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Posted on October 22, 2021

Ikos Aria Restaurants and Bar – Kos, Dodecanese, Greece


And that’s that on that. Happy Friday, darlings. Raise a glass to Frigg for giving us this day.


Eighties Icons Duran Duran On Their Best Style Moments Ever
It would be hard to talk about era-defining fashion without mentioning Duran Duran. From head scarves made out of fabric scraps to rolled-up blazer sleeves à la Miami Vice, the band’s members — which included Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, and Nick Rhodes — were responsible for some of the most imitated trends of the ’80s and ’90s. “Style has always been very important to us,” says Duran Duran frontman, Simon Le Bon.
“It never mattered to us which season something comes from, it’s about individuality, as well as what worked collectively for us,” adds Nick Rhodes, founding member and keyboardist.


Only Alan Cumming Could Go from Eyes Wide Shut to Spice World and Come Out “Rejuvenated”
With a candid new memoir, Baggage: Tales From a Fully Packed Life, out October 26, the prolific actor celebrates everything — good and bad — that has led to this moment.

One of the great things about working in showbiz is that you have really short, intense relationships with people you’ll see throughout your life. But I’ve also learned from being in the public eye that people become as — if not more — interested in your personal life as your work. It’s difficult to maneuver, and being coy or less candid invites speculation. If you don’t control the narrative, other people will, and that can be stressful.


The Wolf Cut Is a Trendy Take on the Shag — and You’re Going to See It Everywhere This Fall
Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish are fans

So, what makes a wolf haircut so special? Well, it’s gives us all the nostalgia we crave but with a modern twist. It’s similar to a mullet, but trust us, it’s way cooler than the traditional “business in the front, party in the back” haircut you’re probably familiar with. This haircut is more edgy, layered, and has a total rockstar vibe that anyone can wear.


The Ultimate Wedding Planning Masterclass—From the Best in the Business
Tips on wedding decor, fashion, food and more from the industry’s top experts.

Planning the ultimate wedding weekend may seem daunting—because it is. It takes a team of experts, from planners and producers to talents in design, floral, entertainment, food, fashion, and more, to create a wedding that both speaks to who you are and provides a joyful experience for all of your guests.
That’s where this ensemble of experts comes in. We’ve wrangled some of the best planners, designers, and photographers in the business to give us tips and tricks for celebrating in style.


Mary Berry: TV chef ‘proud’ to be made a dame
TV chef Mary Berry has said she is “proud and honoured” to be made a Dame Commander for services to cooking, writing and baking. As well as her 50-year culinary and broadcasting career, the honour also recognises her charity work. She said she would celebrate by “going home for a sandwich and the children are coming tonight.”
Speaking after her latest royal engagement, she said: “I’m extremely proud and honoured. I just wish my parents were here – they’re looking down and my children are quite excited.
“My aim is to pass on the skill that I love so much, because everybody has to cook each day. Whether it’s a student or whatever it is, you’ve got to feed yourself so why not learn to do it well and enjoy it.”


At 78, Catherine Deneuve Is Still The Best Beauty Muse
If you thought French-girl beauty right now was good, a glimpse at Catherine Deneuve back in the ’60s will have you practically beside yourself. Time and again, the French actress – once muse to Yves Saint Laurent – has delivered on the beauty front. From her voluminous blonde beehive hairstyles to her immaculate feline flicks and that beautiful smattering of freckles over her nose and cheeks, Deneuve is a beauty icon for all sorts of reasons.
A straight-talking, strong woman (“People who know me know I’m strong, but I’m vulnerable,” she said once), her passion and confidence make her a figure of admiration off screen, as well as on. As she turns 78, Vogue takes a look at some of her best beauty looks.


From ‘Annie’ To ‘And Just Like That’, The Evolution Of Sarah Jessica Parker
There are few stars in Hollywood who can boast a career quite as long or fruitful as Sarah Jessica Parker’s. Today, the star is best known for playing the generation-defining role of Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, but Parker has been acting since she was a kid; her very first part was on the stage, performing alongside four of her siblings in a St Louis, Missouri production of The Sound of Music.


Alec Baldwin Fired Prop Gun That Killed Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, Injured Director
Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun while filming a scene in New Mexico on Thursday, causing the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza.
The incident occurred on the set of “Rust,” an independent feature that was filming at the Bonanza Creek Ranch, a popular production location south of Santa Fe.
Hutchins, 42, was transported by helicopter to University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque, where she died. Souza, 48, was taken by ambulance to Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in Santa Fe, where he received emergency treatment for his injuries, according to the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s office.


Capturing Character in the Renaissance

The 16th-century German artist Hans Holbein the Younger created portraits for a wide range of patrons, including scholars, statesmen, and courtiers, in Switzerland and England. Holbein’s drawings and paintings, enriched by inscriptions and evocative objects, offer richly detailed visual statements of personal identity. Explore the Renaissance culture of scholarship, self-definition, luxury, and wit in the first major presentation of Holbein’s art in the United States.

Salmonella from Mexican onions has infected more than 650 people in 37 states, CDC says
People in the US should throw away any red, white, or yellow onions that they have bought without a sticker or packaging, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said, amid a new salmonella outbreak.
At least 652 people in 37 states have caught salmonella from onions imported from Mexico, it said Thursday. The actual number of people infected could be higher because some people may not have been tested for the bacteria, the CDC said.


Remote work is bringing the city to the suburbs
How working from home is changing the suburbs as we know them.

In the spring of 2020, many of the typical draws to cities — plays, nightclubs, restaurants — shut down. Space took on a premium, as small apartments close to others felt particularly claustrophobic. All of a sudden, a big home in the suburbs for the same monthly price as a tiny apartment in the city got a whole lot more attractive. The lifestyle also seemed safer, as you could travel in the isolation of your own vehicle and play in personal green spaces with less fear of infection. More companies than ever are allowing employees to work from home, and studies say that between 13 and 45 percent of the workforce is now remote some or all of the time.
As a result, a new rush to the suburbs is well underway. The number of net new households that moved to the suburbs grew 43 percent last year, according to data from the Wall Street Journal, compared to 2019. While that naturally slowed in the first half of 2021, urban areas are still losing people as they relocate to suburban and rural areas.


How Farmers Fight New Challenges Is Key To What Makes It To Our Tables
Without innovation and adaptation, farmers face a perilous future

“When the average person thinks about a farm, they most likely think of something from yesteryear. They don’t necessarily think about a part of our society that is vital to our food, our water, our climate and our future,” says David Haight, the VP of Programs at American Farmland Trust (AFT). That misconception around modern farms could stem from the fact that today only 1.3 percent of the American workforce is on farms, a steep drop from over 12% in 1950. It also may be why many eaters don’t connect to the sources of their food – a 2018 study found that 48 percent of Americans say they never or rarely seek information about where their food was grown or how it was produced.


Meet Derek Boshier: The British Pop artist everyone is talking about
The British Pop artist discusses his Korean Pop inspired exhibition at Gazelli Art House and his 40-year friendship with David Bowie

Derek Boshier came up with the idea for his new exhibition, Icarus and K Pop, while channel-hopping. The 84-year-old artist – who was a pioneer of pop art in the 1970s – stumbled upon Korean Pop – and in particular, the King Of Masked Singer – a show where Korean pop singers dress up in ‘sophisticated and beautiful costumes’ and sing, without revealing their identity.


In the Company of Wes Anderson
What is it about the director that draws stars like Frances McDormand and Tilda Swinton again and again? There are many reasons, but the nightly feasts don’t hurt.

It’s his first film set in France, and the first done as an anthology. But Wes Anderson’s 10th movie, “The French Dispatch,” was made in much the same way, and with much the same cast, as many of the features that preceded it. Along with his fastidious and vibrant visual sense and staccato pacing, his company of free spirits has become his signature.
“I don’t know who gravitated toward whom,” Anderson said, in a voice message sent from the production of his 11th film, outside Madrid. “But as soon as Owen Wilson and I started making a movie, well, I wanted Owen to be involved with the other movies I would do. As soon as I had Bill Murray, I wanted him on the next one. I wanted Jason Schwartzman. It was natural to me.”


Celebrate 163 Years of Trees in Central Park With These Expert Leaf-peeping Tips
The park’s first trees were planted on Oct. 17, 1858.

As New York City transitions into autumn, Central Park has begun putting on the season’s most fantastic show — as it has every year for the past 163 years.
On Oct. 17, 1858, landscapers carried the first trees into the 843-acre plot of land that would become Central Park. Architects Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux had intended for the park to provide an escape for New York residents with sweeping lawns, winding paths, and mystical woodlands. And trees were an integral part of creating these now-world-famous landscapes.


Royal Caribbean Just Announced an Around-the-world Cruise to 65 Countries — and It Stops in 150 Destinations
Cruisers can sail on the full 274-night voyage or choose individual segments.

Royal Caribbean is raising the bar on round-the-world trips with the launch of its new Ultimate World Cruise, exploring all seven continents on a 274-night adventure.
Described by the company as the “longest and most comprehensive world cruise out there,” the inaugural voyage will sail roundtrip out of Miami with stops at 150 destinations in 65 countries. That includes 57 destinations new to Royal Caribbean and exclusively available on this itinerary.
Highlights of the Ultimate World Cruise include Casablanca, Morocco; Qaqortoq, Greenland; and Shimizu, Japan – the gateway to Mount Fuji. Travelers will also have the opportunity to visit 11 great wonders of the world from Peru’s Machu Picchu to the Taj Mahal in India.


At home with Jeff Koons
In our ongoing profile series, we find out what artists are making, what’s making them tick, and the moments that made them. We visit Jeff Koons (via Zoom) in his New York City studio to discuss transcendence, the Renaissance, and his show, ‘Shine’ at Palazzo Strozzi, Florence

Recent times have demanded reflection, and no artist has used this motif in more variety, or notoriety, than American artist Jeff Koons.
Throughout his career, Koons has hoovered up art history – executed in literal terms with his 1980s vacuum cleaner readymades – and refashioned the fragments into something entirely new. Through kitsch-rich household ornaments and cut-and-pasted motifs from pop culture, he elevates the low-brow onto the pedestal of high art, until we barely know the difference.
Koons has a knack for reflecting the idealism in human history; reflecting contemporary times, in all its mass-consumerist, superficial and voyeuristic banality; and making work that literally reflects, consumes and warps its surroundings, and all those who observe.




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