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Posted on November 16, 2021

The Court Bar and Lounge – Soho, London, England


Kittens, we’re feeling SWANKY and we hope you are too, because today’s LOunge is positively loaded with swank. Plant your bumper on a banquette and call it a day. We’ll join you just as soon as we’re done reprimanding all of these celebrites. Ciao for now!


Christina Ricci on Coming Into Her Own Style, Then and Now
The actress writes that she hit her style stride after three decades in Hollywood and a couple mid-nineties misfires — just in time to be thrown off her game anew with her second pregnancy.

To this day, I have so many fashion regrets. I remember going to a premiere after a photo shoot in 1998 — I had intense makeup on and decided to wear a wild cape from Anna Sui. It must have been dark in my apartment, because when I stepped outside, my publicist said, “Oh, no. We shouldn’t have done the crazy makeup and the crazy cape.” At the event, other actresses tried to make me feel better by saying my look was “kind of Bowie-esque,” which was nice. But I was still horrified.


Food Was My Life-Long Passion—Until I Got Pregnant
My life is about eating. As a food writer, I chart my years through an iPhone full of meal pictures and screen-shotted menus. To relax, I turn to sauce-spattered cookbooks, taking a knife blade to the day’s stresses and a pile of garlic cloves. My past and present are defined by what I eat, where, and with whom. But over those nine months, as my body grew a baby for the first time, my relationship with food became fraught.


In Skincare, Is Olive Oil the New Coconut Oil?
EVOO creams and serums are trending, but derms say it’s all about quality.

Though olive oil is right up there with milk and honey as far as ancient skincare ingredients go, it hasn’t always found its way into modern skincare formulas. Why? “Olive oil in skincare is just like olive oil in your food. It’s easy to find cheap ones that don’t really have the purported benefits,” dermatologist Dusan Sajic says. “To get the properly extracted extra-virgin olive oil for skincare takes a lot of science.” Many dermatologists are quick to dismiss olive oil for skin entirely, because not only can the fatty acids be problematic for acne-prone skin, but studies have found that olive oil can actually damage the skin barrier. Yikes. But it’s not all bad news, especially if the products you’re using have extracted only the good stuff from the kitchen staple.


Avril Lavigne’s Pop-Punk Style Has Barely Changed in 20 Years. That’s a Good Thing
In Avril Lavigne’s new music video, “Bite Me,” the Canadian punk-pop singer struts down an alleyway with Travis Barker while wearing a graffiti’d moto jacket, a plaid miniskirt, and patent, over-the-knee boots. The outfit could have easily been from the 2000s, when she ruled the charts with songs like “Sk8er Boi,” “Girlfriend,” and “Nobody’s Home.” The new song is not a comeback, per se; Lavigne released an album, Head Above Water, in 2019 (her first since 2013’s Avril Lavigne). But now she’s back on the scene with the fiery new video, and she’s looking like she never left. Almost two decades after cementing her signature look, the star hasn’t given up on her plaids, studs, and skulls. Her hair is even dip-dyed pink, just as it was when she sang, “Hell yeah, I’m the motherfuckin’ princess!”


Awakening from My American Dream
Author and civil rights litigator Qian Julie Wang reflects on the futility of the American dream as the daughter of undocumented Chinese immigrants.

More than two decades after I first landed at JFK, I earned my citizenship. Yet, border control detained me whenever I reentered. In little rooms with handcuffs on display, officers interrogated me and searched my body. Once, I flew to New York with a British friend. She got in just as easily as the white Americans; my clearance took an hour.
I kept climbing. After years of discrimination and harassment, I finally made partner at the national law firm I had joined—the only person of color to do so that year. The head of the firm misspelled my name—and my name only—on the announcement, never bothering to apologize.


A Guide to the Most Iconic Cafés in Paris
We all have our own highly personal Parisian obsessions. For some, it’s spending seven hours exploring the Louvre, for others it’s strolling along the Seine at daybreak, for still others it’s the address of a secret boite that only gets going in the wee hours.
For me, seven hours in the Louvre does not hold a candle to seven hours at the marche aux puces; the thrum of midnight in Paris is nothing as compared to the delight of sitting in a café—on the terrasse!—in the middle of the afternoon, sipping an espresso, pulling a beret over my Juliet Greco bangs, with an actually book in my lap, no laptops or iPhones in sight! Here, a highly personal compilation of the city’s most iconic cafes—including one that can only be visited in dreams.


The Best Pie in Every State
Plus, just in time for the holidays, get many of the best pies delivered right to your front door.

In some countries, pies are typically savory, rather than sweet; in other countries, they don’t play favorites, and go for both. America’s contribution to ancient tradition has, for much of our modern history, been tightly linked to our collective passion for eating dessert. Some states are merely enthusiastic, some downright fanatical, while others, not content to coast on our global reputation as a nation of pie lovers, are innovators, coming up with ideas so exciting that in six centuries or so, historians might very well still be talking about them. These are the best pies in every state.


Austin Butler Takes Care Of Business In The First Teaser For Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Presley Biopic
Nearly a decade after rumours of an Elvis Presley biopic first began floating around Hollywood, Baz Luhrmann’s movie will finally hit cinemas on 24 June 2022. The Australian director confirmed the release date – and dropped a first clip of Austin Butler in action – on 15 November. While you wait for the full trailer, here’s a recap of what to expect from the drama.


10 Onscreen Heroines Who Understand The Power Of A Red Dress
What makes a red dress so alluring? Whether seen on the runway, red carpet, or in a big-budget blockbuster, it’s an item of clothing that stops you in your tracks – a shade that simultaneously semaphores danger, love, courage and rage. Since Hollywood’s Golden Age, it’s been the onscreen uniform of hopeless romantics, femme fatales and adulterers alike, from the wide-eyed cartoon sex symbol Betty Boop to Gone With the Wind’s Scarlett O’Hara who is forced to wear a feathered red gown by her husband when he hears rumours of her infidelity.
In recent years, however, the colour has been closely associated with power, not shame. Across film and TV, women in red have been presented as forces of nature who are unapologetically ambitious, comfortable in their own skin and, above all, have agency.


Reese’s Is Selling Its Largest Peanut Butter Cup Ever and It’s the Size of a Pie
Why settle for pumpkin when you can slice up 3.4 pounds of chocolate and peanut butter?

Americans tend to disagree over which pie is most fitting for Thanksgiving. My family always had pumpkin pie, but last year, an analysis of Instagram data suggested that cranberry, sweet potato, cherry, pecan, blueberry, strawberry, and apple were all popular options as well.
But this year, Reese’s wants people to forget every pie out there: In fact, they kind of want you to forget about what constitutes a “pie” at all. The confection specialist is releasing a limited number of massive 9-inch diameter peanut butter cups and billing them as the Reese’s Thanksgiving Pie.


Making of ‘Spencer’: Kristen Stewart Tries on Diana’s Crown to Tell a Modern-Day Fairy Tale
Aiming for an anti-biopic, director Pablo Larrain focuses on three days in the life of the late princess as she tries to escape her royal confines. “I wanted to leave no stone unturned,” Stewart says of preparing for her role.

Larraín explained his vision for the film. It would be a fable of sorts, an abstract fairy tale — anything, really, besides a traditional biographical drama like the many other Diana movies, docs and shows that had come before. “In reality, no one knows who Diana really is,” Larraín pitched. “She’s probably the most mysterious person of the 20th century and, at the same time, the most known person of the 20th century. That sort of enigma was fascinating for a movie, and I guess that’s how we started.”
Fashion, inexorably a part of Diana’s image, became its own character in the film. Spencer costumer designer Jacqueline Durran cherry-picked a handful of Diana’s Chanel pieces that were now in the archives of the famed fashion house. “I looked at pictures of Diana from 1988 to ’92 and tried to figure out what her style was over that period,” she says. It helped that Durran — whose numerous credits include 1917, Little Women, Atonement and the upcoming The Batman — had dealt with Chanel numerous times and that Stewart is also a Chanel ambassador. The fashion house remade some of the pieces used in the film, including an evening gown by Karl Lagerfeld, since the originals were too fragile.


In the Studio With Peter Uka, the Artist Painting From Memory
The Nigerian painter Peter Uka remembers his native Benue as a teeming jungle, but now estimates that ninety percent of that original foliage has been laid to waste. “Green used to color Benue, now it is all dusty and brown,” Uka laments. “Green is a very powerful color to use, to be honest, as a surface and as a background. I wanted to reflect on that time and the loss I feel now.” The 46-year-old artist invokes Benue’s former flora with his latest exhibition, “Longing,” currently on view at Mariane Ibrahim Gallery in Chicago.


How Marcella Hazan Became a Legend of Italian Cooking
The cookbook author showed America a world beyond spaghetti and meatballs, even if she never intended to.

For many years, Hazan’s experience in the kitchen was limited to menial chores. During the war, she would prepare gruel from mulberry leaves, water, and polenta flour to fatten up piglets for slaughter. She pursued studies in biology and the natural sciences at the University of Ferrara, with plans to become a teacher. It was only when she met her future husband, a quietly charismatic Italian-born man named Victor Hazan, in the early nineteen-fifties, that her culinary interests deepened. Food stimulated Victor, and he cooked often. Hazan, meanwhile, only knew how to make gruel for pigs.


How Brendan Fraser become a TikTok obsession and sparked ‘the Brenaissance’
Actor Brendan Fraser has become a TikTok obsession, despite the fact that he’s been largely absent from the public eye for a decade.
Videos under the #BrendanFraser hashtag have racked up 166 million views, with creators thirsting over old clips from “George of the Jungle” and praising him for his humble nature and vulnerability in recent interview segments.
Fans have also focused in on Fraser’s sudden disappearance from the early aughts cultural landscape, which Fraser has said came after an incident of nonconsensual touching from someone in the entertainment industry.


Why We Sometimes Use Spit to Clean Paintings
Yes, it’s really a thing—and it’s surprisingly effective

When paintings at Getty need cleaning, conservators have an arsenal of tools they can choose from, including a variety of solvent and water-based cleaning systems. But sometimes, one of the simplest methods is the most effective: saliva cleaning. Yes, you read that right.


The architecture trend dividing London’s elites
Underground lairs have hollowed out London.

One of London’s most unusual and extravagant luxury trends might be its gigantic basements.
Newcastle University professor Roger Burrows and his co-authors collected data on every London basement construction project from 2008 to 2019 and mapped it. They found that more than 7,000 basement additions had been built in an 11-year span. These basements were classified in the research as standard, large, and mega-basements — the latter containing multiple levels and extending beyond the footprint of the house. A combination of historic preservation laws, rapidly ballooning property values, and changing tastes has led to a boom in basement construction for the city’s wealthiest homeowners.


A Dynasty Divided: secrets of the unsung Rothschild women are revealed in a thrilling new book
The family name is synonymous with wealth, power and glamour, but the Rothschild women have remained something of a mystery – until now. Natalie Livingstone uncovers the hidden stories behind one of the world’s most famous families

Rothschild. A name that evokes dazzling wealth, sublime power, marbled hallways, fine wine and high finance. A dynastic thread, strung with grand houses and gilded lifestyles. A bank whose backing has been sought by sovereigns and statesmen, whose decisions could move markets, and whose prominence has endured two centuries of breakneck historical change. The Rothschilds’ opulence and influence has become the stuff of legend, not to mention countless sinister conspiracy theories.


Portugal Just Made It Illegal for Your Boss to Text You After Work Hours
Sounds like paradise

Portugal might be on its way to becoming the premier destination on Earth for work-life balance.
In November, lawmakers in Portugal passed new labor laws meant to protect people from working overtime and during their off hours, including one law that bans managers from texting employees in their personal time.


You Could Bake Your Way to a Role in a Hallmark Holiday Movie
Entering the contest is as easy as baking a batch of cookies.

“Hershey has teamed up with Hallmark Channel for the first time ever to introduce a holiday baking contest, where one lucky fan will win the ultimate prize of a walk-on role as a baker in a Hallmark Channel Original Movie,” reps for the two brands explained in a shared announcement.



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