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Posted on November 23, 2021

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Today’s LOunge is woodsy and cozy, yet grandiose and fabulous. You should take a seat immediately and do nothing. We wish we could join you but we both woke up today and were struck by two things: 1)We’re having real guests for a real dinner for the first time in several years on Thursday, and 2) This place is an absolute mess. Special bonus realization: 3) We’re having lasagne on Thursday and remembered last night that some time during lockdown, our good lasagne pan broke when it was left on a still-hot burner. So on top of a shit-ton of housework to do (which will include weaning our temporarily radioactive cat off her special radioactive poop-collecting litter box and back to her normal one without any drama), we’ve got to run out and find a decent lasagna pan in the middle of supply chain meltdown, two days before a major eating holiday, which is considered by most experts (i.e., us) to be the absolute worst time to go shopping for cookware. We’re good! We’re fine! We can handle this! Can’t talk now!


The Literal House From House of Gucci Is Now on Airbnb
In House of Gucci, family patriarch Aldo Gucci resides in a grand 16th century palazzo complete with lush gardens, baroque-era frescos, and ornate gilded interiors. It is, remarkably, not a movie set: in fact, some viewers may recognize its real-life identity almost instantly: Villa Balbiano is one of the most iconic homes on Lake Como. And now, it’s available on Airbnb.


Is The Power of the Dog’s Kodi Smit-McPhee on the Verge of an Oscar Breakout?
It’s not so much his height but the way he carries it, gracefully and a little delicately, as if he’s learned to move carefully through space. And it turns out that Kodi Smit-McPhee—who is probably the most exciting young actor to vie for awards this season—actually has. He’s had to.
He suffers from a condition called Ankylosing spondylitis, an auto­immune disease that irreversibly affects the spine and joints. It means that Smit-McPhee, who is six feet two, slender as a reed, and dressed on the morning I meet him in a soft mohair Song for the Mute jacket, lives with pain, sometimes a lot of it. “It’s something I’ve tried not to talk about,” Smit-McPhee says to me, over cappuccino in Manhattan.


This Stylist Dressed All Your ’90s Faves—From Britney Spears to the Backstreet Boys
What do the Backstreet Boys, the Spice Girls, and Britney Spears all have in common? Aside from being megawatt ’90s pop stars, they’ve all been dressed by the same stylist: David Thomas. In a new coffee-table book released today, titled Vanity Project: A Tale of Fashion and Celebrity Styled by Dave Thomas, we get a closer look at all of Thomas’s glamorous styling work (which has appeared on many stages and in many iconic music videos).


Well Intentioned: Yvonne Orji Is Advocating for Black Women’s Health—And Making Space for Her Own Growth Along the Way
“We are all in this together and no one should go through a diagnosis alone,” says Orji. “I like to look at it as a sisterhood—which is something we created with Uncovering TNBC and is apparent through the original docuseries we developed as part of it…Through open and honest conversations, the series aims to help educate Black women about their higher risk for developing TNBC than women of other racial/ethnic backgrounds and help to equip them to advocate for themselves in a biased system.”
Orji has found that she’s best situated to listen and help other women when she makes herself a priority. Below, the multi-hyphenate walks us through her approach to staying grounded as she helps other Black women put their health first.


How to Help Those in Need This Thanksgiving — and All Year Round
Organizations that provide a warm meal, and the feeling of home, are slammed this time of year. Here’s where to go, or how to help.

For many of us, Thanksgiving is synonymous with family. We go home to our loving (if not stressful and slightly overbearing) relatives, eat substantial amounts of food, and laugh our way through awkward, intrusive conversations. But not everyone can go home for Thanksgiving, and for some being around family at this or any time of the year is toxic, unhealthy, or even a dangerous endeavor. For others, there is no home to go home to. That’s why at this time of year, organizations across the country are preparing to offer homeless youth, survivors of abuse, refugees, and other displaced individuals a place to enjoy a meal, a laugh, and if necessary a safe place to sleep.


Ashley Park Is Bringing Joy to Your TV Screen and Friendsgiving Table
The Emily in Paris star teases season 2 and discusses her holiday plans.

“What’s the most fun is that you really get to see a very genuine and real sort of roommate relationship,” she says. “Emily and Mindy were so close and supportive in a way that when you share a home with someone, they really start to share their hearts with each other. I was so pleasantly surprised that they’ve given Mindy a beautiful, romantic storyline and personal journey, and you really see Emily’s growth and being there for Mindy as well. I was obviously so excited to do more music and just getting to be in those fittings again, getting to pick out those outfits and really understanding who our characters were.”


Bring Back the Computer Room
Today, computers are as essential as livers, and shame surrounding one’s ownership of the former is as incomprehensible as it would be for the latter. But in 2001, my mother’s hesitation made sense. Laptops were uncommon; if a middle-class family owned a PC, it was banished to whichever room of the home was ugliest, where it dominated. Ours loomed creepily in the same windowless dungeon to which my dad’s “entertainment tower” of CD and cassette players had been exiled. Beneath it spread a forbidding understory of cords and power strips that were forever tangling in the wheels of our desk chair as it scooched along, drawing out some of my father’s most inspired cusses.


How to Make Lasagna from Scratch
Homemade pasta is your ticket to the ultimate showstopper lasagna.

There’s a lot of love that goes into making homemade lasagna—especially this 24-layered masterpiece from Danielle Glantz, chef and owner of Pastaio Via Corta, a pasta and provisions shop in Gloucester, Massachusetts. There, Glantz makes pasta by the pound, from nests of spaghetti alla chitarra to the sprawling sheets of sfoglia that give this lasagna its structure. While at first glance her lasagna seems like standard fare, there are delicious surprises hiding beneath its cheesy, golden brown surface.


Kacey Musgraves is on Fire
With her most personal album yet, Musgraves flame is burning brighter than ever

Country music has never seen something quite like Kacey Musgraves. Having put out five studio albums, the 33-year-old has revolutionized the genre by continually pushing its sound and look in new directions. With her most recent album, star-crossed, Musgraves furthered her spot as a forerunner in her unique country-meets-singer-songwriter-meets-pop sound, all culminating as the soundtrack to her equally playful, heart wrenching, and relatable lyrics about love and life. As time goes on, Musgraves’ star seems to only shine brighter, with an international fan base that includes both country music die-hards and listeners who likely thought they’d never listen to country music a day in their lives. While in Paris, V Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Stephen Gan called Musgraves in New York the morning after she performed on Saturday Night Live—in the nude, no less.


The Great British Baking Show: Holidays Returns for a Fourth Installment — See the Trailer!
The special holiday-themed season, which features past contestants, hits Netflix on December 3.

Hitting Netflix on Dec. 3, the holiday edition of The Great British Baking Show finds bakers from past seasons returning to the tent to deck the halls with wondrous winter treats for judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith.
Like previous installments, two episodes make up the special, “The Great Christmas Baking Show” and “The Great New Year’s Baking Show.” Each part features four returning competitors.
This year, those back for the Christmas episode are 2019 bakers Jamie Finn and Rosie Brandreth-Poynter, as well as 2018 runner-up Ruby Bhogal and 2017’s James Hillery.


Office holiday parties are back and smaller than ever
Festive annual company celebrations survived the pandemic. Yay?

People either love or hate office holiday parties. Pretty much everyone hates virtual office holiday parties. As we enter the second pandemic holiday season, both types of events — meant to celebrate employees and humanize bosses — are back. But they are probably different from what you remember.


These Scented Candles Smell Like Cocktails from Three of the World’s Best Bars
Apotheke has released a line of candles inspired by the signature drinks at Attaboy, Maybe Sammy’s, and The Nomad Bar.

If someone said your home smells like a bar, you probably wouldn’t take it as a compliment. To wit, earlier this year, Miller Lite released “Dive Bar” candles (with notes of tobacco and fermented yeast) as clearly a bit of a joke. But what if your home smelled like a good bar? Or better yet, one of the best bars? In an attempt to undermine any irony with a legitimately classy concept, the home fragrance brand Apotheke has partnered with three members of the World’s 50 Best Bars list (though not the list itself) to release candles scented like their signature drinks.


A Brief History of an Ancient Mosaic
House of Orpheus’s story is one of surprising discovery and modern conservation

In 1984, archaeologists made a startling discovery on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Among the ruins of an ancient Roman home, they excavated a surprisingly intact mosaic. Buried under mere centimeters of earth for over one millennium, its thousands of tiny, colorful tiles, called tesserae, were largely undamaged and revealed a magnificent scene.
The mosaic features one of the most popular Greco-Roman myths—the young, charming half-god Orpheus serenading a gathering of wild animals with the divine music of his lyre. Some of the creatures are raising their paws or wings in reverence, entranced by the concert. Because this mosaic was such a rare and artistically important find, the home where it was found was named the House of Orpheus.
Who created this mosaic? How was it made? Why was it abandoned? And how is it being protected? The discovery is just one chapter in this mosaic’s long history, one that involves wealthy Romans, the art of mythology, and the conservators who help keep it safe. Let’s piece its story together.


A Thanksgiving History Lesson, in a Handful of Corn
The cornmeal that has become a staple of the holiday table reflects millenniums of work by Native Americans — a legacy that Indigenous people are trying to keep alive.

If you know how to read the corn, it can tell you about the civilization those people built. It can tell you why, when the wheat crop planted with grain brought from Europe failed, Wampanoag corn kept the Pilgrims from starving, and why it wove itself so deeply into the diets of the European settlers and their descendants.
Unlike deer or cranberries, maize wasn’t just there for the taking. Its long history of cultivation goes back at least 9,000 years, according to archaeologists. Through selective breeding, Indigenous people living in the Balsas River Valley, south of Mexico City, turned teosinte, a wild grass with little value as food, into a crop bearing ears of large, closely packed kernels that were dense with protein and other nutrients.


There Are Now Black Santas at Walt Disney World and Disneyland for the First Time in History
Black cast members had never portrayed the character in the parks’ 66-year history — until now.

Disney Santas are showing that representation matters. For the first time in history, guests at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World will see Santa Claus portrayed by Black cast members.
Without making any announcements, both parks started integrating Black Santas into their character lineups for the holiday season — and parkgoers have been sharing their reactions on social media.


6-year-old Reunited With Teddy Bear After Losing Him in Glacier National Park Nearly 1 Year Ago
The bear was found and kept safely thanks to a sentimental park ranger.

Naomi has had Teddy since 2016 — the year she was adopted from an Ethiopian orphanage. Teddy was the first gift her parents sent her and over the years, he has accompanied her on family trips to places like Rwanda, Croatia, and Greece, according to the social media post.
When the family visited Montana last year, Teddy also came along. While her father went on a hike, Naomi spent time with a family friend, Terri Hayden, in Glacier National Park. They were almost back to Hayden’s home (about 40 miles south of the park) when they realized they didn’t have Teddy.






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