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Posted on October 14, 2021

Deessa Restaurant, Champagne Bar and Palm Court Lounge at Mandarin Oriental – Madrid, Spain


Pure GRANDEUR, darlings. Airy spaces, expansive views and tons of gilt accents. We are nearing the finish line of the week and we all deserve some pampering and self-care – which we tend to define more in the range of “being surrounded by fabulousness” than say, “a walk in nature” or “a day at the spa.” But to each their own! The content goddesses have bestowed upon us a cornucopia of blessings this day, so we’re off to whip things into shape, so to speak. Enjoy touching gold things all day.


Bowen Yang Isn’t Here to Check a Box for Representation
In the past three years, you went from doing stand-up in New York City to writing for Saturday Night Live, then joining the show’s cast, then becoming the first Chinese-American actor to receive an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Your podcast, Las Culturistas, is wildly popular, and you have appeared in Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens and Broad City. It’s safe to say you’ve done plenty of interviews at this point. What is the most unoriginal thing people ask you? “Do I feel pressure for whatever representation framing they want to throw on me. There’s no good answer for that. So I think that makes it a bad question already, but then the fact that it’s asked so much also makes it unoriginal. I understand why it’s an important thing to talk about. I just don’t know that I’ve ever felt good about answering it.”


The 50 Best Dressed Celebrities of 2021
What does it mean to have style in today’s world? These fashion-forward thinkers set the standard with originality, glamour, and celebration.

After a tough year, nothing turned the lights back on like celebrities stepping back on the scene (onto the red carpet?) following season after season of virtual ceremonies and canceled events. From Bella Hadid in gilded Schiaparelli lungs to Dua Lipa’s fun retro street style, these stars came back with the energy we’d been missing. Read on for the 50 best dressed celebs who brought their fashion A-game in 2021.


The New Rules of Old Money
Philanthropy used to be all about black-tie galas and dedicated wings. But the scions of some of America’s richest families are now partnering with progressive organizations to democratize generational wealth and put their money where the movement is.

A wave of radical giving is underway. The mammoth donations of philanthropic heavyweights like MacKenzie Scott and Melinda French Gates are only the most visible examples of affluent people trying to address America’s outrageous problem of economic inequality and change the way giving gets done. In a viral Medium post this past June, Scott wrote of her “humbling belief that it would be better if disproportionate wealth were not concentrated in a small number of hands, and that the solutions are best designed and implemented by others.” Those “others” are often the recipients of financial grants whose voices have not always been heard.


How to Wear Eye Makeup Underneath Glasses, According to Experts
And why you should avoid a smokey eye.

What in the world will wearing glasses mean for my eye makeup routine? Some of my lens-donning friends have told me how frustrating it is to do a full eye look, only to have it look muted as soon as they put on their glasses. To get answers for my friends and my future self (and maybe you!), we turned to Pablo Rodriguez, makeup artist and Director of Artistry at Illamasqua, and Janice Daoud, makeup artist to Miley Cyrus and owner of Kit + Hooks. No need to invest in contact lenses (yet), find out below how you can still rock an eye look while wearing your glasses.


Elizabeth Debicki Looks Exactly Like Princess Diana in These New Photos
Filming for The Crown Season 5 is well underway—and new photos have emerged in which Elizabeth Debicki looks exactly like Princess Diana.
Sure, an actor playing a real-life character is supposed to resemble them. But that’s easier said than done (the internet, for example, poked fun at the first look of Dominic West as Prince Charles). But if early photos are any indication, Debicki’s resemblance to the late princess is uncanny.
The shot shows her and West posing together on a yacht. Debicki dons a floral print dress and very ’90s-style skinny sunglasses, her feathered pixie on full display. Meanwhile, West wears a tweed brown suit, tie, and aviators.


Pączki Donuts
Pączki donuts are traditionally made just before Lent as a delicious way to use up ingredients in the pantry that would normally be given up as a Lenten sacrifice—such as butter, sugar, and jam. Try not to reroll the dough more than 2 to 3 times. This will prevent the donuts from turning slightly tough and from frying up unevenly. Freeze-dried strawberries add a terrific flavor to the jelly donut’s sugar dusting. If you enjoy floral flavors, try filling the donuts with rose petal jam.


No Time To Die Shakes Up James Bond’s Iconic Wardrobe
If one character has a clear-cut fashion identity, it’s James Bond. Ever since Dr. No made its way to the big screen in 1962, England’s foremost spy has been associated with a sophisticated look that has transcended changes in location, generation and actor. With the franchise’s latest instalment, No Time To Die, breaking global box office records, it’s clear that Bond remains one of cinema’s best-loved and -dressed heroes. As the final film with Daniel Craig as 007, the fast-paced action movie, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, marks the end of an era that brought realism and grit to the series. With his perfectly tailored Tom Ford suits and sleek tactical gear, Craig’s Bond has menswear gravitas, but his swan song required a wardrobe that went beyond expectations.


24 Perfect Whiskey Cocktails to Make Right Now
No matter how your favorite label spells it, great whiskey (or whisky) cocktails can thaw you during the lingering months of winter or cool you down when the weather hits a heatwave. We love to sip a classic Manhattan cocktail with rye just as much as a playful punch with bourbon. Looking for a refreshing sip? Try a fruity take on a whiskey sour or a mint julep. Lacking a strong sweet tooth? Whiskey drink recipes don’t have to be sweet, as long as bitters and Aperol are around. Read on for some of our favorite whiskey cocktails and punches for every time of year.


“A Party At The End Of The World”: Behind The Scenes Of Eddie Redmayne’s West End Return In Cabaret
In a new production of Kander and Ebb’s groundbreaking musical, Eddie Redmayne presides over the Kit Kat Club. Sarah Crompton joins the audience. Photographed by Autumn de Wilde.

When Cabaret opens in London in November, it will be the second time Redmayne has played this part. He first gave it a go at 19, in a student production at the Edinburgh Fringe festival just after he left Eton. It was staged in a grotty, run-down venue called Underbelly. “I didn’t really see daylight, and became quite skeletal, and I remember finding it thrilling.” Fast-forward 20 years and that excitement is still there. So is Underbelly, which, under the guidance of its founders, Ed Bartlam and Charlie Wood, has morphed into an influential producing company that hosts festivals in London and Edinburgh and has produced hit shows. It was Bartlam who approached Redmayne to play the part again; Redmayne then asked Jessie Buckley, star of Wild Rose and Judy, whether she’d like to take on Sally Bowles, the singer whose story gives Cabaret its heart. “Jessie has this extraordinary spirit and an anarchic quality,” he says.


The controversial plan to bring jaguars back to the US
Bald eagles, bison, and … big cats?

The cat was moving through southern Arizona’s mountains one night in early January when it appeared on a trail camera, eyes glowing in the flash. It was a male. Over the past five years, this jaguar had been seen north of the Mexico border dozens of times. And like most confirmed US jaguar sightings, the rare images of this elusive creature garnered local press coverage and social media buzz.
Roaming the borderlands, solitary jaguars have become celebrities with names like El Jefe (The Boss) and, in this case, Sombra (Shadow). The felines are memorialized in murals and at school parties. For all we know, these are the only wild jaguars currently living in the US. They are as intriguing for the general public as for the researchers and big cat advocates who controversially want to make this a way less rare event — by restoring the jaguar to US soil, the very northern tip of its original range.


Canned Pumpkin Actually Is Pumpkin, but Not the Kind You Carve
It’s time to set the record straight.

In a 2016 story titled “I Just Found Out Canned Pumpkin Isn’t Pumpkin At All, And My Whole Life is Basically a Lie,” a writer with our sister publication MyRecipes spelled out how she believed canned pumpkin was actually squash, not pumpkin. The story, which also appeared on allrecipes.com, spread like wildfire, igniting outraged cooks in all corners of the country — for good reason. We’ve all believed our precious cans of pumpkin puree come from magical fields of orange gourds that bask in the sun until they’re ripe for the picking. But there’s just one problem with that story: It is not exactly true.


Can the US cut drug prices without sacrificing new cures?
The big unanswered question at the heart of Democrats’ health care agenda.

Congress’s ambitious plans to expand health coverage are crashing up against one of the great questions in health policy: Can they force the pharmaceutical industry to hold down prescription drug prices without sacrificing the medical innovation that could lead to new treatments and cures in the future?
Democrats’ Build Back Better reconciliation bill sets a hard cap on the price Medicare would pay for some prescription drugs, ensuring that the program would pay no more than 20 percent more than other wealthy nations. Those prices would also be available to the commercial plans that cover most working Americans.
The policy is central to Democrats’ health care agenda: The $450 billion in estimated savings from the prescription drug reforms would pay for most of their other health care proposals.


Walking an Adventure Playground
A new hiking path through Slovenia’s Julian Alps offers the pleasures of lakes and valleys rather than high peaks. It’s a worthwhile trade off.

The view from the eastern shore of Slovenia’s Lake Bohinj on a recent afternoon was the picture of Alpine summer leisure. On three sides, the gray peaks of the Julian Alps stood hazy and indifferent in the high sun. Flotillas of rowboats and paddle boarders skimmed across the water. The lake stretched out like a sheet of polished jade.
The view represented an essential truth about this region of northwest Slovenia: that it offers panoramas out of all proportion with its physical scale. Based on vital statistics alone, first-time visitors might be forgiven for anticipating a modest mountain range. The Julian Alps are a tight oval of limestone knuckles, comparable in area to Rhode Island.




[Photo Credit: mandarinoriental.com]

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