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Posted on September 29, 2021

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Bright and airy, darlings! Can’t you just hear the clatter and conversation bouncing around today’s LOunge? Let’s all be lively! It’s WEDNESDAY, isn’t it? Hello? Let’s celebrate that! Or not, of course. Moody types and introverts are welcome and encouraged to be as sullen and silently judgmental as their day calls for. We’re a giving sort of people. Which reminds us, we’re off to tame the wild content for the day, so chat amongst yourselves, darlings!


For The Love Of God: Let Fictional Characters Go To Church And Have Sex
People of faith can get it.

Christian people have sex—which you could probably guess since more Christian people keep being born and they have to come from somewhere. And despite what the Bible might instruct, not all of those Christian people have sex within marriage, or even within the confines of what their religious institution thinks is moral. Many evangelical Christian denominations participate and propagate “purity culture”—abstinence pledges, purity rings, True Love Waits, and so on—and Catholicism reminds the faithful from an early age that sex outside of marriage is wrong. But that ideal is divorced from the reality of life in 2021. As a recent survey from Pew Research showed, half of all U.S. Christians think that casual sex is okay, so, regardless of whether or not we agree with it, why don’t we see more Christians having sex in romance novels?


Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Return to California After “Knockout” New York Tour
Their whirlwind trip offered a glimpse at what’s to come.

Proving their pulling power as global philanthropists, the couple—representing their Archewell Foundation—also convened a roundtable session in partnership with the World Health Organization for a conversation on achieving shared global vaccine equity goals. Speaking to 18 attendees—including Gavi CEO Dr. Seth Berkeley, Assistant Director-General of WHO Stewart Simonson, and Director at the Office of Global Affairs, U.S. Department of Health, Loyce Payce—the Sussexes listened and made suggestions as they discussed a number of crucial global health priorities, including the wide gap between wealthy and developing nations.


13 Bond Girls Who Overshadowed 007
It’s hard to say the phrase “Bond girl” without rolling your eyes. After all, so many of the women who populated the James Bond films of the early 1960s and 1970s were interchangeable: questionably young ingénues with ridiculous names (Kissy Suzuki, Tiffany Case, Plenty O’Toole, Holly Goodhead) who bedded our hero, were promptly killed by some cat-stroking criminal mastermind and then forgotten about. However, there have also been some who defied those limitations – courageous allies and adversaries who proved that they’d never be in need of rescuing – and, thankfully, they’ve grown in number over the last two decades.


‘The Entire Conversation Needs To Change’: Reproductive Justice Leaders On The Fight For Abortion Access
The recent Texas law is part of an onslaught years in the making—yet few heeded the warning.

Reproductive justice leaders on the front lines have long been sounding the alarm about conservatives consolidating power at the state level, leading to this year’s widespread attacks on abortion access and voting rights. Now, with the midterms fast approaching, we can’t afford to lose voters to burnout and disillusionment. Instead, we have to listen to the leaders who’ve been working around the clock to ensure people have safe and destigmatized access to healthcare. We have to have a new, robust, mainstream conversation about reproductive justice—about where we are failing and where we can still succeed. We have to ground people in the true stakes of this fight and make clear who will be most affected by these restrictive policies. Regardless of the outcome of any one election, we must always be out in the streets, participating in and advocating for the future we want.


This Fall’s Most Anticipated Food Books Have a Sense of History
From Stanley Tucci’s Italian obsessions to an homage to Black foodways, there’s never been a better time to feed your mind.

The season’s cookbooks echo the trend of origin-story memoirs with recipes that underscore the writers’ influences from family and pop culture, and their motivations. The worldwide obsession with the Great British Bake Off franchise has made Nadiya Hussain and Vallery Lomas (via the American version) popular food influencers with highly anticipated baking books, both of which offer recipes for comforting cakes and ambitious pithiviers. But it is in the personal essays and headnotes that both Hussain and Lomas illustrate how baking became the center of their lives, and the lifestyle and career choices they made to be on the TV show.


The 23 Best True Crime Shows to Get Hooked On
Real life can be a lot scarier than fiction.

I can’t always handle horror movies. Between the unexpected gore it’ll sometimes throw at you—I’m looking at you, American Horror Story—and the jump-scares that exist solely to make you, you know, jump? No thanks. So when I want to feel a little freaked out, I watch true crime TV shows and documentaries. Sometimes they’re gory, but in that archival footage/”based on a true story” way that’s a little less visceral (also, nothing jumps out at me). Plus, true crime TV forces me to confront the inherent darkness of the human condition, and the knowledge that those capable of the most heinous acts just walk among us without ever calling attention to the horrors of their mind. So, you know, win-win!
This decade has seen, and continues to see, a lot of spooky, riveting, can’t-believe-it’s-real true crime shows—both documentary and dramatization. Here’s a list of the best so far—the ones we’re obsessed with, and the ones we can’t wait to check out.


The Story Behind Jessica Chastain’s Gloriously Gaudy Costumes in The Eyes of Tammy Faye
Think of Tammy Faye Bakker, and the first thing that comes to mind is likely the signature look she honed over five decades in the spotlight. Fake eyelashes with thickly applied mascara laid over the top, framed by iridescent eyeshadow; a crop of reddish-blonde hair featuring a towering, tousled bouffant and diagonal bangs; and, finally, her shape-shifting style, united only by her enduring love for everything loud. Animal prints, sequins, ruffles, fur, and, of course, big, brash gold jewelry—you name it, Bakker wore it.


What We Are Still Getting Wrong About Chinese Food
For Fly By Jing’s founder Jing Gao, flavor is a vehicle for change.

Chances are you’ve heard of chili crisp, the Chinese condiment that exploded into American home kitchens when pandemic-weary cooks were looking for new ways to add flavor to their food. My all-natural Sichuan Chili Crisp is what put my condiment company Fly by Jing on the map, but my ambitions for the brand have always been greater: To shine light on this 5,000-year-old culinary heritage, and rewrite false narratives about Chinese food that have existed for centuries in the West. If the goal is to shift culture, then Fly By Jing’s vehicle for change is flavor.


20 Years Later, Zoolander’s Mugatu Is Still a Fashion Icon
He’s only in a handful of scenes in the film all together, but his costumes make an impression. When he meets with Zoolander at his brand’s headquarters, he sports a tight-fitted corset over top a Mugatu-logo’d sweater. As Mugatu would say himself, logomania is “so hot right now.” (I mean, have you seen Fendace?) When Zoolander is later hypnotized by our villain, I found myself being hypnotized by his fuzzy mohair sweater, silver corset, and glittery pants. My new going out look!


How to Build a Beautiful Vegan Cheese Board
Ian Martin of Misha’s Kind Foods assembles the perfect spread of plant-based cheeses.

There’s nothing more stunning than a bountiful cheese board. But after deciding recently to go easy on dairy, I thought I’d have to say goodbye to them—that is, until I discovered some incredible vegan cheese options. To walk us through the steps of constructing the perfect vegan cheese board, I turned to Ian Martin, co-founder of plant-based, dairy-alternative brand, Misha’s Kind Foods. Here’s how to assemble a spread even your non-vegan friends will enjoy.


The best cape dresses worn by royal women
The elegant, dramatic style is a firm favourite among royalty

When we think of the cape, images of fancy dress and costume-wearing might spring to mind. Now it’s been given a glamorous upgrade, with the Duchess of Cambridge proving that a cape is not only fit for a royal, but also for the red carpet. Kate dressed up in a shimmering gold cape dress for the world premiere of the highly anticipated new Bond film, No Time To Die. For the occasion, the duchess made a statement in an embellished gold Jenny Packham gown, featuring architectural shoulders and a dramatic flowing train, finished off with matching gold earrings and an intricate updo.
But it’s not just Kate who is a fan of the cape dress. In the past few years, designers have regularly incorporated capes into their most formal, scene-stealing gowns, either as part of the dress or as an added accessory. Indeed, a cape, without a doubt, adds intrigue and drama to any outfit, as well creating a remarkably elegant – and regal – silhouette. Some of our favourite royals have caught on to this style, whether it’s wearing cape gowns to enthronement ceremonies, state dinners, or galas. From the Duchess of Sussex’s famed custom Dior gown to Kate’s Grecian-inspired McQueen, Queen Letizia of Spain’s red Stella McCartney dress, or Princess Margaret’s embroidered gown from the Seventies, the royals make a strong case for why the cape dress is a striking choice for any formal occasion.


America as an Internet Aesthetic
A phone camera weaves through the aisles of an Asian market. Perhaps it’s a Japanese, Chinese, or Korean grocery store, but the video’s creator, a non-Asian person, doesn’t specify. She zooms in briefly on a succession of food products: Pocky sticks, red-bean buns, frozen dumplings, various forms of Taiwanese bubble tea. She narrates the tour from behind the camera and, as if on safari, delights in discovering such unfamiliar products in the wild. By the end of the video or in a follow-up, she tries her “snack haul” at home. The videos are posted on TikTok under hashtags such as #Japancore or #kawaiicore, for the Japanese word for cute.
In the parlance of Internet culture, the suffix “-core” denotes a visual aesthetic, a style evacuated of its deeper substance. Cottagecore, perhaps the most prominent example, refers to a cozy, bucolic life style of wood cabins and herbal tea, but one that can still be practiced in a city apartment. (The list also includes fairycore, grandmacore, and trashcore.) Yu Phengdy, a college student in San Diego, noticed the Asian-grocery-shopping TikTok videos gaining in popularity during quarantine last year, when few other businesses were open. She found the hashtag #Japancore offensive. “It’s so weird,” she told me recently. “The country is not an aesthetic.”


Meg Ryan fall and the unsettling joy of another pandemic autumn
What is it about fall that just makes us want to buy more stuff?

It’s Meg Ryan fall. You know, Meg Ryan, as in the actress who stars in such iconic autumn-set films as You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, and Sleepless in Seattle. The one who owns a bookshop on the Upper West Side and is very particular about ordering salads but most importantly of all, wears jaunty loose-fitting trousers and irresistibly cozy-looking turtleneck sweaters. It’s that, but a whole season: Meg Ryan fall.
That is, according to TikTok, where people have started plotting their transitional outfits inspired by Ryan’s two most memorable roles, Sally Albright and Kathleen Kelly. There are warm neutrals. There are oversized glasses. There is a significant influence of menswear. There are so, so many sweaters. There are portable fans so that people in Los Angeles can wear said sweaters without sweating through them. The idea of Meg Ryan fall has even surpassed fashion (Meg Ryan fall playlists! Meg Ryan fall book recommendations! Meg Ryan fall recipes!).


Prince Jaime of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies marries Lady Charlotte Lindesay-Bethune in glamorous Sicilian extravaganza
Their marriage marks the union of two of Europe’s aristocratic houses: while he is the heir apparent to the now defunct throne of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies, she is the glamorous daughter of a Scottish peer. So it is only natural that the wedding of Prince Jaime of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies and Lady Charlotte Lindesay-Bethune was a glamorous occasion, replete with tiaras, royal guests and a breath-taking location.
The society event took place this weekend at the beautiful Cathedral of Monreale in Palermo, Sicily, once the kingdom of the groom’s family. Guests included Flora Vesterberg, the granddaughter of Princess Alexandra of Kent, as well as the Duke and Duchess of Huescar, the Count and Countess of Osorno, and Princess Carla and Prince Mirko of Bulgaria.
The bride, who is the youngest daughter of Scottish businessman James Lindesay-Bethune, 16th Earl of Lindsay, and his wife, Diana Mary Chamberlayne-Macdonald, wore an ivory gown which featured a high neck lace bodice and long sleeves, as well as a full skirt.






[Photo Credit: archello.com]

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