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Posted on November 15, 2021

Grand Pacific Bar, Restaurant and Lounge – Manchester, England


Darlings, today’s LOunge is just the exact right combination of sophistication and whimsy to suit our moody-ass selves this not-so-fine MONDAY. We are both delighted and a little terrified to announce that we have a ridiculous amount of red carpet content to offer the world today and we mustn’t linger too long here, much as we may want to. The last eight weeks have been our absolute busiest, most dense (in terms of content) period since Fall 2019 – and even then, we’re besting some personal numbers. Wonderful news! Can’t talk! Must dash! Chat amongst yourselves.


Wallpaper Is Back—Here’s How to Do It, and What to Avoid
“The trend for wallpaper is hotter than ever,” top interior designer Martyn Laurence Bullard told me just around the New Year. The subsequent months have indeed proved him right: buzzy patterned-papers came out from the likes of Gucci and Cabana magazine. Come January 2022, Diptyque will join the list. And that’s not to mention the slew of high-profile design projects that have fully embraced over-the-top wall decor: take the floral-adorned ladies’ room at Annabel’s in London, House of Hackney’s palmeral-print guest room for Kate Moss, or the psychedelic marbled walls at New Orleans’ new Hotel Saint Vincent.


Paris Hilton Wears Oscar de la Renta to Marry Carter Reum in Bel Air
On November 11, 2021, the bride walked down the aisle at her grandfather’s former estate wearing a custom Oscar de la Renta gown while Kim Petras sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” “We spent months designing my dress to perfection with the amazing Oscar de la Renta designers, Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim,” Paris says. “I love how it turned out. I wanted something that was timeless, elegant, chic, and iconic, and I am so happy.” Her stylist, Sammy K, helped her select accessories, while the glam team was composed of Eduardo Ponce for hair and Steven Tabimba for makeup. “Our overall inspo was timeless beauty,” Eduardo says. “We wanted Paris to look fresh and chic. The dress is such a masterpiece—we didn’t want to overdo the glam. We kept it clean and simple.”


Slapping a Chateau on the Label Makes a Bottle of Wine Seem Fancier, Study Finds
Superficial factors like corks and heavier bottles also swayed wine drinkers’ tasting preferences and perceptions of overall quality.

I was forced to take one semester of French in middle school, so I’m not an expert in the language, but a “chateau” is kind of just a house. A nice big house out in the country, sure, but a house nonetheless. And yet, a new study found that simply putting a picture of a chateau on the side of a wine bottle was enough for a plurality of consumers to assume it was the most expensive wine in a group.


‘I’m finished with giving my power away’
She’s been at the top of her game for 20 years, but Alicia Keys is just getting started. The singer, producer and entrepreneur speaks to Editor in Chief Andrea Thompson about sexism, setting boundaries and finding her true voice

Today, her style is characteristically pared back – yellow denim jacket, white polo neck, gold-hoop earrings, a touch of lip gloss. Yet the same intensity and passion is there. ‘I feel super-empowered right now,’ says the 15-time Grammy winner, a glint in her eye. ‘As I like to say, “I’m back on my bullshit”.
If the dictionary definition is anything to go by (‘returning to your truest, most vocal self’), the phrase neatly sums up where she is as she ends her 40th year. The release of her new double album next month – her eighth to date – marks a turning point for Keys, and triggered excitement on social media following a teased sample of the new single Best of Me to her 50 million+ followers. Keys features two iterations of every track – a piano version showcasing the classical skills that first made her famous, and a more experimental ‘unlocked’ version, which she admits allowed her to express deeper parts of herself.


“The Best Dress Always Wins”: What It’s Like To Style Jennifer Lopez
The position of Jennifer Lopez’s stylist is no ordinary fashion gig. In fact, it takes two people to do the job. Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, know on Instagram simply as #RandM, have been travelling the world with Lopez since 2010. They are more like family than celebrity dressers. “We have grown with her,” asserts Zangardi, who maintains one never becomes immune to the J Lo glow. “There really is no one like her. No one does what she does. Or how she does it. She pushes everyone around her to be a better version of themselves.”


The Only Thing Standing Between You and the Best Gravy of Your Life Is Your Own Fear of Greatness
Your gravy isn’t going to be as good as your grandmother’s; it’s going to be even better.

I’m all for family traditions, but sometimes a treasured food from childhood accrues so much nostalgia and mystique that it acquires the status of myth, and becomes impossible to recreate in adulthood. For me, that’s what happened with my grandmother’s turkey gravy.


Meet The Sudanese-American Poet Who’s Been Speaking Out For Refugees At Cop26
Emtithal Mahmoud, a Sudanese-American poet and former refugee also known as Emi, delivered a powerful message to world leaders during the United Nations climate conference, as she performed her new poem, “Di Baladna (Our Land)”, on stage. “At 11-years-old, I watched my neighbour’s house crumble before my eyes… Our country was already locked in turmoil and now the earth began to purge us too,” she said. “If you could stop the next tornado from hitting your home, the next hurricane from wiping out your city, the next drought from starving your people, the next lightning strike from ending your life, wouldn’t you?”


Mandatory Paternity Leave Is So Long Overdue, It’s A Joke
I don’t know if you’ve seen a newborn baby recently. In my experience, they tend to be small, watery-eyed, mysterious creatures – all limbs and corners and tiny fluttering chests, with pulsing heads where the bones of their skull haven’t yet joined together. They can survive for hours, at most, without the care and attention of others. They’re unformed. And yet, around the world, there seems to remain a question mark over whether parents really need time off work to look after them. Particularly if that parent is the father.


Britney Spears’s Conservatorship Is Finally Over. What Happens Now?
So what happens now? First, a number of long-restricted freedoms will finally be returned to Spears, including the ability to control her vast personal wealth again. It will also bring an end to the generous payouts made to Spears’s conservators during their time in control of her estate (despite stepping down from the conservatorship earlier this year, Jamie Spears is believed to have made at least $5 million from the arrangement over the past decade), as well as the considerable legal fees that are purported to be part of the reason Spears’s team long forced her to perform against her will.


Adele’s Red Carpet Journey: From Vintage Dresses to Couture Gowns
As Adele preps for the release of her upcoming fourth album, 30, she has been in the public eye a lot more—on the cover of magazines, conducting magazine interviews, and going live on Instagram—but over her decade in the spotlight, Adele has remained a fairly private person. Unlike some artists, she doesn’t post too much on social media or walk every red carpet she can, instead saving her presence for the special moments. Because of that, we have a very pared down look at Adele’s style journey, and it’s easier to see just how much her go-tos have changed from 2009 to now. Previously, you would never see her without her signature bouffant hair in a black, vintage mid-length dress. When she started facilitating relationships with designers, her red carpet style was elevated and she moved on to gowns, still mostly black and long-sleeved, though always stunning. These days, though, while Adele has proven she likes a minimal look, she’s experimenting more, pairing up with Daniel Roseberry of Schiaparelli for two of her most recent wow moments.


Discovering the Oldest Figural Paintings on Earth
While working as an independent archeologist, an Indonesian grad student revised the human story.

Basran Burhan was born in Indonesia, on the centrally located island of Sulawesi. He studied archeology at Hasanuddin University, at first, he told me, mostly because he liked how it involved “a lot of outdoor activities.” After graduating, in 2010, he worked for a few different Indonesian research and cultural heritage institutions. He also became an independent archeologist, helping organize excavations for a researcher named Adam Brumm at Griffith University, in Australia. Burhan’s field work struck Brumm as exceptional, and on the strength of it Brumm tried to get Burhan into a Ph.D. program. But Burhan’s imperfect English delayed this project for a number of years. Instead, he kept working for Brumm and his team.
In 2017, Burhan was helping Brumm and other researchers plan their next season of fieldwork: searching for evidence of Paleolithic humans in Sulawesi. Earlier that year, Brumm had briefly explored a new area on the island that seemed promising. Burhan and a team of six Indonesian archeologists were sent there on a field exploration.


From Dinner With Ted Sarandos to Rubbing Elbows With Leonardo DiCaprio: Inside ‘Squid Game’ Stars’ Hollywood Takeover
“Two waitresses actually recognized me and gave me free dessert,” says series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk of his most memorable L.A. moment.

“It’s unbelievable,” Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk said just before 8 p.m. on Monday night as he reached the end of the show’s first red carpet event in Hollywood. The writer-director was commenting on the reception he and his actors have received since arriving in Los Angeles days earlier but the adjective could easily apply to, well, everything.
Squid Game debuted Sept. 17 on Netflix and it took only 17 days “and 111 million global fans” for the nine-episode series to become the streamer’s biggest series ever, and the first to surpass 100 million views, per Netflix. The South Korean series received a crush of critical praise, dominated the cultural conversation and enjoyed a high-profile media blitz, so Netflix invited Hwang along with cast members Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Jung Ho-yeon and Lee Byung-Hun to the West Coast to ride the wave and fuel to the awards conversation.


Edible flowers: the how, the what and the why
A new book from Phaidon, Edible Flowers: How, Why, and When We Eat Flowers, uncovers a fascinating history

The history, culture and use of edible flowers is explored in a fragrant new tome from Phaidon, Edible Flowers: How, Why, and When We Eat Flowers. Author Monica Nelson has joined forces with photographer Adrianna Glaviano on the definitive guide, which pairs recipes with personal essays and striking imagery of flowers, in environments from urban gardens to wild meadows.
‘The research was really nothing but a delightful journey of surprise,’ says Nelson. ‘Every flower I wrote about had a fact that revealed something new, either about the history of a place or the people that ate it or a herbal property. My favorite flowers to write about were ones that gave me a view into the indigenous culture of the Americas, like dahlia, sunflower, marigold – flowers that made the ‘old to new world’ trade routes and became iconic to other cultures; like sunflowers to Arles/Van Gogh, or marigold to Diwali in India.’


8 Best Small Towns in Arizona — From Hiking Destinations to Cultural Hot Spots
From trendy art hubs to Wild West ghost towns, Arizona’s small towns are a delight for road trippers.

Arizona is a land of extremes — not only when it comes to weather, climate, and geography, but also in terms of its cities and towns. The majority of the state’s 7.3 million inhabitants might live within the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas, but outside those densely populated cities are dozens of small towns that make for great weekend trips for locals and visitors alike. While some are thriving contemporary communities, others are historic ghost towns with Wild West panache — and both warrant a visit.
To help guide your exploration of the Grand Canyon State, here are eight of the best small towns in Arizona, each with a population of 11,000 people or less. Whether you’re looking for adventure with hiking and zip lining or a rich history with fascinating museums, there’s a small town for you.


Hating work is having a moment
Americans aren’t just quitting their jobs; they’re fighting back.

Workers are fed up and fighting back against low pay, poor conditions, and the general idea that work is the center of their lives.
That fighting back is taking on many forms, from the performative to the transformative. Posts about standing up to abusive bosses have become their own genre on TikTok, Reddit, and other platforms. Some workers are participating in collective actions, and approval of unions is at its highest rate since 1965. Others are finding alternative sources of income or committing to getting by on less. Perhaps, most directly, people are quitting their jobs at record rates in what’s become known as the Great Resignation.


Paris Hilton shares new photographs from her wedding last week at grandfather’s former Bel Air estate
The 40-year-old confirmed the news on Instagram, revealing her custom-made Oscar de la Renta dress

Paris Hilton has married her beau of over a year, Carter Reum, in a star studded extravaganza at her late grandfather’s Bel Air estate. The 40-year-old It girl shared the news on Instagram last week, confirming she was married on the 11 November, and showcasing her custom-made Oscar de la Renta gown. Evoking old school Hollywood glamour, the socialite’s blonde hair was swept up with a loose tendril framing her face, while her gown was reminiscent of Grace Kelly’s wedding dress, with its high-neck style in ivory lace.


How to Plan the Ultimate Campervan Trip in Iceland, According to Someone Who Did It
I spent three weeks traveling around Iceland in a campervan — here’s what I learned along the way.

I’ve never been camping before. There was no assembling tents at Girl Scouts or hopping into an oversized RV, not even a pop up in the backyard. So, when I told friends and family that my partner and I were renting a campervan to drive around Iceland for three weeks, they all laughed — audibly.
While spending 21 nights in a campervan wasn’t without its challenges, there’s no better or more affordable way to see Iceland. From the wildly remote gravel roads of the Westfjords to the snowy slopes of the Eastfjords, through the quaint northern villages and countless waterfall stops in the south, here’s what I learned while camping my way around Iceland.


The Absolute Best Pumpkin, Apple and Pecan Pies for Thanksgiving
Melissa Clark has spent months perfecting techniques, so you don’t have to.

Here’s a truth about Thanksgiving: No matter how much gravy-bathed turkey, marshmallow-topped sweet potato casserole and mounds of stuffing one may devour, when dessert time rolls around, there’s always room for pie.
Pie had been a constant on Thanksgiving tables even before Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the day a national holiday in 1863. Pumpkin was the first variety to be associated with the feast, soon joined by other seasonal favorites like apple and pecan. The three work perfectly together — creamy, smooth pumpkin, juicy apple and crunchy, candylike pecan — each adding a distinct allure. In a perfect world, my Thanksgiving dessert plate would hold wedges of them all, topped with whipped cream and devoured in alternating bites until the last buttery flakes of crust were gone.




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