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Posted on August 30, 2021

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Today is that most cursed of days, MONDAY. Therefore, by decree of Lorenzo, you need a LOunge that is equal parts stimulating and cozy. You need a place to help you get focused while simultaneously distracting you with prettiness. And when we say “you,” we’re obviously talking about ourselves. Hey, we named a site after ourselves. We’re nothing if not solipsistic.

And with THAT little vocabulary word dropped on your asses way too early in the week, we’re off to the content mines, with our little picks and helmets. Talk amongst yourselves!


Chadwick Boseman’s Former Costars and Fans Share Tributes on the One-Year Anniversary of His Death
“I did not know that I could miss both his laughter and his silence in equal measure,” Lupita Nyong’o said of the late Black Panther star.

Chadwick Boseman’s costars and fans have taken to social media to share tributes honoring the one-year anniversary of his death.
The late actor, who was beloved to millions of people for his acclaimed performances of heroes, both fictional and historical, passed last year at the age of 43, after a private, years-long battle with colon cancer.
Lupita Nyong’o shared a loving tribute to her late friend and Black Panther costar, with a picture of herself and Boseman sharing a laugh. “I did not know that I could miss both his laughter and his silence in equal measure. I do. I do… One year after his passing, the memory of @chadwickboseman remains this alive in me,” Nyong’o wrote.


A New Yorker’s Journey to South Carolina to Retrace Her Gullah Roots
“Gullah people are still here—still thriving, still preserving the land, despite attempts of removal and growing gentrification around them.”

My cultural identity has always been somewhat of a mystery. Like many African Americans, I have taken ancestry tests and even a trip to the continent in hopes of finding my origin story. My mother and her mother did not know anything about their African roots, either—only that their ancestors arrived in the Lowcountry marshlands of South Carolina.
Preparing dinner in our Harlem kitchen, my mother would have me sit by her so I could learn recipes passed down to her from my aunts and grandmother, to connect us to our Gullah roots back in South Carolina. My earliest food memory is my mother making a pot of white rice. It was the first thing she demonstrated to me in the kitchen, something she felt every Southern woman should know. Making rice was her way of teaching me about growing up the daughter of working-class people from South Carolina because she didn’t know much else about our culture outside of Harlem. While she didn’t live in the South herself, her mom and sisters had immersed her in Gullah traditions. It happened in the kitchen.


Our 35 Best Chocolate Dessert Recipes
This collection of chocolate dessert recipes will fulfill your cocoa cravings. Whether you’re looking to perfect a simple chocolate cake or take a risk with decadent chocolate and citrus cassata, you’ve come to the right place. Add-ins make these desserts even more appetizing, including pairing chocolate with cooling , pepermint and crunchy almonds, and smooth peanut butter, just to name a few. This roundup is dedicated to some of our greatest chocolaty hits — think brownies, chocolate chip cookie ice cream bars, chocolate covered pretzels, and more.


Major High Street Players Are Committing To Protect Garment Workers In A Vital New Agreement
H&M and Zara are among the brands who have signed up to a new legally-binding agreement that protects workers’ safety in Bangladesh.

Campaigners are now calling for the new agreement to extend beyond health and safety to protect garment workers’ livelihoods, too. “I really hope that we can use the binding nature of the Accord to expand into other areas,” says Ayesha Barenblat, founder and CEO of non-profit Remake. “It’s time for regulation to deal with other issues like gender-based violence, wage theft, severance – it’s not just about the physical safety of workers. It’s a wonderful first step, but now let’s build on this model, because we know that this model works.”
The new Accord also allows for the agreement to be applied to other countries beyond Bangladesh, with brands committing to expanding the agreement to cover at least one other country within the first two years.


Why Easy Breezy ’90s Curls Are Trending Right Now
Oh, the big bodacious curls of the ’90s. Remember them? Tightly wound and bouncy, they were the opposite of the era’s other defining hair trend (poker straight and ultra-ironed), and worn by all the cool girls, including Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore, Mariah Carey and Nicole Kidman. The very definition of easy hair, now the trend is back, alongside a general movement towards embracing (and enhancing) our natural texture.


Wellness Culture Is Over And Now I Can Finally Relax
What started fairly harmlessly with spa days and quinoa, has become an industrial-level parasite feeding on (mainly women’s) insecurities and vulnerabilities, too often predicated on the idea that there’s something “wrong” with all of us, “toxins” that need flushing out. Wellness has created a whole list of problems to which it purports to be the answer – overcomplicating where many things are simple.


Learning To Skateboard In My 30s Has Been A Revelation
There are many reasons why this particular impulse buy makes little sense. For starters, in recent years, I’ve become increasingly anxious about most things. The pandemic has exacerbated a lot of my fears tenfold: I haven’t driven for more than a year because of the panic that ensues whenever I get behind the wheel; I can’t handle heights; I’m increasingly stressed in social situations; post offices are a no-go because I’m overwhelmed by admin… In short, I’m not a risk-taker, and I avoid doing things I’m bad at.


Beyoncé Faces ‘Blood Diamond’ Backlash
Bey is only the fourth person to wear the 128.54-carat diamond, joining the ranks of Audrey Hepburn and Lady Gaga. And according to the company, she’s also the first Black woman to sport it. To mark this momentous occasion Tiffany promised to give $2 million for scholarships at historically Black colleges and universities. But this move has been overshadowed by the diamond’s problematic past.
According to The Times, the Yellow Diamond came from South Africa’s Kimberley mine in 1877 and was sold to Tiffany & Co. founder Charles Lewis Tiffany. People see the stone as a symbol of British colonialism in Africa. And a number of people on the internet have criticized Beyoncé for modeling it, saying that her actions are a form of “blackwashing.”


Ed Asner, Emmy-Winning ‘Lou Grant’ and ‘Mary Tyler Moore Show’ Star, Dies at 91
Seven-time Emmy-winning actor Ed Asner, who starred as Lou Grant on both sitcom “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and hourlong drama “Lou Grant” before a late-career rejuvenation through his poignant voicework in 2009 animated film “Up,” has died. He was 91.
His publicist confirmed the news to Variety, writing that he died on Sunday surrounded by family. Asner’s official Twitter account posted a message from his family, saying “Goodnight dad. We love you.”
Asner had worked for many years as a character actor in series television and movies before hitting paydirt and stardom as the tough-talking TV newsroom head Lou Grant on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” which brought him three supporting actor Emmys. When the sitcom called it quits, he returned as the same character in a harder-hitting hourlong series, which earned him two leading actor Emmys and a total of five noms. The actor picked up two additional Emmys for his work on the miniseries “Rich Man, Poor Man” and “Roots,” and won a total of seven.
More recently he appeared on “Grace & Frankie,” “Cobra Kai” and provided voices for “American Dad!”



“When Virologists Are in Demand, It’s a Sign of the Apocalypse”: Meet the Unlikely Breakout Stars Getting Us Through the Pandemic
Move over, Fauci! TV bookers now have a gaggle of experts on speed dial for the latest variant and booster news. Members of the COVID commentariat are also busy churning out podcasts and juggling scientific duties with social media. “When it ends,” says one, “I’m going to get off Twitter forever.”

Every blockbuster news cycle, from foreign conflicts and political scandals to missing airplanes and mega-trials, brings with it its own set of uniquely qualified talking heads to translate the arcana: intelligence analysts, pilots, legal experts, retired generals, campaign operatives, prosecutors, and so on. For the past year and a half, perhaps no experts have been more in demand and omnipresent than those steeped in the science and policy of the pandemic, a once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully!) pestilence that has consistently dominated the headlines in a way most of us have never seen.


A Chicago couple sent a $240 invoice to their ‘no call, no show’ guests who did not attend their destination wedding, report says
A couple sent an invoice to their guests, who RSVP’d, but did not end up showing up to their destination wedding.
The invoice charges the “no call, no show” guests $240 for failing to show up to their wedding reception in Jamaica. A photo of the bill shared by Huff Post senior front page editor Philip Lewis garnered mixed reactions from people on Twitter earlier this week.
“This invoice is being sent to you because you confirmed seat(s) at the wedding reception during the Final Headcount,” the invoice says. “The amount above is the cost of your individual seats. Because you didn’t call or give us proper notice that you wouldn’t be in attendance, this amount is what you owe us for paying for your seat(s) in advance.”


The 17 Best Small Towns in Europe
These charming small towns in Europe come with jaw-dropping scenery, delicious food, and more.

For every Paris, Rome, and London, there are hundreds of small European towns that capture the spirit of their particular nation. From an itty-bitty Icelandic outpost surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery to an ancient seaside settlement on the Black Sea, here are 17 small towns in Europe to add to your travel list.


This exhibition recreates the excitement of Notting Hill Carnival
As the world-famous festival is suspended for the second year running, An Ode to Notting Hill Carnival celebrates the history of London’s most famous street party

Since the mid-1960s, the British August Bank Holiday weekend has meant one thing: the Notting Hill Carnival. Led by members of the West Indian community, this legendary party has evolved over the years to be one of the world’s largest street festivals and a major date in the cultural life of the city. “Over 1.5 million people from different backgrounds, ages, and cultures all gather together to vibe for Carnival,” photographer Rio Blake tells Dazed. “Consequently, it’s probably the happiest weekend you’ll ever experience in London.”


Well Intentioned: Marie Kondo on Sparking Joy at Home, in the Office, and on the Changing Table
Marie Kondo’s firm grip on our subconscious is an impressive feat rarely achieved in pop culture. Her distillation of Japanese organizational methods is so ingrained, that whenever I contemplate which items to keep and which need to go during a long-overdue closet purge—an “intermittent decluttering” that goes against Kondo’s advice of investing in more of a once-in-a-lifetime purge—the same four words cross my mind: Does it spark joy?
Starting next week, the sound of Kondo’s delicate hand striking a crystal with a tuning fork to energetically clear a space will become a similarly ubiquitous mental device. “Sparking Joy,” the organizational psychologist-turned-bestselling author, entrepreneur, educator, and television star’s new series for Netflix, debuts on Tuesday and will feature Kondo working her KonMari magic outside of the home. “After 2020, I realized that it was time to challenge myself and the method further,” says the 36-year-old, who turns executive consultant in an effort to help small business owners—a family-owned garden center, a boutique coffee shop—go outside their comfort zones to tidy up their operations, as well as improve the interpersonal relationships that surround them.


Everything a Groom Needs to Know About Wedding Suits for Men
Long gone are the days when the groom is exempt from bridal fashion. When it comes to wedding suits for men, there is certainly more that goes into a tux than meets the eye. “What people don’t usually understand is that there’s so much personalization that comes in a wedding tuxedo,” Ralph Fitzgerald, Huntsman’s U.S. cutter in residence, tells Vogue. “The biggest mistake a groom can make in their choice of suit is one that isn’t true to their personality.”





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