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Posted on November 19, 2021

Idol Bar and Restaurant – Fira, Santorini, Greece


Darlings! You made it! We saved the perfect seat for you.

So, are the kittens planning Thanksgiving this year? What’s on the menu or why are you ditching the whole thing? We, for our parts, will be back on our bullshit, hosting a small dinner on the day of and then contributing about a third of the meal for the big (outdoor mostly) extended family gathering next weekend. We’ll be doing cheesecake, cupcakes, spice cookies, carrot cake, an apple pie, brown sugar ice cream, a 20 lb turkey, gravy, cornbread dressing, and a butternut squash lasagna over the next eight days. And when we say “we’ll” be doing it, we of course mean that Tom will be doing it. Lorenzo gets to do all the polishing, heavy lifting, and providing critiques on Tom’s kitchen methods and neatness.

So are you feeling it this year? Or are you staying in your pajamas and eating frozen pizzas that day? All is good!


The Story Behind Christian Dior’s Iconic ‘Miss Dior’ Dress
You’re likely familiar with the Miss Dior perfume, Christian Dior’s signature fragrance, but the woman it’s based on is far less known. In Miss Dior: A Story of Courage and Couture (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), author Justine Picardie puts the spotlight on Catherine Dior, the designer’s youngest sister, who served as inspiration for much of his work. A persevering woman and member of the French Resistance, Catherine’s penchant for flowers earned her the nickname “Miss Dior,” which became the scent, and ultimately, the iconic dress “With a Thousand Flowers.” Read an exclusive excerpt below about how the artfully embroidered house staple came to be.


A New Docuseries Explores the Rise and Fall of Von Dutch
In the opening scene of The Curse of Von Dutch: A Brand to Die For—a new three-part Hulu docuseries premiering today—Paris Hilton examines a Von Dutch trucker hat. She wore the accessory many times during the early 2000s, skyrocketing the label to worldwide popularity. As she holds it today, Hilton looks at it with a tinge of disgust. Asked if she’d ever wear it again, she scoffs, “Probably as a joke.”
The series, directed by Andrew Renzi, takes a deep-dive look into the meteoric rise and fall of the cult 2000s brand. It went from being a hot celebrity item to being called “Von Douche”—a self-explanatory moniker. But it turns out, its downfall had a lot more behind it than just the ebb and flow of trends. The show aims to offer a raw look into all of the drama that happened behind the scenes with the label, a story filled with betrayal, attempted murder, sabotage, and backstabbing. If you thought the brand’s rhinestone jeans and logo T-shirts were over the top, just wait until you meet its main players. In honor of the release, we rounded up five key takeaways from the explosive series, below.


Frida Kahlo Breaks Diego Rivera’s Record
Frida Kahlo has set a new record. The Mexican icon’s oil painting, “Diego y yo,” just sold for $34.9 million at a Sotheby’s auction on November 16 — a massive sale that marked the most money spent on a piece of art by any Latin American artist.
The painting, which translates to “Diego and I” in English, is a self-portrait of Kahlo with tears falling from her eyes. On her forehead is a portrait of her husband, Diego Rivera, who was also an artist. The work was created in 1949, the same year that Kahlo’s husband allegedly had an affair with her friend, actress Maria Felix.


There’s An Abortion Provider Shortage Across The U.S. Here’s How We Address It.
Nearly 90 percent of U.S. counties currently have no abortion provider. Even in states with fewer abortion restrictions, those living in rural areas rarely have a provider in their community. According to the Guttmacher Institute, which compiles data from every known abortion provider in the U.S. including clinics, hospitals, and doctors’ offices, the number of facilities in the U.S. peaked at 2,900 in 1981; in 2017, the most recent year for which statistics are available, there were 1,587.


Blake Lively Shares Why She Started Her Non-Alcoholic Mixer Line, Betty Buzz
“Interestingly, I found that sometimes not drinking, it was a little alienating.”

Lively knows it may seem a little strange that she created a line of mixers when she herself doesn’t actually drink alcohol, but it kind of makes perfect sense. Ironically, she says she’s always the bartender at any party she and Reynolds host, and finessing cocktail (or in her case, mocktail) recipes down to the type of ice and positioning of the garnish is one of her favorite calming activities. “I don’t know how to relax, so my version of relaxing is making more stuff — I like to think I’m a New Yorker at heart but I’m really just secretly still a Burbank cheerleader,” she jokes on the Zoom call.


A New Cookbook from A24 Offers Up Frightfully Delicious Fare
If you’ve run out of scary-movie posters to gift the horror fans in your life or exhausted your supply of go-to cookbooks to foist on foodie loved ones, the publishing arm of cool-kid entertainment company A24 has the perfect solution for you. Horror Caviar—a brand-new book of recipes and essays about the influence of food on horror—is out today, and features writing from the likes of Carmen Maria Machado, Laila Gohar, Phyllis Ma, Yasmina Price, and more.
Filled with dishes and drinks inspired by films like Rosemary’s Baby, The Shining, The Witch, and Midsommar, the book is sure to delight fans of food and fright alike. Sure, you could cook from it (there’s a “Soy Mushroom Aspic” that nods to 1963’s Matango, for instance, and a “Clay-Baked Rabbit” tied to 1989’s Pet Sematary), but wouldn’t you rather leave it on your coffee table so that everyone can see how erudite you are?


Insecure‘s Kendrick Sampson On Issa And Nathan, Abolition, And Reimagining Safety In Hollywood
“If we start by asking ourselves who are the most marginalized and what do they need, we’ll be in a much better place.”

At BLD PWR we are asking: What keeps Black people safe? What keeps trans people safe? What keeps Indigenous folks safe? What keeps undocumented people safe? Those who are differently-abled, what keeps them safe? It’s about safety from the toxic culture that was birthed in Hollywood and has been perpetuated in a lot of ways. If we start by asking ourselves who are the most marginalized and what do they need, we’ll be in a much better place.


The Queen buys her staff the same £5 Christmas present every year – and it’s from Tesco
According to The Sun, she still follows a tradition set by her grandfather, George V. And this year, all 1,500 staff members are getting a £5 gift from none other than Tesco. Any ideas what Her Majesty may be gifting? Baubles? Mistletoe? Reindeer ears? Not quite. Each year, The Queen gives each member of staff a traditional Christmas pudding.


11 Satisfying Baked Mac and Cheese Recipes
Creamy, cheesy, and piping hot, macaroni and cheese is a nostalgic classic for a reason—and when you need something hearty, these baked mac and cheese recipes should be your go-to. Some of our favorites include Raclette-Gruyère Mac and Cheese with Pickled Shallots, Southern-Style Mac ‘n’ Cheese, and Buttermilk Macaroni and Cheese with Baby Kale. If shells are your favorite, Baked Shells with Gremolata Breadcrumbs is the way to go. No matter which one you choose, you’re only a few steps and a bake away from a cozy, wonderful meal.


Lady Gaga’s Style File: Every Single One Of Lady Gaga’s Best Red Carpet Outfits
The 35 year-old singer, actor and make-up mogul knows how to make a stir on the red carpet.

Extravagant, provocative, slightly bonkers: Lady Gaga knows no limits.
Lobster head gear, burning cigarette sunglasses and tin can rollers are just every day accessories for this style maverick…


Narumi Nekpenekpen Sculpts From the Heart
The ceramicist known for her otherworldly sculptures shares how emotion informs her work.

Nekpenekpen, 23, is one of the most exciting new faces in the art world. Just one year after graduating from California State University, Long Beach, she’s secured a solo show at the gallery Real Pain, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The exhibition, titled Angels With Dirty Faces, is filled with her cartoon-ish, slightly wonky, anthropomorphic beings sculpted from clay. The sculptures, which Nekpenekpen has painted, written upon, and drawn onto, creating doe-eyed faces in pink, blue, yellow, and slime green, resemble characters the ceramicist Alice Mackler might have enjoyed. But the characters are certainly not of this earth. Some resemble Sanrio icons, two Badtz-Marus locked in embrace, while others are simply multicolored orbs with spikes, covered in handwritten text.


Beauty books to inspire your inner make-up artist
Beautify your bookshelf with these eye-catching titles covering makeup, hair, fragrance and more

Whether hunting for inspiration for your post-lockdown appearance or just searching for some entrancing eye candy, you’ll find what you’re looking for in these beauty books.
From a collection of backstage polaroids to a catalogue of pastel wigs, these tomes offer insight into some of the industry’s most innovative minds both past and present.


Helen Mirren to get actors’ guild Life Achievement Award
The 76-year-old English stage and screen actor has credits spanning over 50 years and has played everything from a gangster’s girlfriend in “The Long Good Friday” to Queen Elizabeth II in “The Queen.” Mirren will be adding this latest honor to a robust collection of awards including an Oscar, a Tony, and multiple SAG, Emmy and BAFTA Awards.
“I am honored to have been chosen to receive the SAG Life Achievement Award,” Mirren said in a statement. “Since I was a young actor starting out, I have always been inspired by and learned from American screen acting, so this award is particularly meaningful for me.”


Banksy fans call out landlord who tore the artist’s mural from a shop wall
The mural from the street artist’s ‘Great British Spraycation’ is apparently heading to auction in the US

Back in August 2021, Banksy celebrated summer with his “Great British Spraycation”, a collection of graffiti artworks that popped up around British seaside towns, their authenticity confirmed in an accompanying short film.
Most of these artworks remain on buildings and seafronts across Norfolk and Suffolk, in testament to the rising popularity of the street artist. One, however, has become the subject of a heated debate, after a landlord ripped out the wall it was painted on, seemingly intending to sell it at auction.


Is therapy the best way to make the world happier?
The case for making mental health a priority in global development.

When people think of ways to help the world’s poor, a few obvious ideas come to mind: giving them cash; preventing diseases like malaria through the distribution of bed nets and pills; treating HIV/AIDS in areas ravaged by those conditions; and other tactics that take aim at economic privation and infectious diseases.
That focus is understandable and necessary — but what if it elides a different way of thinking about easing suffering in the world? What if there was a real opportunity to improve the lives of low-income people by devoting resources toward their mental well-being, too?
A new report raises that intriguing prospect. Written by Michael Plant, Joel McGuire, and Barry Grimes of the Happier Lives Institute, a research center that aims to find evidence-based ways to improve happiness worldwide, the study looks at the role therapy can play in improving lives in the developing world.


Thanksgiving air travel will suck this year
Flying during the holidays is always chaotic, but it might be messier this year.

The airlines have spent 2021 gearing up for the holidays. It is the travel industry’s season finale, an end-of-year opportunity to significantly recover from the pandemic-induced travel slump. Millions of Americans are expected to fly at near pre-pandemic rates this Thanksgiving, and international travel restrictions have been lifted.
But recovery, unfortunately, is not as simple as flipping a switch. It’s a rocky, turbulent phase for an industry scrambling to hire workers to handle the holiday travel surge after a year of reduced flights and limited operations.


9 Wintry Wonderlands for New Cross-Country Skiers
Here’s a sampling of centers that offer a seamless introduction to cross-country skiing, with lessons, meticulously groomed trails and other activities nearby.

Along with other outdoor activities during the pandemic, cross-country skiing experienced a noticeable bump in participants last winter. Newcomers to the sport appreciated the fresh air and exercise, not to mention the relatively low cost when compared to Alpine skiing. And they likely discovered what has long drawn devotees: the carefree pleasure of gliding along a snow-muffled trail, whether in solitude or with a group of like-minded companions, and the understated beauty of a winter landscape.





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