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Posted on September 23, 2021

Les Jardins D’épicure Bar and Restaurant – Bray-et-Lû, France


Come sit in a garden in France with us today, darlings. Our asses, they are dragging, and we need the vitality and sustenance. It’s THURSDAY. Let’s bask in it all instead of doing anything.


America’s Oldest National Park Ranger Turns 100 Today — Learn All About Her Legacy
Betty Reid Soskin has become a living legend in the National Park Service for inspiring inclusivity and making sure all stories be told.

America’s oldest, and active, park ranger is celebrating her 100th birthday today and the National Park Service is reflecting on the incredible impact she’s had.
Betty Reid Soskin has become somewhat of a national celebrity for her tours at Richmond, Calif.’s Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park, which tend to fill up weeks, if not months in advance.
And even though she didn’t join the National Park Service until she was 85 years old, her life before donning an NPS uniform was also filled with remarkable and inspiring roles. Born in Detroit in 1921, Soskin worked in a segregated union hall as a file clerk during World War II. From there, she became a political and community activist, working for the Black Panthers and Antiwar movements. Now a great-grandmother, she was also at one point a business owner, an accomplished musician, a blogger, and a political aide.


Netflix’s Britney vs Spears Digs Deeper into the Pop Star’s Conservatorship Drama
The documentary premieres September 28.

Another Britney Spears documentary is on the way, and this time, the filmmakers are taking a closer look at those within the pop star’s team and inner circle.
A new trailer for Netflix and Story Syndicate Production’s Britney vs Spears offers a deeper look at the pop star’s conservatorship in recent years, as well as alludes to her family’s involvement in how her legal arrangement came to be—her father, Jamie Spears and her mother, Lynne Spears, are prominently featured.
The Erin Lee Carr directed film also teases revealing uncovered court documents and interviews with those who met with and evaluated Britney during her ongoing conservatorship over the years. The minute-and-a-half clip is voiced over by bits and pieces of Britney’s emotional court testimony from earlier this summer, when the singer spoke out in a Los Angeles court about the emotional turmoil the 13-year-long legal arrangement has caused her.


Lily Rabe On Why Gaslighting Is The ”Truly Terrifying” Part Of American Horror Story
The actress talks about her favorite AHS episodes so far and her impressive streak of roles this year.

The 10th season of American Horror Story has a special meaning for Lily Rabe. The New York-born actress has been part of the hit FX anthology from the beginning, appearing in all but one installment. This new chapter, subtitled Double Tide, gives her the chance to play two characters in one season. Episode 5 of “Part I: Red Tide,” in which she plays a mother in crisis and shows the terrifying original meaning of the recent buzzword “gaslight,” is one of her favorite AHS episodes of all time.
When asked how it feels to reach a decade of AHS, Rabe acknowledges the milestone moment for television’s biggest horror series. “For those of us who were there from season 1, it feels poignant in a way, for sure. I really loved making this season, and so many of the themes that were explored.”


Grace Van Patten Entered The Set Of Nine Perfect Strangers And Left A Different Person
The 24-year-old actress says spending five months in Australia during the height of the pandemic was one of the most challenging things she’s ever done.

For Grace Van Patten, the surreal sense of isolation swallowing the fictional wellness resort Tranquillum House in Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers wasn’t hard to conjure. She felt it every day when she awoke on set, sleeping in a row of houses built specifically for the quarantined cast around the grounds of the real-life resort SOMA. (Van Patten’s unit was right by the little homes Samara Weaving and Tiffany Boone shared with their husbands.)
The Brooklyn-based actress, 24, had been planning to spend her summer filming in Los Angeles; in fact, she’d already signed an apartment lease. But when the coronavirus pandemic began, the Perfect Strangers team told Van Patten to pack her bags and jet off to Australia, a continent she hadn’t visited since she was 10 years old. She’d be leaving her family and friends in the midst of a global crisis, and she wouldn’t be able to see them until production had wrapped.


If You’ve Never Heard of Knotless Braids, It’s Time to Catch Up
We promise you’ve seen this style everywhere.

When it comes to braiding my hair, I always ask the stylist to add extensions. For years, I’ve worn unique braided hairstyles created by knotting colorful, long braiding extensions to my natural hair. And while I love braids, there’s a downside: the knots created to secure the extension can be tricky to remove. That’s why my stylist recently suggested I try knotless braids, and let’s just say, I won’t be going back to regular box braids anytime soon. Knotless braids have become a trending braiding technique, and I’m still wondering why I didn’t catch on earlier.


From the Baguette to the Croissant, a History of Fendi Handbags
First thing’s first: Fendi’s inverted-F logo does not, in fact, stand for Fendi. Rather, it’s “Fun Fur,” as determined by Karl Lagerfeld, the late design impresario who helped hoist Fendi onto the world’s fashion stage. But if we’re talking Fendi handbags, it’s really Silvia Venturini Fendi who made the big moves. Venturini Fendi is credited with the introduction of the Baguette and Peekaboo bags—two of the Italian house’s most recognizable goods. She is the granddaughter of Adele and Edoardo Fendi, who founded the luxury label back in 1925 on Rome’s Via del Plebiscito. Since then the label has maintained a staunch dedication to Italian craftsmanship; the Baguette may be named after a French culinary staple, but the rest of it is as Italian as it gets.


America Is Finally Getting a Second Guinness Brewery and Yes, You Can Visit
Construction is set to start on the 15,000-square-foot facility in Chicago’s Fulton Market district this fall.

“The USA is probably the most dynamic and exciting beer market in the world right now, and, put simply, we’d like to be closer to the action,” the Baltimore brewery’s website states. “And it gives us the opportunity to welcome Guinness fans, old and new, to the first Guinness brewery on American soil in over 63 years.”
Apparently, that strategy has worked because Guinness has just announced a second American taproom in another major U.S. city: Chicago.


‘The Crown’ Star Josh O’Connor on His Emmy Win and Why He’s Eager to Shed Prince Charles
Josh O’Connor learned the hard way that an Emmy can be a royal pain as an unintentional weapon. Hugging someone at the end of the Sept. 19 ceremony in downtown Los Angeles while holding his new statuette, the “Crown” star — who had just prevailed for lead drama actor — accidentally knocked himself in the forehead with one of Emmy’s sharp wings.
Things got crimson for a second, but thankfully, O’Connor’s bloody Sunday moment was short-lived. Fellow drama actor nominees Regé-Jean Page and Sterling K. Brown came to his aid and had a laugh about the award season capper of a war wound.


How Jessica Chastain Became Tammy Faye Bakker
Transforming Chastain for The Eyes of Tammy Faye took more than a couple of coats of the televangelist’s favorite L’Oreal mascara — though the team used that too. Here, a behind-the-scenes look at the seven-hour process.

In the opening scene from The Eyes of Tammy Faye, the infamous televangelist, played by Jessica Chastain, tells a makeup artist that she won’t be removing her lashes for a shoot. It’s a callback to Fenton Bailey’s and Randy Barbato’s 2000 documentary, on which the 2021 film is based. “That’s my trademark, and if I take my trademark away, then it’s not me,” Tammy Faye Bakker says in the documentary. “You can do anything else, but my eyelashes stay where they are.” Bakker was a four-foot-eleven firecracker with big lashes, and an even bigger heart, who loved Jesus as much as she loved her L’Oreal Waterproof Lash Out Mascara. She would become known for her over-the-top look as much as she would the scandals that befell the multimillion-dollar evangelism empire she started with her then-husband Jim Bakker.


A simple solution to endless school quarantines
Test the kids.

It’s a situation nearly all parents have found themselves in at some point during this pandemic: There’s a positive Covid-19 case in your child’s class, so everyone needs to stay home and quarantine.
That means kids have to switch to remote instruction, if their school is even still offering a remote option. And parents, already ground down by more than 18 months of online or hybrid learning, have to miss work to care for their child, often for as long as 14 days. “Quarantines are incredibly disruptive,” Alyssa Bilinski, an assistant professor of health policy at the Brown School of Public Health, told Vox.
The alternative, however, isn’t great either: Some schools are simply allowing students to come to school if they’ve been exposed, with no precautions in place. This risks spreading the virus to kids and adults, with no way to track or control it.


The false promise of massive tree-planting campaigns
Large tree-planting initiatives often fail — and some have even fueled deforestation. There’s a better way.

In the past two decades, mass tree-planting campaigns like this one have gained popularity as a salve for many of our modern woes, from climate change to the extinction crisis. Companies and billionaires love these kinds of initiatives. So do politicians. Really, what’s not to like about trees? They suck up carbon emissions naturally while providing resources for wildlife and humans — and they’re even nice to look at. It sounds like a win-win-win.
There’s just one problem: These campaigns often don’t work, and sometimes they can even fuel deforestation.


What the movies of this pandemic reveal
The strange grace of movies made in trying times.

When the world shut down in spring 2020, film production did, too — at least for a little while. It’s hard to do much of anything in the middle of a pandemic, but it’s especially hard to crowd behind monitors or onto film sets or around lighting rigs. And when the world is on fire, do we really need to be making movies?
Technically, we don’t. Yet art — and commerce — won’t be suppressed. Within months, movies cautiously returned to production, and alongside big studio films like Mission: Impossible 7, Jurassic World: Dominion, and The Batman (all of which are now slated for release in 2022) came smaller, quicker-and-dirtier productions like Malcolm & Marie and Host. The latter were experimental and strangely exhilarating, even though most were not particularly good. The imposition of external limits can make for interesting art.


Newly-public letters reveal Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s marital tiffs
The notes have come to light as part of a new online resource made available by the Royal Collection Trust

Their relationship has long been heralded as a true love match, with Queen Victoria famously spending the rest of her life in mourning following the death of her Royal Consort, Prince Albert, in 1861. Yet it may come as a relief to many couples to learn that their marriage wasn’t without its hiccups, as revealed in some of Prince Albert’s personal letters to his wife.


Is that you, Mr Bond? The hottest contenders to be the next 007
With Daniel Craig set to make his final outing as James Bond in No Time to Die there’s an empty pair of suave spy shoes to fill

After months – even years – of anticipation (thanks to repeated delays on account of the pandemic), No Time to Die is almost here, finally set to premiere next week. Once the film does make its long-awaited debut, however, so too will Daniel Craig bid his final farewell to the franchise. As the actor prepares to step down from the role, having starred in five Bond films since 2006, speculation is rife as to who will take up the 007 mantle next.
Punters are making their guesses, with Betfair reporting that Tom Hardy is currently leading the pack as the 13/8 favourite, followed by Bridgerton’s Regé-Jean Page, then Welsh heartthrob Luke Evans in the third spot. Lashana Lynch (who is playing Nomi, the first female 00 agent, in No Time To Die), rounds out the top 10 at odds of 6/1 (tied with Jack Lowden and Richard Madden) – with fans wondering if she could be set to become the first ever female Bond. See Betfair’s leading 10 names below, plus some of Tatler’s extra picks for the the coolest candidates to have on your radar.


The aristocratic history of Bake Off’s filming location, Down Hall
A former royal estate of King Harold II, Down Hall was one of the homes owned by the Earls of Oxford until the 18th century, and was briefly a school in the 1930s attended by Princess Diana’s mother, Frances Shand Kydd

12 of Britain’s best amateur bakers have once more descended on a marquee in Essex for the televisual event of the autumn, The Great British Bake Off. As one of the show’s hosts, Noel Fielding, pointed out in this week’s premiere, the series is again being filmed at Down Hall, the grand stately that is often the backdrop to the tent that the bakers reside in.
While now a country house hotel, it was once the domain of the aristocratic De Vere family, who lived here for centuries. Formerly a royal estate owned by King Harold II, the hall and nearby manors in Hatfield were granted to Aubrey de Vere by King William the Conqueror following his successful invasion of England in 1066, as he sought to win the approval of the country’s wealthiest and most powerful families.


The Vibrant Resilience of Castelluccio di Norcia
The tiny hamlet has faced a devastating earthquake and the pandemic, but the spectacular beauty of its Piano Grande keeps it alive.

I do not like lamb. And yet, I had been thinking about the “agnello scottadito alla brace” for five long years. So when those four crusty juicy grilled lamb chops arrived, all oozing that deep chocolate sheen of perfectly cooked meat, I almost forgot where I was. Where that was, though, was seated outdoors at Taverna Castelluccio, looking out at my favorite view of what is legitimately the most beautiful place on earth: the Piano Grande of Castelluccio di Norcia. This tiny hamlet perched on a high rock straddling the border of Umbria and Le Marche, overlooks central Italy’s vast and spectacular Great Plain, which, on this warm July afternoon, was in the middle of La Fioritura, the “flowering” of lentils that produces a massive rainbow carpet of red, blue, yellow and purple flowers.





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