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Posted on December 13, 2021

Estiatorio Keia Bar and Restaurant – Hong Kong, China


A soothing yet visually pleasing space that looks like it comes with impeccable service – THAT’S what we’re looking for in today’s LOunge. Not just because it’s Monday, but because we pulled off a holiday cookie exchange party yesterday and we are completely tapped out (but in possession of dozens and dozens of amazing cookies, which does tend to comfort one). The house is spotless and fully decorated, there’s a little pile of host gifts to sort through (possibly our favorite of any kind of gift to receive) and the good glassware and silverware is waiting in a carefully composed pile to be handwashed because we were too exhausted to do it last night. We just want someone to pour us drinks and suggest desserts to us all day. Alas, we are met with a surprising cornucopia of content as we head into the third week of December, typically a time when the content fields start drying up as the year winds down (hence the endless succession of year-end lists at this time). Which means we must dash off to go harangue celebrities for the remainder of the day. The cookies will have to wait.

If we ever write our life story, we will call it The Cookies Will Have to Wait: The Tom & Lorenzo Story.


Prince Charles and Camilla’s Christmas Card Pays Tribute to this Unusual Year
The royals are masked up and ready to celebrate the holidays.

The British royals are nothing if not sticklers for tradition, and every December they make a point to send out holiday cards to friends, family, world leaders, and members of the royal household. Queen Elizabeth alone reportedly mails out 750 festive notes each year. Fortunately, for those of us not on the mailing list, they often share the images from these letters on social media as well.
Over the years, Prince Charles and Camilla have started to send out their own Christmastime greetings, and today Clarence House revealed the image of their 2021 card, a candid photo of the couple taken by Samir Hussein at Royal Ascot this summer. The picture appears to pay tribute to this unusual year, as both Charles and Camilla are masked.


Pat McGrath Labs’s Bridgerton Collection Is The Most Divine Collab Of The Season
The holiday social season is upon us, so it’s fitting that Pat McGrath Labs is using this time to reveal its latest and most regal collab with the beloved Shonda Rhimes Netflix series Bridgerton. Mother Pat herself shared the news virtually to a group of reporters, and, after introducing the stunning products (which we’ll spill the full tea on in a sec), unveiled her muse for the collection: Ava Phillippe.
So how exactly does the mother of makeup court a new muse? By sliding into their DMs, of course. “We came together in the DMs of Instagram,” McGrath said. She reached out to Phillippe, who, after coming down from her excitement that the Pat McGrath reached out directly, and without even knowing any details on the Bridgerton collection, readily accepted the invitation.


Behold, Gabrielle Union’s Favorite Holiday Cocktail
It’s simple, festive, and pomegranate red.

December is a rare moment of downtime for Gabrielle Union. The actress, author, and entrepreneur spends the month with her husband Dwyane Wade and children, hosting family and friends at home in California before taking off for their annual Christmas trip to Hawaii.
Wade and Union always have a signature cocktail at their parties, and this year’s is the CÎROC Pomegranate Jewel. “It’s the perfect combo of sweet and fizzy and pairs nicely with the rich chocolate toffee bread pudding. Usually when you think of jewels you think of them as rare, beautiful, shiny, expensive, exquisite — and that’s definitely the essence of this drink.”


How Paul Tazewell Created a More Culturally Conscious Wardrobe for West Side Story
The Tony winner details his creative direction for the new reimagining of the beloved musical.

“I was very familiar with West Side Story going way, way, way back to when I was a kid. It’s been a part of my relationship to musical theater and musical films as well. My research was all about looking at images and photography, and specifically the photographs of Bruce Davidson—mostly black-and-white photographs of New York gangs that he embedded himself with in the 1950s. I had an opportunity to see what the clothes were, and really study what those pieces were and what was their fit, and what were they drawn to stylistically. I also looked at period catalogues, like Sears or Spiegel’s or Montgomery Ward.”


Chrissy Teigen Is Being Mom-Shamed for Taking a Bath with Her Kids
Critics are branding the move as inappropriate.

Chrissy Teigen is being criticized on the internet once again — this time, for taking a bath with her kids.
On Thursday, the model shared a picture of herself and her two children — Luna, 5, and Miles, 3 — sitting in the bathtub together. Teigen posed in the middle with only bubbles covering her bare chest, while Miles was positioned to her right, and Luna on her left. “Not pictured: endless bickering,” she captioned the sweet family photo.


Today, on Human Rights Day, the U.S. Must Abolish Child Marriage
In all but six states, American adults can marry people aged 17 and younger.

More than 70 years ago, December 10 was established as Human Rights Day by the UN General Assembly to commemorate the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This milestone document paved the way for the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), both of which seek to protect children from sexual exploitation and other forms of abuse, including child marriage. These international frameworks provide critical tools to protect children at a time in history when they are desperate for help.


The Prettiest Champagne Bottles to Get and Gift This Holiday Season
Rumor has it that there might be a Champagne shortage this year, so now is the time to stock up for that holiday party, or for personal consumption. Because after a rough couple of years struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is slowly starting to celebrate again. While bubbly wine is produced all over the world––in varying styles and colors––it’s France’s Champagne region that represents the beverage’s motherland, and nobody makes it better than the French.


On the Unexpected Joys of Being a Third Wheel
At the end of last summer, I went on a romantic three-week vacation to Sicily. Mornings were spent swimming in the sparkling waters of the island’s endless beaches, while afternoons involved walking through ancient temples or driving dune buggies across Mount Etna. In the evening, we’d eat fresh lobster in a tiny fishing village as a colorful religious procession passed by, or cook pasta at our cozy villa overlooking the Ionian Sea. When my iPhone popped up with the trip as a “memory” a few weeks back, I scrolled through the photos of two lovers holding hands in a variety of idyllic Italian locations and grew a little misty-eyed. The only catch? Neither of those lovers were, in fact, me. Instead I was on holiday with one of my best friends and his girlfriend—and having the time of my (very much single) life.


How ‘West Side Story’ Tried to Contain Its Ansel Elgort Problem
At first, it seemed like something similar would happen with Elgort and “West Side Story,” especially considering that, aside from Rita Moreno, he is the most famous face in the cast — thanks to his breakout roles in “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Baby Driver.” Disney’s decision to push the December 2020 release a year due to COVID-19 bought the movie some time, at least, but it didn’t change the fact that the leading man of one of cinema’s most beloved and iconic love stories had been accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl.


‘I don’t know why anybody would want to be so famous that they can’t walk down the street’
Naomie Harris speaks to Yomi Adegoke about finding strength in the face of adversity, hitting her professional stride at 40, and using her platform as a force for change

It makes sense that Harris, who has played the role of MI6 operative Eve Moneypenny in Bond since first filming Skyfall in 2011, comes alive on the red carpet. She’s known for as long as she can remember that she was destined for Hollywood (although she briefly flirted with the idea of entering politics when she studied social and political science at Cambridge university: ‘That lasted about two seconds when I realised that politics was way too political!’). As a student, Harris recalls performing for anybody that would visit. ‘I’d also make myself cry for hours in front of the bathroom mirror,’ she says. ‘I was a very strange child and I’m glad that my mum was like, “OK, she’s not weird, she’s just an actress”.’


The sweet detail you missed in the Cambridges’ Christmas card
Kate Middleton and Prince William have released a family photo for Christmas 2021, and it’s a good one.
Taken earlier in the year during a trip to Jordan, it features the royal couple, surrounded by their children Princes George and Louise and Princess Charlotte, sitting in the desert and smiling at the camera.
Naturally, it went viral within minutes, with royal fans particularly loving the likeness between Princess Charlotte and her grandmother Queen Elizabeth as a child.


Scarlett Johansson’s Style File: Every One Of The Superhero Actor’s Best Red Carpet Looks
The 37 year-old is a red carpet veteran, here are her best looks.

A modern day screen siren, Scarlett’s enviable curves and confident smoulder make her a designer’s dream.
The Dolce & Gabbana muse favours vampy, floor-sweeping gowns with plunging necklines, and ultra-feminine, mid-length dresses with nipped-in waists and modern prints. Her signature accessory? That famous pout, of course.


The Most Provocative Movie Trend This Year Has Deep Roots in Hollywood History
In 1980, a young Richard Gere did something never before shown in mainstream American cinema by any well-known Hollywood actor: he appeared on screen, fully nude, in multiple scenes of Paul Schrader’s American Gigolo. In the film, Gere plays an escort involved with the wife of a politician; when it was first released, critics and audiences praised American Gigolo for its stylish neo-noir take on a seedy, hypersexual Los Angeles. Schrader’s treatment on male loneliness is another element of the film (and in many of his following features) that was commended by critics. Oddly enough, though, Roger Ebert’s review doesn’t mention Gere’s full-frontal nudity once. Neither did The New York Times, nor Rolling Stone.


Anne Rice, Who Spun Gothic Tales of Vampires, Dies at 80
She wrote more than 30 novels, including the best seller “Interview With the Vampire,” which became a hit movie starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.

Anne Rice, the Gothic novelist best known for “Interview With the Vampire,” the 1976 book that in 1994 became a popular film starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, died on Saturday at a hospital in Rancho Mirage, Calif. She was 80.
Her son, Christopher Rice, wrote on social media that the cause was complications from a stroke.
Ms. Rice was a largely unknown writer when she turned a short story she had written in the late 1960s into “Interview With the Vampire,” her first published novel. It features a solitary vampire named Louis who is telling his life story to a reporter, but Ms. Rice said the tale was her story as well.


My year of smells
The power of perfume in a plague year.

It was October 2020. The days were getting shorter; the news was getting worse. I was looking for a small distraction, something to look forward to in the coming pandemic winter. After a brief consideration of the limited available options, I decided to get into perfume.
After a little online research, I signed up for the subscription box Olfactif because, beyond forking over my credit card information, it did not require me to make any decisions. For the relatively affordable price of $19 a month, the company would pick out three sample-size perfumes on a vaguely seasonal theme and send them to my door. It was a way to guarantee myself something that had been in short supply that year: a nice surprise.


Why Cabaret – starring Jessie Buckley and Eddie Redmayne – is the must-see show of the season
Enter a world of debauchery and glamour as the Playhouse Theatre is transformed into the Kit Kat Club of 1930s Berlin

Bringing everything together is the Emcee, played by Eddie Redmayne, who is omnipresent on or near the stage. He sets the tone for proceedings from the off, appearing under the spotlight wearing a tilted party hat, his features contorted into a grotesque smile. As he introduces his troupe of dancers his body contorts like a body-popper, both balletic and frightening, with an accent so thickly German it borders on the absurd. He thoroughly steals the show, with two scenes in particular standing out: one in which he serenades an ape with a love song, and another in which he stands between doomed lovers Fräulein Schneider and Herr Schultz, before stamping on a bag that explodes with confetti, a powerfully symbolic depiction of Kristallnacht.


Do You Know Where Your Sweater Came From?
Loro Piana makes some of the world’s most luxurious cashmere. Now you can trace every step of its journey from Mongolia to Madison Avenue.

It may seem like a simple thing: How can a brand not know exactly where and how its products are made? Yet the fashion supply chain is so complicated, its many moving parts spread out over so many countries and processes, that for most of us the origin stories of our clothes are almost entirely opaque.
Consider the fact that the average merino wool sweater will travel 18,000 miles over the course of its production before it reaches a store shelf, according to Bamford, the British farm-to-table luxury brand.
Tracing that journey is easier, of course, if a brand is small enough to do everything itself or if a new brand is built with transparency in mind. But few founders were thinking that way even a decade ago, and almost no brand owns every step of the process of creation, from farm to finished product.






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