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Posted on September 02, 2021

Oase Bar and Restaurant – Breda, Province of North Brabant, Netherlands


Kittens, we don’t know about y’all, but we need something stimulating, fabulous and cozy to get us up and running after an unexpectedly stressful night and morning. We woke up to multiple reports of floods and tornadoes all around T Lo Manor and the surrounding areas, thanks to Ida whipping our area with the merest flick of the tip of her tail before exiting the stage. Our princely estate held up just fine and we were certainly never in any danger, but living where we do, it’s just not normal to wake up to the kind of text convos we had with family and friends this morning. Climate change is no frikking joke. We’ve never seen our city or the areas around it showing that much devastation from a weather event.

Anyway, sorry to harsh your buzz! The ironically good news is that today is an astonishingly gorgeous day outside our windows, with the first true hint of fall in the cool post-storm temperatures! That Mother Nature sure likes to have her little jokes, doesn’t she?

But look, we’re fine. Our prayers and sympathies go out to everyone who was affected by this storm in much more concrete and devastating ways. Now we’re off to find things to distract ourselves. Oh, and to distract you, of course. You’re never far from our minds, but today, we think we’re particularly keen on getting lost in the frivolity of red carpet talk.


All of the secrets behind the Chanel haute couture dress worn by Kristen Stewart on the “Spencer” poster
It took 1054 hours of work to make the sublime Haute Couture dress that Kristen Stewart wears as Princess Diana in “Spencer”, Pablo Larraín’s highly anticipated new biopic.

Since the release of the poster on August 25, 2021, the dress that Kristen Stewart wears to embody the English Princess does not leave the public indifferent. The dress is an evening gown in beige organza, enhanced with gold and silver sequins which form fine floral branches. With a whalebone bustier, the neckline is bordered by a delicately pleated tulle flounce highlighted with sequins and a satin band. A satin bow encircles the dress on the front while the skirt is fitted to the hip before its full length unfolds, with thousands of ruffles and gathers.


The Chair’s Holland Taylor on TV World Building, College Regrets, and the ‘Freedom’ of Going Makeup-Free Onscreen
Everyone has a moment when they first fell for Holland Taylor. For many of us, it was when she appeared as a tough law professor with a heart of gold in Legally Blonde; for others, it was her turn as the insouciant art-collecting bicon (bisexual icon, to those not in the know) Peggy Peabody on The L Word; and for still others, it was her Broadway stint as Texas governor Ann Richards in the one-woman play Ann.
If, by some chance, you haven’t activated your obsession with the 78-year-old actor yet, now’s your chance. She dazzles on the new Netflix series The Chair; and for a show that stars the likes of Sandra Oh, Bob Balaban, and Jay Duplass, that’s saying quite a lot. Taylor plays Joan Hambling, a longtime professor at the fictional Pembroke University who is alternately appalled and energized by her students’ Gen Z joie de vivre (though none of them can ignite the kind of passion in her that Chaucer does). Recently, Vogue spoke to Taylor about the part, working with Sandra Oh, and her own college years.


A New Documentary Checks In with Children Born In the Months After Their Fathers Died on 9/11
Generation 9/11 director Liz Mermin discusses what we can learn from these young people, twenty years after the attacks.

For roughly 100 children, the 9/11 terrorist attacks prevented them from ever meeting their fathers. These kids, born in the months after the attacks, are now freshmen in college, and each has grappled with their grief in a different way. The new documentary, Generation 9/11, follows seven of these young adults, as they reflect on their common tragedy and how it shaped their upbringings. Six of them grew up in America and one, Fares Malahi, came of age in Yemen. They have different political beliefs, wide-ranging interests, and span the country in location; however, they are all united by this loss.
Director Liz Mermin spoke with T&C about the film’s two parallel stories—growing up with a father who passed in 9/11 and coming of age in the 21st century. Watch an exclusive clip from the documentary above. And, below, Mermin discusses the multifaceted nature of this story, and what we can take away from it.


Bud Light Releases Pumpkin Spice and Toasted Marshmallow Hard Seltzers
The new Fall Flannel 12-pack from Bud Light Seltzer arrives nationwide this month.

Bud Light is, by far, America’s best-selling beer. So when the brand decided to jump into the exploding hard seltzer market, it wasn’t long before they pushed towards the top of that category as well. But Bud Light Seltzer still has work to do before toppling the market leader, White Claw. And in the quest for further publicity, Bud Light has turned to the tried and true: pumpkin spice.
Yesterday, Bud Light Seltzer announced their seasonal “Fall Flannel” mixed 12-pack — and though the four flavors included in the pack certainly nail the autumn theme, they may not sound like what you’d expect out of a hard seltzer: Pumpkin Spice, Toasted Marshmallow, Maple Pear, and Apple Crisp.


Texas Now Has The Most Restrictive Abortion Law
All over the country, restrictive abortion bans continue to be introduced at the state level. In Texas, a new bill goes one step further by incentivizing individuals to enforce the law with a $10,000 (or more) award to anyone who successfully sues someone providing or assisting a woman seeking an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. Even religious leaders who provide emotional and spiritual counseling to patients considering abortion could be liable under the law.
“The state has put a bounty on the head of any person or entity who so much as gives a patient money for an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, before most people know they are pregnant,” Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, said in a statement to ELLE.com. “Worse, it will intimidate loved ones from providing support for fear of being sued.”
In response, a large group of abortion providers, abortion funds, support networks, doctors, and clergy members have filed a lawsuit seeking to block what they call an “unconstitutional ban” on abortion before the law takes effect. Here’s everything you need to know.


Emma Corrin stars in Netflix’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover – here’s what you need to know
Forget about Bridgerton and The Crown for a moment; there’s a new period drama on the horizon, starring one of our favourite British actors.
Netflix recently announced that it’s in the process of adapting the famous D.H. Lawrence novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover, which explores a noble woman’s affair with a gamekeeper on her husband’s estate. Emma Corrin has been cast in the lead role.
The novel was first published in Florence in 1928. Four years later, an expurgated version was released in England. It took almost 30 years for the full text to be published in New York City and, in 1960 in London, around the same time, it was the subject of an obscenity trial (Regina v. Penguin Books, Ltd.) over its use of ‘risqué’ sexual references.


Chef Doris Is Serving Detroit’s Best Soul Food from Her Front Lawn
The 73-year-old grandmother’s food stand is the hottest dining destination in town. But Doris Sharpe-Frasier’s biggest priority is keeping her neighborhood fed.

When you turn into the neighborhood down Steele Avenue and Plymouth on Detroit’s west side, remnants of summers past still linger: kids running barefoot across the grass, men washing cars, all to the soundtrack of ice cream truck music. What modernizes this picture is the line of eager patrons standing outside a small Pepto Bismol-pink food stand.
The Sharpest Eatery: Home of the $5 Meal sits in the front yard of the first house on the corner. “Today we have macaroni and cheese, greens, red beans, and rice,” says Sharpest Eatery owner Doris Sharpe-Frasier out the rectangular front window. The neighbors call her Miss Doris. “If you add meat, that’ll take about 5 to 7 minutes.”
Miss Doris’ pick up-only food stand garnered newfound attention after a local newspaper columnist came upon her “$5 dollar a meal” sign. What followed was a series of questions, an impromptu photoshoot, and, the next week, a front-page cover in the Detroit Free Press.


The State of the Arts
This is the State of the Arts, our bi-annual look at Black Excellence: the good, the baddies, and the burnt-out.

I was a diversity-box-checking trifecta (Black! Latina! Woman!), which again sent my perfectionism into dangerous overdrive. Not only did I have to succeed, but I also had to do it for all of the young people of color who would come next. I had to make sure that I didn’t mess it up — I didn’t want to be the reason someone else would be turned down for a role. And even though I felt hit with microaggressions and a load of moral weight that had nothing to do with work, I felt I had to be grateful at every turn that I had been “chosen.” But this is not a way to live, and it’s absolutely not a way to thrive.


The ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Book vs. the Hulu Series: All the Differences
The series takes inspiration from the novel—but sharply diverges after episode one.

As with Big Little Lies, the book Nine Perfect Strangers is set in an entirely different country than the series. Moriarty’s novel is set in Australia, but David E. Kelley moved the adaptation to the States (even though, confusingly, the series was actually filmed in Australia). But, again, as with Big Little Lies, Kelley kept Moriarty’s cast of characters and simply adapted the plot for Nine Perfect Strangers the series to make it better suited to a television format. Ahead, a guide to what’s notably different and similar between the series and the hit book.


The 125 Best Met Gala Looks of All Time
The Met Gala is where celebrities ascend to style icon status. On the first Monday in May, stars don’t just walk the red carpet, they climb the steps of the Metropolitan Museum in statement couture presenting their interpretation of the exhibition’s theme to the entire world. Unlike an awards show or a premiere, the goal isn’t to shine for a moment, it’s to create a look that resonates for decades. Despite the wealth of designer gowns and bespoke suits, few accomplish that feat, but those who do earn themselves a place in fashion history. The greatest hits—Rihanna’s papal chic, Kate Moss’s golden turban, Sarah Jessica Parker’s tartan Alexander McQueen, Erykah Badu’s glittering top hat, Madonna in a hippie caftan—rank among the best outfits ever to be worn. And their charms wouldn’t have been as compelling on another night.


1 Writer and 100+ Reporters: The Making of the ‘TIME’ 9/11 Cover Story
Nancy Gibbs reflects on writing the cover story for the award-winning black-bordered special issue many people still have saved today.

Ordinarily, if you’re going to try to do a whole magazine in 24 hours instead of seven days, the logical thing would be to split it up and one person writes about New York and one person writes about the attack on the Pentagon and one would look at how government agencies were responding and who might have done this. You would just divide it up into 10 pieces in a parallel process. Instead he says, “Well, I only want one story and everyone else is going to go report it and file to you. I just want you to tell the story of today. Think of it as a time capsule. We don’t know who did this. We don’t know what is going to happen five days or five years from now because of this. Just tell me the story of today.” It was a test of speed as much as anything else. And he had no safety net. If I didn’t get words on the page, he was going to have nothing other than a lot of pictures.


Camila Cabello Addresses James Corden Flashmob Amid Backlash
Fans weren’t happy with the stunt

Social media users were not happy with James Corden, Camila Cabello and Idina Menzel, aka the cast of Cinderella, after they started a flashmob through the streets of LA. Now Camila, who plays Cinderella in the remake, has spoken out.
As part of The Late Late Show, James and his Cinderella co-stars took part in a segment called ‘Crosswalk The Musical’, where they stopped traffic at an intersection of a road to perform a song.
While some fans were all over the moment, others have criticised the cast for not considering the fact some of the drivers might have been in a rush or felt unsafe.


The Most Glamorous Vintage Photographs Of The Venice Film Festival
“The Venice Film Festival was like passing a final exam,” director Federico Fellini said after his work was accepted by the esteemed competition. Evolving out of a recurring late 19th-century art exhibition, the festival, which was first held in 1932, is the oldest of its kind. Traditionally hosted on the Venetian island of Lido, the event sees new releases vying to win its highest accolade, the Golden Lion, recognised globally as a mark of cinematic prestige.
One of the ‘Big Three’ alongside Cannes Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival, Venice Film Festival has all the star-studded appeal of the former as well as the auteurist leanings of the latter, while also distinguishing itself by championing arthouse Italian films alongside global blockbusters in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Embracing the Beauty of Being Bald
Going bald is sometimes a choice, sometimes it’s not. Either way, it’s beautiful.

In a world where other people are often still making early judgment calls based on someone’s hairstyle — blonde and you’re a ditz, Afro and you’re an activist, and so on — you’d think the absence of hair would free a person of all that weight. And yet, first glance assumptions are still often made about women who are bald, assumptions that can touch on everything from their medical conditions to their sexual orientation.
Going bald is sometimes a choice, sometimes it’s not. Either way, it’s beautiful.


Interior designers share 15 home-decor trends they think you’ll regret in a few years
Joe Cangelosi, the owner of Joe Cangelosi Design, told Insider that marble countertops weren’t the best option — particularly for those who plan to spend a lot of time using their kitchen.
“They’re beautiful, but they also chip and stain easily,” he said. “Choose quartz instead. They have options that look just like marble. Or if you want a natural look, choose granite.”



Oase’s murals by Netherlands-based artist duo Niels van Swaemen and Kaspar van Leek from Studio Giftig.


[Photo Credit: hugointerieurvormgeving.nl, oase-breda.nl]

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