Style File: “Bruised” Star and Director Halle Berry in Alex Perry, Dundas, and Peggy Hartanto

Posted on November 23, 2021

Bruised star and first-time director Halle Berry takes a victory lap promoting the film in high Halle style. We’ve been covering her for over a decade now and there’s never been a good way to sum up her preferences. She had a thing for SoCal Boho for a good while there, but in the last few years, it seems like she’s been turning to sexier styles more often. We support this, because if you’re 55 and look like Halle Berry, God would consider it a sin if you didn’t get a little hot with yourself now and then.


In Alex Perry at “Live with Kelly & Ryan”

She’s always had a sort of funky taste – in the classic sense of the word, that is. Wide-legged pants, boho prints, rich colors, crushed velvet; that sort of thing. More Jimi Hendrix than Prince. We always found that interesting in sort of the same way Michelle Pfeiffer found a preference for Mod suits in recent years. We always said Halle and Michelle became more or less synonymous with female beauty in their generation (they both wound up as song lyrics attesting to it) and there’s something notable about how they each took their public style far away from conventional glamour or current trends. Don’t think she isn’t pressured to step out looking like a Kardashian, even at this stage in her career. All of this is a long-winded way of saying we don’t much like this outfit or the next one, but we respect that she stays true to whatever she wants.


In Dundas at Netflix’s “Bruised” NY Tastemaker Event

The corseting is a bit much for us, but the suit itself is fantastic.



In Peggy Hartanto at “Good Morning America”

This is our favorite of these looks and fine, we’ll cop to sounding a little snobbish in our preferences, since this is the most conventionally chic out of all of them; very New York Fashion Editor. The suit is spectacular. We aren’t as in love with the coat, though.





Style Credits:
First Look: Alex Perry Print Suit from the Pre-Fall 2021 Collection | Fleur du Mal Bodysuit | Dena Kemp Jewelry
Second Look: Dundas Velvet Suit | German Kabirski Jewelry | Veronica Beard Shoes
Third Look: Peggy Hartanto Black and White Ensemble | Jimmy Choo Shoes

Styled by Lindsay Flores | Hair by Buddy W. Porter | Makeup by Jorge Monroy


[Photo Credit: ROGER WONG/, Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Netflix]

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