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Posted on October 01, 2021

Rock Bar at Ayana – Bali, Indonesia


Darlings, let’s do Indonesia this time! We know you were probably expecting Santorini or Positano, but we can’t imagine anyone could object to spending an entire Friday in today’s LOunge. Soak it all in. Enjoy the never-ending sunset. You hit the Powerball and now you own this place. Just go with the fantasy.


Bob Mackie on the Dress That Had People Thirsty for Bernadette Peters in 1983 — and 2021
At 73, Bernadette Peters is the epitome of ageless beauty. She still looks as radiant and youthful as she did in the 1980s — and she has the dress to prove it. On Sunday, Broadway’s grand leading lady hit the Tony Awards red carpet dressed in one of her own vintage Bob Mackie gowns. And the internet went nuts for it.
“It’s not every woman in Hollywood who can step into her 40-year-old dress and have it fit like it was made yesterday,” Bob Mackie exclaims over the phone from his California home on the Tuesday after the Awards. “Bernadette is extraordinary.”


Hispanic and Latinx Changemakers Talk Style, Culture, and Identity
Though it was officially established 33 years ago, this year’s National Hispanic Heritage Month may be more salient than ever. Recent census data indicates that Hispanics and Latinos had the most demographic gains of any other group measured, reaching nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population share over the last three decades. As the country’s largest minority group, the influence of the Hispanic and Latinx community impacts every aspect of U.S. culture from food to film, style to art. This Hispanic Heritage Month, which falls annually from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, ELLE asked Hispanic and Latinx style purveyors and creators—Lulu Cordero, founder of Bomba Curls; Sara Beltrán, jewelry designer and founder of Dezso; Carolina Irving, textile designer and founder of Carolina Irving Textiles; and Marina Larroudé, founder of Larroudé—about their identity, heritage, and journeys. Here’s what they had to say.
Here’s Everything Coming to Netflix in October
You can enjoy Diana: The Musical, As Good as It Gets, and all seasons of Seinfeld starting this month.

It’s t’s time to cozy up for fall, and Netflix has luckily swooped in on schedule with a new load of shows and films you can add to your must-watch list.
Arriving on the platform is the anticipated Diana: The Musical (2021), the live-filmed Broadway play based on the late Princess of Wales’s life. In light of pandemic-induced delays, the production was made extra accessible to viewers on the streaming platforms. Also arriving is Season 3 of You, which will see Joe Goldberg continue his doomed and unsettling escapades in love. And in an exciting comeback of the classics, Seinfeld is headed to the platform on the first of the month, along with Jack Nicholson’s As Good as It Gets, a timeless film showcasing how even the most toxic may still be deserving of redemption.
While we continue to tune in to current audience favorites, like Squid Game and Midnight Mass, read ahead for the full list of films, shows, and documentaries headed to Netflix in October.


The Best ’90s Movies to Watch When You Need a Good Laugh or Cry
Every. Damn. Time.

The world is currently living in a constant state of nostalgia — from our fashion choices (hello, skirts over jeans) to our favorite on-again couple from the early aughts: Bennifer. As a society, we cannot seem to stop living in the past.
Perhaps it’s because we’re reminiscing about easier times — sans COVID-19 and anti-vaxxers, widespread wildfires, mass flooding, the list could go on. But whatever the reason is, we could all use a little escapism.
So, we’ve rounded up the best eight ’90s movies that put us in our feels every single time. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and swoon to the best of the ’90s.


California Just Passed a Landmark Bill to Protect Garment Workers—Here’s What It Means for the Entire Fashion Industry
After two years, thousands of phone calls, and a precarious recall election, California finally passed Senate Bill 62 on Monday. Known as the Garment Worker Protection Act, the new law makes California the first state to require hourly wages for garment workers; it will also prohibit piecework, a pervasive system in which workers are paid per garment (often resulting in less than $3 per hour), and it will penalize both manufacturers and brands for wage theft and illegal pay practices. For designers, the bill introduces a kind of accountability never seen before in the industry.


Stories of Triumph and Heartbreak from Nine Women Involved in the Evacuation of Afghanistan
In August, as the deadline for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan approached, it became clear that the effort to evacuate at-risk Afghans was not proceeding smoothly. As the days went on, individuals from around the world—some with longstanding ties to Afghanistan and deep knowledge of the region, others with none at all—began an ad hoc effort to assist with the evacuations.


Lights, Camera, Exhibition! The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Opens Today
After a gala as star-studded as the galaxies, The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is finally open to the public. Today, the museum welcomes guests into the new space, with two inaugural exhibitions: a permanent show, Stories of Cinema, and a temporary show dedicated to filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. The latter serves as the first North American museum retrospective on the Tokyo-born director, who won the Academy Award for Spirited Away in 2001. The former is an all-encompassing exhibition that endeavors to tell the stories of the many names that make up the credits at the end of the film. And though Stories of Cinema is by no means a fashion exhibition, it is filled with some of the most memorable getups to grace the big screen.


23 Fall Cookbooks We’re Reading (and Cooking from) This Season
Our editors have Life Is What You Bake It, Italian American, and 21 other books on their radar.

Each year as summer rolls into fall, we look forward to turning our ovens back on, picking up some of our favorite autumnal produce at the market (hello, squash and mushrooms), and cracking open all the new cookbooks the season brings. Last year, we dove into Ina Garten’s Modern Comfort Food, In Bibi’s Kitchen from Hawa Hassan and Julia Turshen, Nik Sharma’s The Flavor Equation, and more—this year, our list spans over 20, ranging from Italian American by the folks behind Don Angie to the Red Boat Fish Sauce Cookbook.
Whether you’re in the mood for baked goods or new ways to cook with seafood, these books are packed with dishes you’ll want to make all season long. Read on for the full list, and make sure you have sticky notes on hand to bookmark recipes—you’re going to need a stack.


Lil Nas X’s ‘Jolene’ Cover Is Approved By Dolly Herself
Country fans rejoice: there has been a passing of the torch between two of the genre’s biggest stars, Dolly Parton and Lil Nas X.
Dolly, who quote tweeted the rapper’s cover of her classic track “Jolene” on Twitter, and posted a picture of the two country powerhouses together on Instagram, wrote online: “I was so excited when someone told me that Lil Nas X had done my song #Jolene. I had to find it and listen to it immediately…and it’s really good. Of course, I love him anyway. I was surprised and I’m honored [sic] and flattered. I hope he does good for both of us. Thank you @LilNasX.”


A Lavish New TV Series Will Offer A Feminist Take On Marie Antoinette’s Life
Say what you will about Marie Antoinette, the ill-fated French queen continues to fascinate. Following Sofia Coppola’s macaron-filled 2006 biopic, The Favourite scribe Deborah Davis has penned an eight-part drama series about the Austrian-born monarch, with German actress Emilia Schüle taking on the lead role. British actor Louis Cunningham, meanwhile, will appear as Louis XVI, with Jack Archer and James Purefoy in yet-to-be-disclosed roles.
Like Jodie Turner-Smith’s Anne Boleyn, the show will offer a feminist take on the life of Marie Antoinette, who married the Dauphin of France at just 14-years-old, becoming queen before her 20th birthday. Her attempts to navigate the French court, as well as the immense pressure she faced to have a son to continue the Bourbon line, will be central to the plot. (Her first child with Louis XVI famously arrived eight years after their wedding, leading to much negative speculation about their relationship among the public.)


Léa Seydoux On Making Bond Girl History In No Time to Die
It’s a fact easily forgotten that in 24 films released across six decades, no love interest has ever played a significant part in more than one James Bond movie. But in No Time to Die, the 25th instalment of the blockbuster franchise which will mark Daniel Craig’s final appearance as the brooding secret agent, Léa Seydoux will do just that when she reprises her role from 2015’s Spectre as the enigmatic psychologist Madeleine Swann.
The 36-year-old French actor is used to making history. In 2013, she and her co-star Adèle Exarchopoulos became the first performers to be awarded the Palme d’Or alongside their director Abdellatif Kechiche for the ravishing and controversial love story Blue is the Warmest Colour. By then, Seydoux had already received César Award nominations for French dramas such as La Belle Personne (2008) and Belle Épine (2010), and had enchanted viewers with her cameo in Inglourious Basterds (2009). Then she joined the ensemble cast of The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) as a sphinx-like maid, before signing on to play the soft-spoken but fiercely intelligent and capable Swann.


Between Pop-Stardom and Parenthood, Katy Perry Still Finds Time to Empower Others
In the Katy Perry canon, which, over 13 years, goes 34 singles deep — nine of them No. 1s — the theme of empowerment dates back to her earliest hit, 2008’s “I Kissed a Girl,” where she proclaims unapologetically that she “liked it.” Her most inspiring song? “It’s a combination of ‘Roar’ and ‘Firework,’” Perry muses. “Neither will ever be left off the set. It’s going to start with one and end with the other.”
Indeed, anyone looking to tap into such senses as pride and belonging, confidence and determination, celebration and love, would be immediately satiated at a Perry concert, or her upcoming Las Vegas residency, scheduled to open Dec. 29 at Resorts World. But the 36-year-old global name is equally determined to impact locally, even one-on-one. It’s among the reasons Perry joined “American Idol” as a judge in 2018, the same year she, along with her older sister Angela, launched the Firework Foundation to reach underserved communities through the arts.


Scarlett Johansson, Disney Settle Explosive ‘Black Widow’ Lawsuit
The settlement ends a back-and-forth PR battle pitting the CAA-repped star against the studio that was poised to have dramatic implications for all of Hollywood’s majors.

Scarlett Johansson and Disney have settled a breach of contract lawsuit over the star’s Black Widow payday, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
“I am happy to have resolved our differences with Disney,” stated Johansson. “I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve done together over the years and have greatly enjoyed my creative relationship with the team. I look forward to continuing our collaboration in years to come.”
Disney Studios chairman Alan Bergman added: “I’m very pleased that we have been able to come to a mutual agreement with Scarlett Johansson regarding Black Widow. We appreciate her contributions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and look forward to working together on a number of upcoming projects, including Disney’s Tower of Terror.”


This immersive exhibition traces the legacy of Black British creativity
Visionary curator Aindrea Emelife has taken over Christie’s with the most thrilling Black British artworks of the last four decades

Emelife’s latest exhibition, Bold Black British is a collaboration with Christie’s and traces the legacy of Black British creativity across multiple disciplines from the 1980s to the present day. Opening this weekend, the immersive experience will inhabit the quintessential establishmentarian art institution’s Great Room and continue into some of its “hallowed hallways” and antechambers. She tells us, “Opening weekend is when my utopic vision for the future of art really comes to play. I’m fascinated with how we can present fashion, photography, music in traditional art spaces.”


Kilauea is erupting in Hawaii. Here are 7 things to know about volcanoes.
It’s a reminder that volcanoes are beautiful, dangerous, and closer than we may realize.

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano, one of the state’s youngest and rowdiest, is erupting again for the first time in a year. The US Geological Survey detected the eruption on Wednesday when cameras placed near the summit revealed a glow.
Since then, fountains of lava have blasted up from the volcano’s Halema’uma’u crater, reaching the height of a five-story building. Officials have upgraded the alert level from a watch to a warning, meaning that a hazardous eruption is “imminent, underway, or suspected.” The aviation color code was also raised from orange to red, indicating that a significant emission of ash into the sky is likely.


What “extinction” really means — and what it leaves out
The US declared the ivory-billed woodpecker and 22 other species extinct. The story doesn’t end there.

Nearly two dozen species, including the iconic ivory-billed woodpecker and several kinds of freshwater mussels, were declared extinct this week by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, after years of surveys failed to turn up any of them. The 23 species on the list — which include animals and one plant — join another 650 or so species in the US that have been deemed lost to extinction or that scientists haven’t seen for decades.
The announcement garnered widespread media coverage, and for a good reason: Extinction is forever, as they say, and 23 is the largest number of extinctions the agency has ever declared at one time — not to mention, ornithologists have been debating for years about whether or not the ivory-billed woodpecker is gone for good.
But some researchers argue that the term “extinction” — which is a focus for conservation groups trying to drum up support for their causes — underplays the vast scale of global biodiversity loss, and runs the risk of limiting interest and investment in the natural world.


Why the Royal Family and the social set have long had a love for hens
From the Cambridges to the hen-adoring late Duchess of Devonshire, our feathered, egg laying friends have a well-formed spot in the hearts of aristocrats through history

The Royal Family’s love of their pets is well documented, particularly that of dogs and horses, but their affection for the animal kingdom doesn’t end there. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are the latest royals to reveal that they’re the proud owners of a flock of chickens, which they introduced into the family during lockdown.


Tiara of the Month: The fabulous Astor Tiara featuring the Sancy diamond
A wedding gift from John Jacob Astor to his daughter-in-law Nancy, the eponymous Cartier sparkler features a 55-carat yellow pale yellow shield diamond as its centre piece
Theirs was a union between two of the wealthiest families in the world: Waldorf Astor, a descendant of John Jacob Astor, the enterprising German who had made his millions in the US, and Nancy Langhorne Shaw, the divorcée daughter of a successful railroad businessman. He was part of the British upper crust, while she was a budding society hostess across the pond. Their marriage resulted in two rather sizable gifts from Waldorf’s father: Cliveden estate, and a Cartier tiara.


The Best One-Bowl Cookie Recipe You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
These old-fashioned butter cookies promise to become your new favorite.

Brown-edge cookies may not look like much — and their no-nonsense name certainly doesn’t do them any favors — but don’t let appearances fool you. In the great Venn diagram of cookies, this little wafer lies at the intersection of Christmas sugar cookie, vanilla wafer and French tuile. They are absurdly buttery, crisp at the edges, just barely chewy in the center, and they go with everything. It’s a bold statement, but as far as cookies go, these golden rounds are practically flawless.





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