Style File: “Last Night in Soho” Star Anya Taylor in Rokh, Richard Quinn and Oscar de la Renta

Posted on October 26, 2021

What? Like you thought we were just going to post one Anya Taylor-Joy look while she’s in the middle of a fashion explosion tour for One Night in Soho? Darlings, please. For two bitches such as we; bitches who have spent years asking stars to wear colors, be bold, and take risks, Miss AT-J feels like the muses themselves have decided to grant us some sort of aesthetic blessing. One thing we absolutely love about her choices is that she doesn’t like to look generic. The other thing we like is how much she switches things up.



In Rokh


And the third thing we like about her style is how much she plays with her own looks. This outfit would look silly on almost anyone, but she knows how to lean into her alien/witch Barbie persona and pick things that feel like they were designed with her in mind. Bows are one of our least favorite design elements in fashion, but if you make them part of a look like this, the silliness of them almost feels like the entire point. What can we say? It just works for us and we think she’s in on the joke.




In Richard Quinn at “The Late Late Show with James Corden”

We will never not bow down to any gal who’ll wear a Leigh Bowery homage (as so much of Richard Quinn’s work is). That dressing room pose tells you all you need to know about how she views fashion. It’s fun, it’s theater, it’s dressup. LOVE that.



In Oscar de la Renta at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

And she’s smart, because she knows the Ellen audience will probably respond better to something a little more mainstream, a little more ingenue, and because it’s October, a little more autumnal in color. It’s pretty, she looks great in it, and it’s not challenging anyone’s ideas of how a starlet should look. Clever girl. Smart style team.



Style Credits:
First Look: Rokh Purple Ensemble wth Bow Detailing from the Spring 2022 Collection | Tiffany & Co. Jewelry
Second Look: Richard Quinn Floral Print Ensemble from the Spring 2022 Collection
Third Look: Oscar de la Renta Orange Strapless Dress from the Spring 2022 Collection

Styled by Paul Burgo | Hair by Gregory Russell | Makeup by Georgie Eisdell | Nails by Kim Truong


[Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros, Terence Patrick/CBS, Paul Burgo/Instagram/@paulburgo, Gregory Russell/Instagram/@gregoryrussellhair, Courtesy of Oscar de la Renta, Courtesy of Richard Quinn, Courtesy of Rokh]

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