Jason Momoa in Henry Poole & Co at the “Dune” London Premiere

Posted on October 19, 2021

We like to think Jason Momoa won us over as much as we won him over. Please allow us our little fantasies.


Our point is this: There was a time when we would have been upset, if not downright histrionic about some of the styling choices here; specifically the lack of a shirt, the jewelry that doesn’t go with formal wear, the puddling pants hem and/or the shoe choice, which is fabulous in its own right, but not quite right for a suit like this one. There was also a time when we had to beg and plead with him (from afar) to get into some well-fitted formalwear that doesn’t ask too much of him. Now, going by the sheer joy he’s been radiating lately, he seems to love getting his dandy on (on his own terms) and we don’t mind all the Momoa-specific style choices. He wouldn’t be him without them. It’s a growth thing, kittens.



Style Credits:
Bespoke Henry Poole & Co Suit


[Photo Credit: Instarimages.com, Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures/Legendary Picture]

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