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Posted on October 05, 2021

The Elgin Cafe Restaurant and Bar – Punjab, India


Today’s LOunge has a cozily conspiratorial air, so let’s order the entire appetizer menu and gossip all day. The weather outside T Lo Manor has decided to go vaguely autumnal, but we’re still in that period where we’re wearing way too many items of clothing in one day because the temperature careens wildly from high summer to Thanksgiving in the space of a few hours. Also, if you listened to our podcast this week and the scintillating tales of our bathroom re-do, we are completely stumped as to what we want in terms of new towels and bathmats. We went from a cream and aqua bathroom with chrome accents (very “spa”), to a greige and walnut bathroom with oil-rubbed bronze accents (very “trendy restaurant”). There has to be an overhaul of the linen situation because they look a little grody in the new color scheme.  Arguments and PowerPoint presentations will no doubt be in our near future as we hash out our color schemes because we almost never have the same initial idea on these matters. What can we say? We’re opinionated about aesthetics. No, you’re not getting pictures.

Anyway, that’s what’s consuming us when this little blog isn’t taking up our time. What’s happening on your end of things?


Actress Jeanna De Waal Thinks Princess Diana Would’ve Loved Diana: The Musical
The Kinky Boots and American Idiot actress is now the star of Broadway’s rock romp about the late princess’s inspiring and tragic tale.

I knew her. She felt very familiar because my mother and my grandma loved her so much. And so it was a really sad day in our house when she died. But I wasn’t aware of all the ins and outs of the story, everything that happened and how unaware she was of what she was getting herself into. There’s so much that’s juicy to the story that I didn’t know… I think we hold integrity. We really work to find the humanity in everybody. I trusted them not to do stuff that’s embarrassing or rude.


The Biggest Hair Trends for Spring 2022
The middle part is here to stay.

The first place we turn to for hair inspiration is almost always the runways, where some of the world’s most talented hairstylists create looks we inevitably end up wearing the following season. In the case of the spring 2022 shows, the trends were a push-pull between ultra-sleek and ultra-casual—choose your fighter. Oh, and if you’ve been battling the middle part comeback, it may be time to give in, as it reigned supreme at more than a few shows. Keep reading for all the other trends that are poised to take over spring 2022.


Cynthia Erivo’s New Children’s Book Encourages Kids and Their Parents to Dream Big
The Emmy-nominated actress did a reading of her impactful new project with Tory Burch.

Cynthia Erivo is officially a triple threat. After an Emmy-nominated portrayal of Aretha Franklin in Genius: Aretha and the debut of her first solo album, Ch. 1 Vs. 1, the star is breaking into the publishing world, daring children (and the adults in their lives) to think big and without limits. To celebrate the release of her children’s novel, Remember to Dream, Ebere, designer Tory Burch hosted a reading for New York’s most stylish tots at her new SoHo store, and it was a Saturday morning well spent.


Heidi Gardner Was a Career Hairstylist. Then She Tried Comedy
The SNL cast member, who returns for her fifth season this month, on career pivots, attending lingerie parties with her mom in the ’80s, and what’s next.

Becoming a cast member on the most popular and long-running sketch comedy series on network television was never part of Heidi Gardner’s plan, exactly.
Before Gardner joined the American comedy institution that is Saturday Night Live, she worked as a hairstylist in Los Angeles for nine years. At a certain point, she had a realization: she wasn’t creatively inspired by cutting hair like other stylists, who had goals of opening their own salons. So, in 2010, Gardner started taking improv classes at The Groundlings theater, known for alums like Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Jennifer Coolidge.


Make This Stunning Vanilla-Scented Cornmeal Cake for Your Next Celebration (or Just Whenever)
It’s “deceptively simple,” says pastry chef Bronwen Wyatt.

Whether you’re baking for a birthday or simply taking joy at the end of a long work week, there’s never a bad time for cake, and pastry chef Bronwen Wyatt’s Vanilla-Scented Cornmeal Cake with Olive Oil Buttercream is perfect for any celebration. She makes the “deceptively simple single-layer cake” on this week’s episode of Chefs at Home, and shares several decorating options. Simply swoop on the buttercream with an offset spatula; pipe squiggles, dots, and/or ruffles; or even top it with edible flowers, herbs, and fruit. The smooth white surface is a blank canvas ripe for your frosting-and-fruit maximalism, and, whichever edible art you choose to create, you’ll end up with a rich, elegant cake that tastes just as beautiful as it looks.


15 Iconic Rachel Green Outfits That Are Somehow Still Perfect for Fall 2021
Plaid print, slip dresses, fun coats — we’re ready to copy it all.

Friends’ final episode aired in 2004, but there’s no denying the show still has quite the dedicated fanbase, or that a lot of those late ’90s and early ’00s looks would still work today. Take Rachel Green’s outfits, for instance. Yes, the lovable character made her way into our hearts with her witty humor and charming personality, but it was that collection of tailored suits from Bloomingdales, breezy floral dresses, and denim looks that made the character’s closet a fashion lover’s dream.


When the world actually solved an environmental crisis
If you haven’t heard about the ozone hole in years, that’s because scientists did a pretty good job saving us from ourselves.

In 1985, atmospheric scientists in Antarctica noticed something troubling. For decades, they’d been measuring the thickness of the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere, the layer of gas that deflects much of the sun’s radiation. Starting in the 1970s, it had started plummeting. By the mid-1980s, they observed that it was on track to be wiped out in the next few decades.
Their discovery was cause for worldwide alarm and unprecedented action. In short order, the international community marshaled its resources — scientific, economic, diplomatic — to mount a campaign to ban the chemical that caused the damage, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and to restore the ozone layer.


Disney World’s Holy Grail? It’s Nacho Cheese
Finding nacho cheese at Disney World is surprisingly difficult. But, boy, is it worth it.
Disney World is known for its plentiful indulgences. Turkey legs with such heft, people whisper about them secretly being emu. Shapes so iconic, no one gives a second look to a chocolate-y — not chocolate, no no — hard-shell ice cream bar in the likeness of a nonagenarian cartoon mouse.
But for me, a grown woman whose job takes her to theme park resorts as often as some folks take meetings, there’s only one holy grail, one liquefied altar of processed perfection at which I kneel: nacho cheese.


The 62 Best ’90s Movies to Binge-Watch
Truly the golden age of cinema.

The ’90s were a pretty amazing decade for film. The rom-com was at its pinnacle (Pretty Woman, You’ve Got Mail), comedies were truly funny (Home Alone, Groundhog Day), critical faves were also crowd-pleasers (Titanic, Forrest Gump), horror films were bone-chilling and realistic (The Silence of the Lambs, Se7en) and teen comedies were having a heyday (10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless), making the years 1990 to 1999 a particularly good time to go to the movies if you were a teenager. Maybe it’s because going to the movies was still a thing in the ’90s? Also, raise your hand if you made a weekly run to the local Blockbuster to grab that week’s entertainment.


The Queen Is Reportedly Helping Prince Andrew Pay His Legal Bills
The court battles stemming from Andrew’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein could cost millions.

The royal family has its share of everyday drama: The breaks with protocol, the testy relationships between family members, and the allegations that someone is trying to take the spotlight from someone else (which happens surprisingly often). But the legal battles surrounding Prince Andrew go beyond the quaint quibbles covered in the tabloids: The allegations stemming from his connections with Jeffrey Epstein are serious, upsetting, and could have long-lasting consequences for members of the royal family beyond just Andrew himself. Case in point: The Queen, whom the Telegraph reports is allegedly helping Prince Andrew fund his court battles.


Why this Facebook scandal is different
Internal evidence shared by former Facebook product manager Frances Haugen shows Facebook has known — but ignored — the harm it causes.

On Sunday evening, a former Facebook employee who has previously revealed damning internal documents about the company came forward on 60 Minutes to reveal her identity.
Frances Haugen, a former product manager on Facebook’s civic integrity team, shared documents that were the basis of an explosive series of articles in the Wall Street Journal. The reports revealed that the company knew its products can cause meaningful harm — including negatively impacting the mental health of teens — but it still has not made major changes to fix such problems.
“There were conflicts of interest between what was good for the public and what was good for Facebook. And Facebook, over and over again, chose to optimize for its own interests, like making more money,” said Haugen in the 60 Minutes interview on Sunday..


Helen Mirren on Gray Hair, 12-Minute Workouts and Her Secret to a Life Well-Lived
Dame Helen Mirren has played everyone from DCI Jane Tennison to the Queen, and has won too many awards to list here. After more than 30 years in the spotlight, at 76 she shows no signs of slowing down. Most recently, she starred in L’Oreal Paris’s runway show in Paris (she’s an ambassador for the brand). She spoke to British Vogue’s acting beauty and wellness editor, Hannah Coates, ahead of the show about confidence, dancing with Vin Diesel and always laying out her clothes the night before.


Anya Taylor-Joy’s Style File: 29 Of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Star’s Most Regal Red Carpet Moment
The queen of the virtual red carpet

We don’t like to pick favourites, but Anya Taylor-Joy (alongside her stylist, or ‘Image Architect’ Law Roach) has proven herself to be a keen contender for 2021’s Award Season’s MVP.
From her custom-made Dior dresses for both the Critic’s Choice Awards and the Golden Globes, to her Vera Wang gown at the SAG awards, the 24-year-old is knocking it out of the sartorial park this year.
But, it isn’t just 2021 that the Emma, The Queen’s Gambit and The Witch star has shown herself more than capable in the style stakes, since the American-Argentinian-British actor has been rocking the like of Gucci, Halpern, The Vampire’s Wife and Halpern for years.
So, in honour of the queen of the virtual red carpet, here are 29 of Anya Taylor-Joy’s best outfits…


World Space Week: Barbie is going zero-gravity in this important new campaign celebrating women in space
Yes, this World Space Week, Barbie is partnering with the European Space Agency (ESA) and its only active European female astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti, to celebrate WSW, and encourage girls everywhere to see the STEM field as a viable career option.
In keeping with the brand’s long-held tradition of honouring iconic female figures with a one-of-a-kind doll to inspire the next generation (previous Barbie role models have included everyone from boxer Nicola Adams, to Marie Claire Future Shaper Clara Amfo), Barbie has created a Samantha Cristoforetti Barbie doll, with part of the proceeds going to Women In Aerospace and its Barbie Bursary, which will help fund a PhD student.


Are celebrity fragrances making a comeback?
You’ll be surprised to know the nose responsible for your favourite Byredo perfume is also behind Ariana Grande’s latest scent…

Lava Lamps, Impulse body spray, clear mascara, hot pink Motorola flip phones… and, of course, the latest Britney Spears perfume. These were all mainstays of noughties culture. Back then celebrity fragrances reigned supreme: sales were sky high, and new versions were constantly being churned out. But, there came a point when the slew of these scents became excessive and the market crashed. Sales have been declining year-on-year ever since: they fell by nearly a fifth from 2015 to 2016 alone, according to the NPD group – a considerable plummet, especially given that the overall fragrance market grows steadily each year.


After 12 years together, my husband and I started sleeping in separate beds. It’s the best self-care I’ve done as a mom.
Sleeping in different beds has been a boon for our already strong marriage. We’re not quibbling over who kept whom up in the night, or who disturbed the other’s sleep more. We’re waking better rested.
When I’ve shared our sleeping situation with people, others have confessed that they, too, prefer to sleep away from their partner. My husband and I knew what would work for us. I just wish we hadn’t let social pressure sway our decision for so long.


A woman gets to keep the 4-carat yellow diamond she found at a state park in Arkansas, the only state with a public diamond mine
A woman from Granite Bay, California, can keep a 4.38-carat yellow diamond that she found while visiting Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas.
Noreen Wredberg found the diamond on September 23 within an hour of searching the park, which she and her husband decided to visit after a trip to Hot Springs National Park, according to the state parks department.
“I didn’t know it was a diamond then, but it was clean and shiny, so I picked it up!” Wredberg told Waymon Cox, a park interpreter at Crate of Diamonds.
She brought the gem to the park’s Diamond Discovery Center, where park staff identified it as a diamond.


Meet Joan Agajanian Quinn, Art “Accumulator” and Muse to Warhol and Hockney
The Los Angeles legend’s highly personal trove of art will be exhibited at the Bakersfield Museum of Art this fall.

A bit of cosmic foreshadowing, it turns out. I knew that Quinn, a longtime arts patron and the former West Coast editor of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, was one of the most painted (and sketched, and sculpted) women alive. Some 300 of her beloved artist friends have made portraits of her over the years, including David Hockney, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Helmut Newton, and Robert Mapplethorpe. I’d come to get the story behind her extraordinary “accumulation” (she does not care for the word “collection”), which will be the subject of an exhibition at the Bakersfield Museum of Art this fall. What I didn’t know was that Quinn has a thing for color spectrums.


Dame Judi Dench discovers familial links to Hamlet’s castle as it is revealed her relative was Queen of Denmark’s lady-in-waiting
The national treasure famously tread the boards as Ophelia in William Shakespeare’s Danish tragedy

The BBC’s beloved series, Who Do You Think You Are? often turns up impressive family histories for its celebrity guests. Eastenders star Danny Dyer famously discovered he was related to royalty, via William the Conqueror, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ties to King George II. Now, Shakespeare enthusiast and national treasure, Dame Judi Dench, has discovered that she shares closer ties with the Bard than she first believed.





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