Timothée Chalamet in Stella McCartney at the “Dune” London Photocall

Posted on October 18, 2021

Prince Timmée has donned his royal vestments for another ride on the publicity merry-go-round. We are grateful for these fashion blessings and have yet to be unhappy with a Prince Timmée sighting, but we absolutely have to get one thing off our manly chests before we can say anything else here. Sorry, but we are compelled by forces larger than us. We simply won’t be able to continue until we say this – and we did say this, out loud, just so you know.



Do Mi Mi Mi So So Re Fa Fa La Ti Ti.

Wow, it really is true! When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything!  Sorry Timmée. We adore the suit and applaud the boldness of it, but we can only be as God made us.


Style Credits:
Custom Stella McCartney Mushroom Print Zero-deforestation Viscose Ensemble


[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures/Legendary Picture]

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