Official Character Posters for “Spencer” Starring Kristen Stewart

Posted on October 05, 2021


The character posters for the much-awaited Spencer have dropped and they all affirm that which we figured was always true: royal Christmases look like utterly miserable affairs.


Kristen Stewart as Lady Diana Spencer





Jack Farthing as His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales





Sally Hawkins as Royal Dresser Maggie





Sean Harris as Royal Head Chef Darren McGrady





Timothy Spall as Major Alistair Gregory



The emphasis here on servants rather than on the family itself tends to support the idea that this film is far less interested in being a rehash of The Crown than it might appear at first glance. They didn’t even include one for the Queen, for Pete’s sake. We’ve heard a lot of complaints about Stewart’s lack of resemblance to Diana but we honestly don’t think she’s any further from the real thing than any of the casting decisions on The Crown. Like the performances on that show, it will all come down to voice and affect.



[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Neon]

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