Pop Style Opinionfest: What’s Up with “Squid Game” and “Diana:The Musical?”

Posted on October 08, 2021

Well, everyone else is talking about them this week, why wouldn’t we? We’re referring to internationally red hot South Korean drama-thriller Squid Game and universally panned (but nonetheless still heading to Broadway next month) Diana: The Musical, darlings. We just had to get some thoughts of our manly chests on both of these zeitgeist-definers.




Rather than offer a simple review of either of them, we wanted to talk more about why we think, for instance, that Squid Game became the most popular Netflix show of all time in over 90 countries at exactly this moment in time and why Americans specifically have latched on to it when, let’s face it, we’re not known for embracing a lot of foreign language television shows.





And because we considered it a public service to do so, we sat through the execrable Diana: The Musical. Yes, we run down all of the reasons why it’s so terribly and badly conceived, but we also wanted to talk quite a bit about why Diana herself remains such a figure of fascination and why public interest in her is the highest it’s been in nearly two decades.



All that plus our thoughts on why everyone’s wrong about the American Vogue cover with Adele! It’s Pop! It’s Style! It’s Opinion! Darlings, it’s all here and we thank you for listening to it.


[Photo Credit: Netflix – Video Credit: Netflix/YouTube]

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