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It’s bold! It’s bright! It’s airy and colorful! Darlings, surely you MUST be stimulated by now! It is, we are quite sorry to say, MONDAY. Not that we’re not happy to see your lovely and smiling faces (virtually and metaphorically speaking)! And we’re thrilled to report that we have some STUFF in the content pipeline for you today. So all things considered (like it being Monday and all), we’re feeling pretty chipper. That is TOTALLY the eleven cups of coffee we’ve had between us, but such is the blogger’s life, darlings! We’re off to the content assembly line to tighten some nuts, so chat amongst yourselves.


‘The White Lotus’: Jennifer Coolidge Returning For Season 2 Of HBO’s Dark Comedy
The White Lotus standout Jennifer Coolidge is returning for Season 2 of HBO’s hit social satire from Enlightened creator Mike White, sources confirm to Deadline.
Coolidge was a fan-favorite and received critical praise and Emmy buzz for her role as Tanya McQuoid in Season 1 of The White Lotus. Noone is commenting but we hear Coolidge is in talks to reprise her role, a wealthy, unstable woman, recovering from the death of her mother, traveling alone to the hotel, looking for love and in desperate need of a massage, per HBO’s official character description.


Please, Step Into J. Smith-Cameron’s Office
J. Smith-Cameron is well aware that the tweets are out there. You know, those titillating musings over the relationship between her Succession character, the no-nonsense Gerri Kellman, and Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin), the youngest son in the Roy family tree and COO of the fictional media conglomerate; the out-of-context screen grabs of their sordid flirtation on the show. The actress, who is very online herself, has witnessed them all. “I enjoy all those comments and clips,” she confessed to me one morning a few weeks before Succession’s third season premiere. “But it’s been a little hard to navigate, because it was so surprising and weird and then a certain quotient of fans found it delightful, and I’m sure there are other people who I’m not aware of that are repulsed by it. You don’t want to get carried away on the tide of audience response.”


Corporate Transition
When presenting as a man, this “tech bro” entrepreneur was the toast of Silicon Valley—until she stepped into boardrooms as a woman.

Decades of research has established the reality that men and women are treated differently at work, and most women can cite examples of how they’ve been underestimated, passed over, or underpaid. Egan is likely one of the few people who’ve run companies presenting as both a man and a woman. (Trans identities, of course, include a wide range of gender identities and expressions, including people who identify as gender-nonconforming or nonbinary, people who go through medical and social transitions, and much more.)


The Truth About Brittany Murphy’s Life, Mysterious Death, and Disturbing Marriage
Filmmaker Cynthia Hill tells Vanity Fair about the lengths she took to investigate Murphy for HBO Max’s What Happened, Brittany Murphy?—and the shocking revelations she turned up in the process.

Twelve years ago this December, the actor Brittany Murphy died under circumstances mysterious enough that lingering questions about her death still overshadow her career. Was she poisoned? Was her slick-haired screenwriter husband Simon Monjack involved? And how do you explain Monjack’s own death five months later, which was eerily attributed to similar causes of Murphy’s passing: pneumonia and severe anemia?
These are some of the questions addressed in HBO Max’s fascinating two-part documentary What Happened, Brittany Murphy?, which premieres Thursday. But the project, from Emmy-winning director Cynthia Hill, focuses equally on Murphy’s life and career, remembering the ebullient actor who first charmed audiences in Clueless and earned accolades for her performances in Girl, Interrupted and 8 Mile. The filmmaker also traces Murphy’s emotional journey—as a woman who suffered a string of professional and personal heartbreaks that left her vulnerable to Monjack, a manipulator whose own mother describes him on camera as being “economical with the truth.”


Genetic Testing Saves Lives. So Why Aren’t More Women Of Color Doing It?
Doctors at Penn Medicine are leading the charge to provide life-saving cancer screening tests for minority women—and Latinas in particular.

When it comes to effective medicine, information is everything. Genetic testing alone can’t change the realities of DNA, but it can allow the precise reading of DNA, an analysis that spurs preventative measures that save lives. But patients can’t take precautions if they’re never introduced to their own genome.
Testing for the BRCA gene mutation can transform outcomes for women at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. But Black and Latinx women aren’t getting tested at the same rates as white women. Studies have repeatedly shown that women of color are less likely than white women to be recommended for genetic testing by their doctors, and those who are advised to test meet numerous barriers to entry. Latinx women, especially, face an uphill battle: Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Latinas in the U.S., yet data from health interview surveys in 2000, 2005, and 2010 showed that Latinas, more than all other U.S. racial ethic groups, had the least awareness about genetic testing. And those who did receive testing couldn’t always act upon what they learned; nearly 20 percent of the U.S. Latina population isn’t covered by health insurance, making preventative surgeries a non-starter.


Is It True You Can Eat the Rind on a Wedge of Parmesan Cheese?
Don’t take a bite until you’ve read what we have to say.

I’ve been eating Parmesan cheese my whole life, from the ubiquitous green shaky can that lived in the fridge my whole childhood, to the eventual tubs of grated and shredded that started to supplant them in my high school years, to the wedges of Parmigiano Reggiano that became my cheese drawer essential as a young cook in my first apartment. We are talking nearly five decades of eating this magical king of cheeses. So, imagine my shock when on a recent trip to Italy, I learned that I have been eating my Parmesan all wrong. Yeah, I know. Mortifying.


Penn Badgley Isn’t Who You Fans Think He Is
The You star on thirst for his serial killer character, welcoming a son in quarantine, and the challenge of creating “hopeful” entertainment.

“I am the least forgiving person in the world with Joe,” says Badgley, who compares his character to “a person with deep narcissistic personality disorder and sociopathy.” He adds, “He’s clearly, to me, not a good husband. He’s not a good father, but the ways that he’s trying, I think are universal. His fear is probably pretty universal, [but] how he goes about responding to all that is so terrible, obviously.”


Shake up Your Fall Cooking With These Squash Recipes
From a centerpiece stuffed pumpkin to cozy simmered butternut.

Until last fall, my go-to squash recipe was roasted diced butternut, like clockwork.
And while yes, it’s reliably delicious, I was fast approaching butternut burnout. Then one cool fall Saturday, as I was wandering through my local farmers market, I found myself surrounded by squash: comically large blue Hubbards, jack-o’-lantern-ready pumpkins, and gourds in countless shades and shapes—green, orange, and yellow; oblong, round, and hourglass-shaped, with whimsical, knotty stems and stripy skin. My curiosity was piqued—what had I been missing? Inspired, I gathered a cornucopia of gourds, pumpkins, and squash and lugged them back to my apartment. After diving into gardening guides, seeking advice from chefs, and cooking joyfully for days in my tiny kitchen, I discovered a wide world of flavor, texture, and delicious possibility beyond my beloved butternut.


Claudia Schiffer Pens An Ode To The Magical 1990s
Glamour, gloss and grit – fashion shoots of the 1990s had it all. Here, one of its major stars, Claudia Schiffer, explains the era’s visual appeal.

I’m not given to nostalgia, but the 1990s was a magical decade in fashion. It’s the era that gave birth to the supermodel, and saw the rise of style culture and unprecedented creativity. There was an incredible merging of clothing, music, art and entertainment that made those years dynamic and exciting. It was also the period that propelled my career as a professional model. I went from a shy German teenager discovered in Checker’s disco in Düsseldorf in 1988 to working with Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel and walking the runway in Gianni Versace’s epic shows. I have so many vibrant memories of that time.


Hairstylist Jawara Reaches New Heights
For our latest “The Originals” issue, the stylist created 10 looks purposely designed to blow you away.

Born in Brooklyn, partly raised in Jamaica, and based in New York and Paris, Jawara, who prefers to use his first name only, knows a thing or two about moving forward. In the eight years since he broke out on his own, after assisting fellow hair greats Guido Palau, Luigi Murenu, and Sam McKnight, he’s become one of the fashion industry’s most in-demand names, and a go-to for stars such as Beyoncé, Solange, FKA Twigs, and Naomi Campbell.


Jessica Chastain agreed to ‘Scenes From a Marriage’ nude scenes on the condition that Oscar Isaac show ‘the same’ as her
Jessica Chastain has said that her one condition for going fully nude in the new HBO limited series “Scenes From a marriage” was that her co-star, Oscar Isaac, also shed his clothes on screen.
“I said to Hagai [Levi], who wrote and directed the series, in the very beginning, I said, ‘I’m comfortable with all the nudity but any part of my body that you show, you’re going to have to show the same with Oscar,'” Chastain said during an appearance on “The View” with Isaac.
“So there’s a shower scene that I have in Episode 2, and you see my body. So now you see his body. So for me, I wanted it to be balanced.”
However, Isaac, who plays Chastain’s husband on the show, said that he was not aware that his nude scene had made it into the final cut of the show until after the specific episode aired.


Banksy’s self-destructing artwork breaks records in £18.6 million sale
If Love is in the Bin was supposed to poke fun at the art market, then the art market had the last laugh

In 2018, one of Banksy’s best-known works, Girl With Balloon, was sold at Sotheby’s, fetching more than £1 million before alarms sounded and it shredded itself in its frame at the auction house. After deciding to hang onto the artwork, rechristened Love is in the Bin, the buyer sent it back to auction this week, with a guide price of £4 million to £6 million.
As expected, keeping the self-destructing piece (which was supposed to shred completely, but jammed halfway through) turned out to be a good call. Love is in the Bin didn’t just quadruple the buyer’s investment but, after a ten-minute bidding battle, went for eighteen times the original price at a record £18.6 million.


The 12 Best Small Towns in Oregon for Historic Charm, Organic Wineries, and Adventure Treks
Stunning mountain and coastal views are also on display in Oregon’s best small towns.

Portland gets all the attention in Oregon — and while the City of Roses is absolutely worth a visit for its local foodie scene, eclectic shopping, and industrial riverfront vibes, the rest of the state has even more to offer. So, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best small towns in Oregon with under 12,000 residents. Each one made the cut for its historic charm, delicious wineries, adventure activities, stunning mountain and coastal beauty, and more. It’s time to plan your next small town getaway.


Prince William and Kate Middleton’s No-bake Wedding Cake Is Surprisingly Easy to Make — and We Have the Exact Recipe
It’s both delicious and easy.

Baking, it seems, has become the new global pastime since we all stayed home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and baked more banana bread than we’d ever care to consume. But, at least we can now put those newly formed baking skills into making something epic — something like, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s exact wedding cake.
Mentioned in The Royal Collection Trust’s book, Royal Tea, the recipe shared for one of the two wedding cakes served at their historic nuptials is a delicious-sounding chocolate biscuit cake. This particular cake, the trust says, was served as the groom’s cake at the wedding. Their shared wedding cake was a rather over-the-top fruitcake by famed British baker Fiona Cairns.


The past, present, and future of body image in America
Millennials grew up hating their bodies. Does Gen Z have to be the same?

Many young people today say the term “body positivity” has been coopted by thin, white, or light-skinned celebrities and influencers — the same people whose looks have been held up as the beauty ideal for generations. What’s more, some of those influencers celebrate features once stereotypically associated with Black women, like full lips, even as Black women themselves remain discriminated against for their appearance.


A last will and testament can be a huge fight for families
Or a way to prevent fights, as an estate lawyer explains.

Any time you mix family, hurt feelings, and money, it’s a recipe for disaster. I’ve been involved in plenty of those, on all sides. It makes me appreciate functional families a little bit more. I see people who say, “I want everything to go to my kids,” or, “I want everything to go to this one kid,” and everyone else is okay with that. It makes me want to ask them, “What did you do right?”


Why Do You Tattoo?
A company has engineered a body ink that disappears in 15 months or less, setting off an existential debate about commitment.

As an aspiring actress, she felt that having a tattoo could shape the roles she is considered for. She also knew a permanent tattoo would upset her family. “I am Jewish so obviously most of my family is not the biggest fan of tattoos,” Ms. Hertz, 20, said. (There are differing interpretations, but some rabbis believe the Torah prohibits tattoos.)
Instead of going to a traditional tattoo parlor, she headed to Ephemeral, a company with a studio in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn that uses a trademarked ink that fades nine to 15 months after it’s been applied; tattoos cost $195 to $450, depending on size.
Unlike other temporary tattoos, such as henna dye or stickers, Ephemeral tattoos, like their permanent counterparts, are applied with needles and ink under the skin. But some think the idea of a disappearing body art completely defeats the purpose.


On a Fall Road Trip in Alaska, Prepare for the Unexpected
A five-day drive around the Kenai Peninsula reveals few crowds, affordable lodging and autumn colors. But your ability to be flexible will almost certainly be tested.

Testing our flexibility from the start, the Kenai trip came about after the road into Denali National Park abruptly closed about halfway into its 92-mile length in late August because of a landslide. Slides have been occurring in the park’s Pretty Rocks area since at least the 1960s, but the impact of climate change — specifically warmer winters and increased precipitation, causing the frozen ground to thaw — took what was once addressed by periodic road repairs to a “challenge too difficult to overcome with short-term solutions,” according to the National Park Service in a news release announcing the closure.






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