Julianne Moore in Valentino at the “Dear Evan Hansen” Premiere: IN or OUT?

Posted on September 23, 2021

It’s funny. Even after the tsunami of red carpetry that hit us over the last two weeks, we’re still having these little post-lockdown coverage moments where we’re all “Julianne Moore! Now that’s a name we haven’t covered in — how long’s it been now?” Turns out, it’s been just a little over two years since we covered her solo on a red carpet in an outfit we weren’t too keen on at the time (and time has only hardened our opinion to pure dislike). Now she’s back (from outer space) and once again, we are left unsure as to our opinion on the look. One thing’s for sure…


It’s completely unexpected in terms of shape, color and style when compared to her red carpet history. Our first thought is that this looks more appropriate for a November to January premiere. Seems a little heavy for September. We’re not feeling the colors here, not for her. And the way the embellishment is patterned over her torso visually distorts all of it, from bust to waist to hips. Is it us? Are we being too hard on this look? Or should we just be happy that she’s trying other styles? We’re asking. In other words:

Julianne Moore’s Holiday Glitter Gown:

IN or OUT? 


Style Credits:
Valentino Long-sleeve Dress
Cartier Jewelry

Styled by Leslie Fremar | Hair by Marcus Francis | Makeup by Hung Vanngo

[Photo Credit: Robinlori/Instarimages.com]

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