Style File: Richard Madden in Giorgio Armani at the “Eternals” Rome Photocall and Premiere

Posted on October 25, 2021

And now, a very pretty man. We figured you could use one right about now.




Like most Very Pretty Men, it appears that Richard Madden likes to rest on that prettiness instead of dressing it up in interesting styles. This makes us especially sad because we think he’s particularly well-suited to rich colors and textiles. It’s that whole Prince Charming thing he’s got going on. In related news, he needs to stop doing the Blue Steel thing on the red carpet and he also needs to speak to his colorist, because it looks like if he got caught in the rain, all that color would wind up running down his face. A lighter touch on the Lady Clairol, please. Or even better, just let your gray fly free.





We’re not offended by this, but if you’re gonna do the John Wick look, at the very least, your mostly colorless outfit should be impeccably fitted. We can tell it’s a fine suit, but it’s odd that a custom job would have puddling pants and a jacket that appears to be both a skosh too long and a skosh too tight.

Whatever. None of you are reading this, we know.



Style Credits:
First Look: Giorgio Armani Navy/Black Micro Check Virgin Wool Suit | Giorgio Armani Navy Silk Crew Top | Breitling Watch
Second Look: Custom Giorgio Armani Midnight Silk Wool Peak Lapel Suit | Giorgio Armani Midnight Tailored Shirt & Blue Satin Silk Tie | Breitling Watch

Styled by Gareth Scourfield | Grooming by Charley McEwen


[Photo Credit: Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images for Marvel, IPA/]

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