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Posted on September 09, 2021

Nola’s Speakeasy Cocktail Bar – London, England


Because sometimes, you just want to shut out the world and hang out in someone’s surprisingly well-appointed basement. In other words, it’s time to return to that old coping classic, the “hunker in a bunker.”

Personally, there’s not much hunkering in our near future.We’re all a-tingle over here because we’ve got both the VMAs and the Met Gala happening in a few days and then the Emmys land a week after that, which not only means dozens and dozens of high-end red carpet posts to write, but also three pieces for Cosmopolitan. We are about to enter a brief golden era of red carpetry and your manly hosts are doing all their stretching and limbering up ahead of game time.

In the mean time, content must be forged in the content smithy today, so we’re off to put on our leather aprons and get down to it. Talk amongst ya’selves!


Jessica Chastain Explained That Unforgettable Red Carpet Moment with Oscar Isaac
Do you hear the sound of broken hearts everywhere?
This year’s Venice International Film Festival may have been about the movies (Dune, we get it), but the moment that’s seared into everyone’s collective conscious is undoubtedly the red-hot red carpet kiss involving certified dreamboat Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain at the premiere of their HBO miniseries, Scenes from a Marriage.
The slow-motion caress, which saw Isaac planting a soft kiss to Chastain’s arm, became a viral sensation — even as Isaac’s wife, Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Elvira Lind, stood in the background watching it all go down. Chastain paid a visit to the Today show and explained that it was the perfect combination of slow-motion magic, acting, and two friends knowing exactly what to do to get the internet talking.


Janet Jackson’s Upcoming Documentary Will Feature the Icon Opening Up Like Never Before
The two-parter will air on Lifetime and A&E in January 2022, and feature a number of high-profile Hollywood cameos.

Janet Jackson is ready to speak her truth.
The iconic performer released the first teaser trailer for her upcoming two-part documentary, JANET, which is set to air simultaneously on Lifetime and A&E in January 2022. The new clip features a number of high-profile cameos from former collaborators and fellow creatives within Jackson’s close-knit circle, including Paula Abdul, Missy Elliott, and Mariah Carey reminiscing on Jackson’s impact as an artist and one of the most influential women in music history.


Olivia Holt Is Still Finding Herself
The “Next” singer talks Cruel Summer season 2, the pressure of social media, and how she’s maturing after a childhood as a Disney star.

“Music was my first love. My dad was a musician, my sister was a musical theater nerd, and my brother listened to all sorts of music. So I think it was always in my bones. Then I fell in love with acting, and I focused on that for a bit, and it gave me the chance to live life a little bit. Because the music industry is such a specific lane, you have to understand your voice. You have to know what direction you want to go sonically and lyrically, and I had to learn so many things about myself in order to do that.”


Kobe Bryant’s Daughter Natalia Bryant Shares Memories of Her Father
“I love talking about my dad. It’s bittersweet, but I enjoy talking about him more than it’s sad for me,” the model and college freshman said.

Natalia told several stories about how her father nurtured her interests growing up. The incoming film major said that her love of movies came from watching them with Kobe, who won an Academy Award for his animated short film, Dear Basketball. After a 2019 midnight showing of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, the Los Angeles Lakers player agreed to watch all the franchise’s films that same night with her.


Peek Inside the Most Exciting Fashion Auction of the Season
The collection of the late philanthropist Michelle Smith includes Dior, Balenciaga, and a surprising royal connection.

This past April, Sotheby’s New York held its highest-valued design sale ever when the collection of late D.C. doyenne Michelle Smith hit the auction block—bringing in a record $45 million. Now, Chicago-based Hindman Auctions is following up with the philanthropist’s incredible assemblage of haute couture, designer clothing, and accessories.
On September 21, A Life in Couture: The Collection of Michelle Smith will present one of the most significant private collections of contemporary haute couture in recent history. Comprising over 300 lots, the sale highlights remarkable work by Balenciaga, Dior, Ralph Rucci, J. Mendel, Emilio Pucci, Halston, and Stephen Burrows among others.


Soft-Serve Hard Cider Is Autumn’s Answer to Frosé
A Richmond-based cidery is serving hard cider on ice cream cones—and it could be the next big thing in alcoholic treats.

For the past several years, frosé has had a stronghold on boozy brunches, though many beverage professionals continue to have mixed feelings about it.
Will Correll, founder and CEO of Buskey Cider, has always found frosé to be lacking. He wanted to come up with something refreshing for fall that elevated the flavor of the base beverage, rather than masked it. “We thought about people wanting something frozen and cold, but a lot of times, frosé leaves me wanting something that’s a little more craft and the beverage [itself], instead of just sweet, syrupy additives,” he said.


How Humans Walk and Carry a Cup of Coffee Is a Bit of a Physics Mystery
Can you explain how you don’t spill your mug of hot coffee on yourself? Neither can scientists… yet.

A team of researchers from ASU’s School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering has published a paper entitled “Synchronous Transition in Complex Object Control” that builds on previous research that examined how humans handled a rolling ball in a cup — a system modeled after carrying a cup of hot coffee. What that study found is that people tended to use two methods for controlling the ball — and they sometimes even switched between the two. The ASU team’s research further analyzed how that subtle transition happens. “The findings from this study can be used to implement these human skills into soft robots with applications in other fields, such as rehabilitation and brain-machine interface,” Lai added.


Awkwafina on How Losing Her Mother as a Young Child Shaped Her Entire Life
The Nora From Queens star says no one knows what to say to a kid who has lived through that kind of tragedy — and it changed the way she sees the world.

So many things remind me of my mom, Tia. When I go to Korean restaurants and see the banchan, I think of the beautifully prepared bento boxes that she used to make for lunch. When I smell the incense they burn at church, I remember how she converted to Catholicism when she got sick. And when I see really big, ’90s-style glasses, I think of the wire frames that she wore whenever she was watching TV or reading at home.


Inside the Romantic, Remote Colorado Retreat Where Lily Collins Had Her Wedding
The backdrop of Lily Collins’s wedding photos looked like they could be a modern-day Ansel Adams photograph: a waterfall flowing down a rocky expanse, Aspen trees in the background. Sure, the Emily in Paris actor, in her Ralph Lauren gown, and her husband were the most eye-catching things in the shot. But nature was a close second.
Many American travel aficionados instantly recognized the idyllic locale: Dunton Hot Springs.
A remote resort outside of Telluride, Colorado, Dunton Hot Springs is nestled into an alpine valley with expansive views of the San Juan mountains. As the name implies, there are five natural hot spring areas on the 1600-acre property—one is even housed in a restored bath house.


The Best Ever Celebrity Wedding Dresses
Because everyone loves a wedding..

Celebrity wedding style is always something to marvel over.
When you’ve money to burn, friends with serious fashion credentials and access to some of the very best names in the business, the world of wedding dresses is really your oyster.
From Naeem Khan to Vera Wang and a sprinkling of Giles Deacon here and there, here are the very gorgeous and sometimes extravagant celebrity brides.


Andrew Garfield on Loss, Art, Televangelism and Those Pesky ‘Spider-Man’ Rumors
Born in Los Angeles and raised in a suburb of London, Garfield began training in youth theater at age 9 before studying speech and drama in primary and secondary school. His breakout roles came in the popular U.K. series “Doctor Who” and the 2007 Robert Redford drama “Lions for Lambs.” With each subsequent part, Garfield has amped up his skill and intensity, evidenced by films like “The Social Network,” “99 Homes, “ “Hacksaw Ridge” and “Silence.” This fall he hits a new stride, one that could land him in the thick of the Oscar race.
“The pervading religion right now is prosperity. Look at any social media platform; it’s no accident. Jim and Tammy were the first reality show couple. They announced births and had family Christmases on the air. They were pre-Kardashian Kardashians,” he says. “Look at these megachurches now; it’s alive and well. It’s all prosperity doctrine. ‘I am enough if I have this.’ That is what fascinated me about Jim, and it was painful to play: inhabiting that space of total dependence on something that is undependable and calling it God.”


Paula Jones Was “Larger Than Life,” Which Made Annaleigh Ashford Work Even Harder to Get Her Right
The actress talks to Vanity Fair’s Still Watching about all the wigs and work that went into portraying Jones on American Crime Story: Impeachment.

For Ashford, it all hinged on one very important scene in the first episode, when Paula Jones comes forward about her sexual assault at a CPAC conference. “If we didn’t get that scene right, then you wouldn’t feel for Paula,” Ashford says. In the scene, you can see a clearly overwhelmed Jones squirming to articulate what happened to her with Clinton in the hotel room at the Annual Governor’s Quality Conference at the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock, while a large group of mostly male reporters brushes her off. “The biggest thing that I think is important for people to know is that we didn’t elaborate or accentuate that male dominance,” Ashford says. “It was all lifted from what happened for real that day. Almost every word is stuff that she really said for real, and some of the reporters said for real. And it was all men. It was a room full of men.”
Another real element of the shoot that day? Ashford’s costume. “We actually found the real outfit on eBay, because Paula Jones at some point in her life needed to auction it off for some reason,” she told V.F. “Somehow it ended up on eBay and I wore it in the show. Doesn’t that blow your mind? We all felt it—the power of this garment that I had on my body.”


Venice to Track Cell Phones, Use Hundreds of Cameras to Manage Tourist Entry
The city has introduced another effort to combat overtourism.

Venice isn’t just planning a new tourist fee and reservation system to manage tourists, it also is deploying hundreds of CCTV cameras and a mobile phone tracking system to keep tabs on who’s entering the beloved city.
Venice’s goal is to track “every person who sets foot in the lagoon city,” Reuters reported, describing a system of 468 cameras and sensors that allow officials to differentiate residents from visitors, track origins and destinations, and determine how fast people are moving.


The Best Small Towns in the U.S. to See Fall Foliage
All it takes is a road trip to these small towns to see some of the nation’s most beautiful fall colors.

There’s something magical about watching nature transition from one season to the next, and the shift from summer greens to the vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds of fall is especially stunning. Autumn reminds us that change is imminent — and natural. And while it can be short-lived, there is no season quite as colorful.
Each year, the colors of fall drive leaf-peepers to make their annual pilgrimage to capture and walk among the beautiful maple, aspen, hickory, birch, and beech trees, to name a few. And while New England may be best known for its fall hues, there are small towns all over the U.S. that showcase their autumn best year after year.
From New Mexico and Indiana to New York and Vermont, we’ve curated a list of small towns across the nation that shine when the weather moves toward fall.


What does sustainability mean in the Bronx?
In the face of environmental racism, sustainability isn’t about what you buy.

How do different communities across America handle this? It’s been shown that different communities have different recycling habits. For example, suburban communities reportedly recycle at much higher rates than urban communities. On the other hand, rural communities are more likely to say they don’t recycle at all. The biggest hurdle appears to be access to recycling centers in general. A 2018 survey from the Recycling Partnership found that more than half of Americans — specifically young and low-income people — say it’s not that they don’t want to recycle, but that they feel they do not have proper access to recycling programs.


Two diamond bracelets that once belonged to Marie Antoinette up for auction
When the Queen was imprisoned, she sent the jewels in a sealed casket to a trusted confidante in Belgium, and they were discovered after her death

Throughout history, there have been many tales of famous diamonds that have changed hands due to tragedy. For example, Grand Duchess Vladimir had two British co-conspirators help her smuggle her diamonds out of Tsarist Russia during the Communist Revolution of 1917, with the gems eventually being made into the Vladimir Tiara, a favourite of Her Majesty The Queen’s today.
Yet one lesser known tale is that of Marie Antoinette’s diamond bracelets, which she managed to send to her native Austria ahead of her execution – and which are now up for auction at Christie’s Geneva.



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