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Posted on August 05, 2021

Desizo Monni Bar and Restaurant – Pleven, Bulgaria


Darlings, we’re in the home stretch of the work week (for those of us for whom weekends are a respite) so we’re feeling like a LOunge with a swanky party feel is the right way to go today.

We are in a content desert right now. After a major uptick in red carpetry during July, we’ve hit the August slump, which is even slumpier than usual this year because it feels like there’s a minor retreat happening while that bitch Delta rages on. We’re holding out hope that next month’s pseudo-Met Gala is still happening but when the Obamas canceled B’s birthday party yesterday, we started worrying that a bunch of other events were going to follow suit. Even though we’re not feeling particularly panicked and have no plans to lock ourselves down again, it’s really starting to feel like March 2020 out there again. Get vaccinated, kittens. If you won’t do it for yourself or the people around you, do it for T Lo so they can still give you the red carpet bitchery you need.

Anyway, we’re off to see what’s blowing amongst the tumbleweed today. Keep it chatty, dolls!


The Unlikely Story of a Sex Trafficking Survivor and the Instagram Account That Saved Her Life
Megan Lundstrom understands more than most the conditions that force women into dangerous situations—she also has the key to help them escape.

The study of active commercial sex exploitation is relatively recent, with scholars often relying on secondary sources like court documents and police reports, which hardly scratch the surface. But such methods are of little use to Lundstrom, who lays claim to an underground gold mine of primary source material: a private Instagram account followed exclusively by active prostitutes and trafficking survivors.


As An Olympic Gymnast, Dominique Moceanu Wasn’t Allowed A Voice. Now She’s Using Hers To Support Simone Biles.
Dominique Moceanu is one of a select few who understands the pressure of being an Olympic gymnast. In 1996, the now-retired athlete was part of the Magnificent Seven, the moniker given to the historic U.S. women’s gymnastics team that won the nation its first-ever gold in the team event. At just 14 years old, Moceanu became the youngest Olympic gold medalist in U.S. gymnastics history. But behind the scenes, things weren’t so idyllic.
In a recent tweet, Moceanu shared a heartbreaking video from those games: a recap of her balance beam routine where you can see the young gymnast fall and hit her head on the apparatus. Afterwards, she walks to the sidelines to recover, alone. In her tweet, Moceanu wrote: “I was 14 y/o w/ a tibial stress fracture, left alone w/ no cervical spine exam after this fall. I competed in the Olympic floor final minutes later.”


Amanda Seales Dissects Her Love of Performing
Comedian and Insecure actor Amanda Seales on stepping up to the stand-up mic for the first time in a year, and why, for her, creativity comes from living in the moment.

Amanda Seales is a chameleon. Throughout her career, she’s navigated the spaces of academia (she has a master’s in African-American studies from Columbia), television (where she currently plays the role of Tiffany on HBO’s Insecure), and stand-up (her comedy special “I Be Knowin’” debuted on HBO in 2019). All of these spaces require wildly different vernaculars, but Seales is fluent in each, and she has a keen understanding of what it means to perform. During lockdown last year, she began producing a homespun virtual version of her popular touring variety/game show “Smart Funny & Black.” (Smart Funny & Black also happens to be the name of Seales’s production company.)
The Secret to Great Vegan Baking and Ice Cream Is in These Ingredients
Learn to make beautiful cakes, ice creams, and more without milk, butter, or eggs. (Or just order them online.)

Here’s a universal truth: The better your ingredients are, the better your bake will be. For vegan baking, quality is even more crucial. Ordinarily, dairy, like milk and butter, enhances the texture and flavor of a baked good. When it comes to plant-based versions, the best substitutes are full-fat products , which give vegan baked goods a tender crumb.
When it comes to alternative eggs, use aquafaba, the clear, flavorless liquid at the bottom of a can of chickpeas. Three tablespoons of aquafaba can stand in for one whole egg, acting as the same kind of binding agent. Those are all you’ll need in the way of special ingredients for these crowd- pleasing plant-based pastries.


At 40, Meghan Markle Is Reimagining Regal Style
Markle’s birthday look speaks to where she’s at right now. As a producer and philanthropist she has a level of personal and sartorial freedom that working royals lack. Still, Markle’s choices are thoughtful. No matter her position, she has always used fashion deliberately. Her outfits may seem effortless but they often promote the social causes she values, spotlight favorite designers, or underscore the message she’s attempting to send.


The 2021 Met Gala Is Going Plant-Based—Here’s Why
Yes, people eat at the Met Gala. And this year, for the first time ever, the chef-curated menu will be 100% plant-based.

For Samuelsson, bringing the plant-based conversation to a fashion event felt natural. “Both industries respect craftsmanship,” he explains. “Being a chef is all about working a lot with style, with people. It’s the same thing with fashion. It’s a different medium, but you’re really expressing a point of view, a sense of place.” As far as eating flora, much of the fashion industry utilizes natural materials as well, he points out. Both industries are exploring their relationship with nature and the environment.


Barbie just launched a doll of COVID vaccine designer Professor Sarah Gilbert
Barbie is an icon, but it’s not ‘one-size-fits all’ where the famous doll is concerned these days. Mattel, which manufactures Barbie, has just launched a special release doll modelled on the scientist who created the Oxford coronavirus vaccine: Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert. Now that’s iconic.
“I am passionate about inspiring the next generation of girls into STEM careers and hope that children who see my Barbie will realise how vital careers in science are, to help the world around us,” she said. “My wish is that my doll will show children careers they may not be aware of, like a vaccinologist.”
Professor Sarah Gilbert’s mini-me (pictured above) is the latest in a series designed to honour women who have played their part in the pandemic around the world.

4 Ways Hollywood Is Working to Increase Deaf and Disability Inclusion
From American Sign Language interpreters at the Oscars, to studio and network pledges to audition disabled actors, here’s an accounting of the industry’s current efforts.

The 2021 Oscars featured audio description for the blind (spoken narration that describes onscreen visual elements) for the first time in the telecast’s history, while the in-person ceremony experience included a ramp to the stage and an ASL interpreter in the media room. Meanwhile, the Academy has received $1 million from the Ruderman Family Foundation to ensure accessibility at its upcoming museum as well as to support disability inclusion in its programming and educational initiatives. The year began with Sundance partnering with Easterseals to make the snowy film festival more accessible to attendees, including closed-captioning on every film, ASL interpreters at events and shuttle drivers trained to assist with wheelchairs.


Exactly How Facebook Learned Every Single Thing About You
In An Ugly Truth, two New York Times tech reporters reveal how Facebook’s algorithms sacrificed everything for user engagement and created a misinformation epicenter.

So, Facebook is an advertising company. Advertisers want to know Facebook’s users better, and Facebook users help advertisers get to know them better by sharing more, posting more, connecting more. Every single stroke of the keyboard, every single thing you hover on, every share: It’s all collected into this massive reservoir of information about [you]. Advertisers need this information so they can be even more sophisticated in their ability to target you, the potential consumer. And Facebook profits because it sells this data to advertisers.


Breakthrough cases aren’t the cause of the US Covid-19 surge
Unvaccinated people still make up the vast majority of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

The problem is the unvaccinated population. If more people got the vaccines, the current surge wouldn’t be as big; it certainly wouldn’t lead to the levels of hospitalization and death now seen across the US. This was true months ago, and remains true today.
Unvaccinated people still make up the vast majority of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. They’ve made up more than 94 percent of reported Covid-19 cases in states with available data, a report last week from the Kaiser Family Foundation found. They’ve also made up similar, or higher, shares of hospitalizations and deaths.


Streaming space tourism is the new reality TV
You can’t afford space tourism. But you’ll be able to watch it on Netflix.

When SpaceX launches its first all-civilian crew into space later this fall and takes a multi-day trip circling the Earth, humanity can follow along online thanks to an exclusive documentary deal Netflix sealed with Elon Musk’s private space company.
The first two installments of the five-episode miniseries, Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space, will debut on the streaming platform September 6 and will be the closest Netflix has come yet to covering an event in “near-real time,” the company said on Tuesday. Over the course of September, a team of videographers will follow the civilian astronauts, including billionaire Jared Isaacman, who will be piloting the spacecraft, as they prepare for the journey and eventually launch into space. If all goes as planned, Netflix will release two more episodes September 13; it will film the actual launch on September 15 and then stream it as a “feature-length finale” at the end of the month.


This company claims to help the world’s biggest corporations recycle. Activists say it’s greenwashing.
TerraCycle recycles everything from Solo cups to Febreze canisters, but are they doing more harm than good?

The business world is ready for a solution to plastic waste. With factoids like “By 2050, our oceans will have more plastic than fish,” videos of marine life being strangled, and news stories about dead whales full of plastic zinging around the internet, companies have been under increasing pressure from consumers and governments to do something about the global plastic pollution problem.


The Crown has found its new Princess Anne
Claudia Harrison will take over from Erin Doherty to play the Princess Royal

As anticipation mounts for the fifth season of The Crown, production is finally underway – which means the first exciting on-set photos of the cast and crew in action are beginning to emerge. Just days after Imelda Staunton was captured looking regal as the show’s new Queen, fans were treated to a sneak peek at the actress now playing Princess Anne, Claudia Harrison.
The 45-year-old British actress, who has previously appeared in the likes of The IT Crowd, Humans and Midsomer Murders, will be taking over from Erin Doherty to play an older Princess Royal as the Netflix historical drama proceeds into the 1990s.


Capturing the Feeling of the Ocean on Paper
How an artist-scientist uses cyanotypes to inspire a love of marine life

As a marine scientist and artist, Oriana Poindexter is well aware of the long history of women who study marine life. “Historically, women would go tide pooling at low tide and collect kelp from the tide pools without actually getting all the way in the water,” she said.
Based in San Diego, Poindexter studies sustainable fisheries and ocean habitats. As an artist she uses photography “as an excuse to go looking for things outside and in nature.” Rather than wading, though, Poindexter dives to get an intimate look at the ocean.
In 2012, she found out about the enormous collection of ocean plant and animal specimens at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and knew she had to photograph it. Taking pictures of the specimens inspired her to learn more about them and pursue a career in marine biology.





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