Pop Style Opinionfest: Unpacking “Spencer” and its Relationship with Accuracy

Posted on November 19, 2021


That’s right! Your boys saw Spencer – finally!



We’ve been championing this film since before a single frame was shot, based solely on the reputation of director Pablo Larrain and his (in our opinion) brilliantly counterintuitive choice to case Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana. We won’t bore you with all the times we gloated about how right the casting was and how good the reviews turned out to be. Instead, we flipped on the mics and did a deep dive on the intricacies of Stewart’s astonishing performance, the wild creative swings Larrain makes, and how both of them sometimes missed the mark.

In addition, we unpack two rather opposing questions that have arisen around this film. “Who asked for this?” and “What gives them the right to do this?” The first gets into questions of what Diana means to this day and who applies that meaning to her. The second question gets into areas of art, interpretation, history, and personhood.

In other words, it’s the usual T Lo string of talky-talk with some hopefully interesting insights sprinkled throughout. Dive in!



And thank you for listening, dolls! You’re all the princesses of our hearts.


[Photo Credit: Pablo Larraín – Video Credit: Neon/YouTube]

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