Rosamund Pike in Dior at Amazon’s “The Wheel of Time” London Premiere

Posted on November 16, 2021

We took one look at this getup and blurted out “Yes, Rosamund Pike. EXACTLY.” See, we could never quite pin down what felt wrong about her promo style choices, but over the years, we sort of whittled it down to “She’s better off when she goes weird.” Well, folk…



She went full-on weirdo for this one. And we reiterate: Yes, Rosamund Pike. Exactly. We’ve seen her do the conventional haute chic sort of red carpet style in the Blanchett/Swinton mode. You’d think such styles would suit her but it never quite felt like she was being accurately represented. She’s always at her best onscreen when she’s playing weird or unsettling people and over time, it occurred to us that we liked her on the red carpet more when she was wearing something totally befuddling or worthy of a little ridicule. Why be normal if normal doesn’t suit you? Now, this look does tend to feel a bit like cosplay, given that she’s headlining the premiere of a fantasy lit classic. But if a weird girl can’t get a little bit of Galadriel on at a time like this, then when can she? We just wish the hood didn’t look so cheap.










Style Credits:
Christian Dior Sheer Dress with Hood and Belt from the Resort 2022 Collection

Hair by Davide Barbieri | Makeup by Amanda Grossman


[Photo Credit: John Rainford/Cover Images/, Courtesy of Christian Dior – Video Credit: Amazon Prime Video/YouTube]

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