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Posted on October 26, 2021

The Gallery at Sketch – London, England


Think pink, darlings! Plant your ass in a big velvet flower and soak up all the vibes in today’s LOunge. How can one ever be stressed or upset when your surrounded by such softness? Live la vie en rose!


Behind the Scenes with Insecure’s Costume Designer, Shiona Turini
A tour through the fashion—and the storytelling—of the final season.

The groundbreaking Insecure has been lauded by critics who rave over the way its storylines, characters, and music authentically capture contemporary Black life. But the show’s fashion—especially in the fifth and final season—also deserves its flowers. The HBO series was one of the first to regularly use buzzy Black designers, an intentional move on behalf of the show’s creator, Issa Rae, and costume designer, Shiona Turini. The goal: to remind viewers that the show has always been for us, by us.


John Updike, His Stories, and Me
When the famed novelist wrote a short story about her father, poet Molly Fisk was forced to confront the secret truths that lie in fiction

I didn’t feel I needed to be told what writers do. Writers do a lot of things, and ought to be given room to do them, I understand that. And maybe my vantage point of writing poems about child abuse and telling the precise truth as I recalled it, down to the blue Chinese dragons on our living room rug to which my dad had pinned my elbows, made me too wedded to the idea of accuracy.
I asked again, just in different words, why he would draw Irving so clearly in real life, and then slap us with that bizarre invention. “Did you think about how many people would believe you, and how we, his children, or his mother might feel?” Perhaps it was a dumb question to ask of someone who hadn’t spared the feelings of his own family or his social circle, who’d written so many intimate details about his wife when he was still married to her. He just spread his hands out and shrugged.


11 Best Nail Drills To Help Bring Salon Results Home
From carving out time to pamper yourself to getting a glimpse of your decorated nails amid a bad day, there’s no pick-me-up quite like the perfect mani, or pedi for that matter. For those looking to bring salon results to your home, incorporating nail drills, alternatively called electric nail files, into your manicure process can help you mimic the precision and detail at a salon. While nail drills are certainly not for novices and users should proceed with hefty doses of skill and caution, they’re powerful enough to remove acrylics and gels, cut down on calluses, shape your nails, and trim your cuticles. Be sure to pair the drill with the correct drill tip and select the right speed setting. Practice makes perfect! If you’re ready to incorporate electric manicure files into your manicure routine, scroll ahead for the best nail drills out there.

Prince Charles Might Turn Buckingham Palace into a Museum
The move would possibly help “‘justify” the building’s continued existence, according to a royal historian.

The times are changing for the royal family, and that means the plans to keep the Firm relevant are getting a little more radical. We’re already seeing the effects of Charles’s reported plan to slim down the monarchy when he finally ascends the throne—it was considered one of the main reasons Archie didn’t receive a royal title when he was born. One of Charles’s friends even admitted that the scandals and backlash facing the royals over the last two years would, on the bright side, help him get to that slimmer family he envisions—one with less lavish spending, more focus on charity, and fewer reasons to be questioned by a British public that’s grown a lot less sympathetic toward the exceedingly wealthy.


Britney Spears Says She’s “Done” With Family Members Who “Hurt Her Deeper Than They’ll Ever Know”
She’s standing up for herself.

Britney Spears is tired. After being mistreated and disrespected by the people closest to her for years, she is no longer willing to sacrifice her time and energy on them.
The singer took to Instagram to share a photo of a typewriter she’d previously lost, and took the chance to air out her (justified, TBH) grievances with family members and other people who have consistently let her down.


How to Make Moon Water — And How to Use It
Crystals aren’t the only item you can charge with la luna’s magic.

Whether you only know it’s a full moon if your yoga teacher mentions it or you’re a total self-described witch obsessed with crystals, anyone can benefit from the magic of the moon. Its intuitive, emotional power has been touted for centuries, so it’s no wonder there are a bevy of rituals to try when it’s at its most luminous once (on occasion, twice) a month.
One that’s earned some buzz recently: moon water, a tool for harnessing and working with the particular vibe of a full or new moon (which is why it’s sometimes called ‘full moon water’ or ‘new moon water’). Here, more details on what moon water is as well as how you can make and use this potent energetic tool.


Katy Perry on Her Halloween Costume, New Campaign, and Etsy Finds for Her Daughter
Katy Perry is a master of playing dress up. The singer makes just as many headlines for her love of eccentric costumes and performance looks as she does for her music. Remember her hot cheeto Halloween costume? Or her hamburger ensemble for the Met Gala? She’s even dressed up as hand sanitizer for American Idol. So naturally, we’re on the edge of our seats wondering what she’ll pull out this year for the holidays. “For Halloween, I definitely have a very topical costume,” she shared with Vogue. “I like to hit the summary of the year on the head and it’s very goofy as I go. There’s two ways to go, either a little bit slutty or a little bit weird, and I always tend to lean weird.”


Feral Apple Cider Should Be on Your Radar This Fall
Meet the wild apple hunters foraging Vermont’s untended apple trees to make one-of-a-kind ciders.

Just 20 or 30 cideries in the United States are working with wild and foraged fruit, estimated New York cidermaker Andy Brennan, founder of Aaron Burr Cider and the author of the 2020 book Uncultivated: Wild Apples, Real Cider, and the Complicated Art of Making a Living. Purchasing a few tons of apples at a commercial orchard is a simple transaction compared with gathering fruit from hillsides, abandoned farms, and forest clearings. Cultivated apples are sweeter and juicier, sometimes yielding twice as much cider for every pound of pressed fruit. But there’s more to great cider than lots of apple juice.


British Grocery Stores Are Stocking Empty Shelves with Cardboard Cutouts of Food
UK supermarket Tesco claims it has nothing to do with supply chain issues.

Some insiders believe that having photos of temporarily unavailable items is still a better option than just leaving bare shelves throughout the store. “No one wants empty shelves as it’s a negative perception of availability and that can impact sales and leave customers thinking that the store is poorly presented,” Steve Dresser, a director at Grocery Insight, told The Telegraph. “Blocking the shelves with cardboard ‘fillers’ is preferable as it’s a nice halfway house, reflecting that gaps are longer term but not forcing the store itself to change layouts.”


An Exclusive First Look At Claire Foy’s Aristocratic Period Drama, A Very British Scandal
When the beautiful textile heiress Margaret Campbell married her first husband, American stockbroker and golfer Charles Sweeny, at the Brompton Oratory in 1933, the crowds that assembled to see her Norman Hartnell gown were so vast that traffic in southwest London came to a standstill for nearly three hours. It proved a fittingly grand start to life for the high-society darling, who immediately became so famous that Cole Porter allegedly referenced her in the lyrics for “You’re the Top”: “You’re the top; you’re an Arrow collar / You’re the top; you’re a Coolidge dollar / You’re the nimble tread of the feet of Fred Astaire / You’re Mussolini, you’re Mrs Sweeny…”
It’s Margaret’s infamous second marriage to the Duke of Argyll, however, that will be at the heart of A Very British Scandal, airing on BBC One in the UK later this year and Amazon Prime Video in the US in 2022.


Rent The Breakfast At Tiffany‘s Townhouse For Your Next Trip
The Upper East Side mansion Holly Golightly called home is listed on luxe rental site Inspirato

There are few party scenes more iconic than the bash thrown at Holly Golightly’s apartment in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. After all, Golightly’s outfits may steal the show, but the brownstone at 169 East 71st Street, with its sparse decor that features a well-stocked bar, Cat, a bathtub-turned-sofa, and little else, is as much a part of Truman Capote’s Upper East Side fantasy as that little black Givenchy dress. Now, the Upper East Side mansion that serves as a backdrop in the film is available on the luxury holiday rental site Inspirato.


The Insurrection of Surrealism
A survey at the Met shows how the craze for Surrealism surged like a prairie fire around the world.

Surrealism Beyond Borders,” at the Metropolitan Museum, is a huge, deliriously entertaining survey of the transnational spread of a movement that was codified by the poet and polemicist André Breton in 1924, in Paris. It had roots in Dada, which emerged in Zurich, in 1916, in infuriated, tactically clownish reaction to the pointlessly murderous First World War. Most of the show’s hundreds of works—and nearly all of the best—date from the next twenty or so years. As you would expect, there’s the lobster-topped telephone by Salvador Dalí and the locomotive emerging from a fireplace by René Magritte, both from 1938 and crowd-pleasers to this day, smoothly blending into popular culture. But the show’s superb curators, Stephanie D’Alessandro and Matthew Gale, prove that the craze for Surrealism surged like a prairie fire independently in individuals and groups around the world. The tinder was an insurrectionary spirit, disgusted with establishments. Not that the revolt required much personal valor: you couldn’t be prosecuted for your dreams. The formula looked easy. There were no rules or hierarchies, despite Breton’s efforts to police the ranks. Anyone could play, and for a while many sorts of people did.


Almaborealis designs sew-your-own clothing kit for children
Design studio Almaborealis has created a modular DIY kit containing pieces of fabric in an easy puzzle format that invites children to sew their own clothes.
Now called Puzzleware, formerly known as Convertibles, the project has been shortlisted for this year’s Dezeen Awards in the wearable design category.
Almaborealis founder Maija Nygren took cues from early learning theories, such as loose parts play, to design a tactile kit for children aged four to 12 that encourages them to make their own clothes.
Puzzleware kits include pieces of colourful Scottish lambswool, which Nygren says are 100 per cent biodegradable, designed with lace holes so that children can sew the fabric together to make themselves a garment.


The horror century
The scariest movies have always been a dark mirror on Americans’ deepest fears and anxieties.

Although horror has always been a prominent theme in folklore, fairy tales, and urban legends, horror as a genre arguably kicked off in 1764 with the publication of Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto, the very first gothic horror novel. The story teemed with homoerotic symbolism and strange, otherworldly acts, and today is often read as an externalization of the author’s grappling with sexuality. From the time of its publication through today, horror has contained an element of internalized fears and phobias, shames and anxieties, made external and visualized. Sometimes we’re able to overcome them; sometimes they overcome us. And often, the “monsters” turn out to be regular people like Horace Walpole, grappling with his queer identity in a homophobic society.
The slippery concept of what makes a person “monstrous” has long been a central theme in horror, and it’s something that preoccupied horror creators during the first decades of moviemaking. Throughout prewar Hollywood, it was the subject of an onslaught of beloved horror films, many produced by Universal Studios and played by celebrity character actors such as Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, and Lon Chaney Sr. and Lon Chaney Jr.


This Small Town in Australia Launched a Campaign to Convince Chris Hemsworth to Visit — and It Worked
Hemsworth shared the Visit Cowra video on his Instagram account.

The #GetChrisToCowra campaign launched last week with a video featuring representatives from the town’s tourism board, as well as residents inviting Hemsworth to enjoy the destination’s many offerings. Throughout the video, the people of Cowra — some actual residents, some actors — are shown making appearances in Thor costumes, covering their office walls with Hemsworth’s movie posters, and donning masks with the actor’s face. They even propose building a giant, four-story statue of Hemsworth, who’s best known for his role as Thor in the Marvel films.


14 Showstopping Desserts That Don’t Require a Mixer
Shortbread cookies, famous brownies, peanut butter cups and other treats can be yours to enjoy with just a little elbow grease.

There’s no doubt that mixers — standing and hand-held — have made baking so much easier. But there’s an enticing ease to whipping up a dessert without having to get one out, and without having to wash it afterward. New York Times Cooking has plenty of desserts that require nothing more than a few bowls and some elbow grease. Here are 14 such sweets you can stir up right now.





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