teck, sent out an adorable photo of their young son, Bertie (the future King George VI). Years later, the Queen took up the tradition herself, dispatching cards featuring images of her growing family once she was on the throne.


The Orient Express Will Return to Italy After 46 Years — With 6 Luxurious New Routes
The Agatha Christie-approved train will start welcoming passengers in 2023.

In 2023, the new Orient Express La Dolce Vita will welcome passengers on six trains offering six itineraries that explore Italy from north to south, along with international routes visiting Paris, Istanbul, and Split, Croatia. Guests can spend anywhere from one to three nights aboard the new trains, with plenty of time at each stop to enjoy the destination. No matter which of the six routes guests choose, a stopover in Rome will be at the heart of every journey, allowing travelers to experience a stay at Minerva, the first Orient Express hotel, which is scheduled to open in 2024.


The Distinctive Pasta Shapes of Sardinia
Buon appetito!

Culinarily speaking, Sardinia is probably best known stateside for its Moorish-inflected seafood dishes and volcanic wines. But this Mediterranean island also has several unique pasta styles — many of which are still relatively obscure beyond its shores.
That’s why specialty-food company Bona Furtuna, which focuses on indigenous varieties and heritage foodways, has partnered with Sardinian producer Pastificio Pais for a limited-edition set of three labor-intensive shapes. Each is handmade from Karalis, a natural hybrid Sardinian wheat, and is best enjoyed with plenty of Pecorino Sardo.





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