T LOunge for September 20th, 2021

Posted on September 20, 2021

Minami Bar and Restaurant – Toronto, Canada


Once again, we have no time to talk, kittens! Nor can we assemble our usual appetizing and delicious buffet of distractions for you, we’re sorry to say. Thanks to the pandemic, it was decided that 18 months of backed-up red carpetry needed to be cleared out in the space of three weeks, so just as we recovered from the VMAs and the Met Gala last week, the Emmys hit us hard in the face. And the Tonys are a week away! We’d complain about being overworked, but we’re just thrilled to have so much fabulous content. Okay, yes. We probably will still complain about it at some point. Until that day comes, we’re off to wrangle a bunch of Emmys gowns. Talk amongst yourselves!






[Photo Credit: thedesignagency.ca]

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