Cathy Cambridge Visits RAF Brize Norton

Posted on September 15, 2021

She’s back, she’s tanned, and she’s fully rested. The Duchess of Cambridge returned to her royal duties by visiting the Royal Air Force to commend them on their work rescuing civilians evacuating Kabul.






From a style perspective, this is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, it’s casual in a way that most of her military visits aren’t. She tended to deploy Casual Cathy when she was around children, in nature, or doing some sort of charity work. Second, she really is doing what we once thought would be impossible for her: move away from the skinny pants she’s loved for so long. This is a comfy, friendly relatable sort of style. She’s been moving toward it for a while and we tend to think the PR disasters the family suffered in the last year helped push her toward it. It’s much less Duchessy and royal than the kinds of ensembles she’s sported just a year or two ago. She looks great and we love the little QEII-style handbag.


Style Credits:
Reiss ‘Larsson’ Double Breasted Blazer
Jane Atelier ‘Binky’ Lightweight Silk Blouse
Tustina ‘Holly’ Bag
UFO Navy Trousers


[Photo Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Images/]

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