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Posted on August 02, 2021

Sir Winston Churchill Bar and Restaurant – Paris, France


Kittens, we are BACK. After a brief and much-needed sojourn with our gay peeps on Fire Island, we’re home, surrounded by angry cats, and ready to spend at least a full week indulging in carbs. Once again, we count ourselves lucky that we could travel at a time when things are starting to get a little scary again. While we don’t think pandemic lockdown needs to return, we’re happy to take a few weeks doing very little and seeing how things go.

Oh, today is MONDAY, but we figured that goes without saying.

So! Are we feeling all Parisian today? Because evidently Lorenzo is, going by his choice of LOunge. So go ahead, grab a seat, order something strong and French to drink and then spend the day shoving baguettes and cheese into your mouth. Honestly, that sounds like paradise right now.


The Scandal of Carrie Bradshaw Wearing Fast Fashion
The latest sartorial saga from the set: fans aghast at the sight of Carrie Bradshaw wearing—gasp—fast fashion. Sarah Jessica Parker was photographed in character this week in New York with what appears to be a paisley Forever 21 maxi dress layered over a blue oxford shirt. Yes, she paired it with a Gucci x Balenciaga “Hourglass” bag and Terry DeHavilland platform sandals but fans couldn’t help but wonder why the noted designer devotee, a woman who found herself teetering on the edge of financial ruin but with a $40,000 Manolo Blahnik collection, is wearing a mall brand. Is Carrie even Carrie anymore?
But a fast fashion dress isn’t just a fast fashion dress: for some it’s also a disturbing sign that the reboot isn’t thinking harder about the fallout of fast fashion. And Just Like That is depicting re-wears, like Carrie’s famed blue Manolos, but “in a time when sustainability is so important and ethical treatment of garment workers is a major problem in this industry, it is truly a crime for her to be wearing fast fashion,” one former fashion editor said on Instagram.

How 2021’s Venice Dance Biennale is Honoring Germaine Acogny, the Mother of Contemporary African Dance
For 2021, however, the festival’s top honor goes to choreographer Germaine Acogny of Senegal, who receives this year’s Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. “From [German dancer] Pina Bausch to [Belgian choreographer] Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, the Dance Biennale has always celebrated women choreographers [since its launch in 1999],” says McGregor. “It’s more important than ever, as organizations are resetting due to the pandemic, that Germaine is recognized for what she has achieved for contemporary dance not just across Africa, but around the world.”


This Is the Secret to the Best Homemade Veggie Burgers
Seven vegetables and grains fill our ultimate veggie burger with texture, color, and flavor.

We’ve come a long way from the freezer aisle of the 1980s. Veggie burgers are no longer monotonous gray- brown pucks—they’re fresh, vibrant, and satisfyingly savory. As a longtime vegetarian who attended a culinary school focused on plant-based cooking, I’ve not only cooked and consumed hundreds of these patties, but I actually love them. With storebought options now ranging from plant-based “meat” to black bean and green pea–based patties, veggie burgers certainly have range. But the secret to the very best ones is texture. A bit of crunch, just enough moisture and tenderness, and the right balance of both in each bite make for a burger everyone at the barbecue can enjoy.

Marc Jacobs Opens Up About His Facelift, and Encourages a New Era of Transparency Around Plastic Surgery
For Marc Jacobs, sharing—like, really sharing—has always been second nature. In the age of social media, the 58-year-old designer keeps nothing close to the chest…and a facelift is no exception. Last week, Jacobs caused a stir on Instagram when he uploaded a selfie of himself post-op, his head wrapped in bandages and flanked by blood-filled drainage tubes. His caption—”#LiveLoveLift”—was met with much enthusiasm in the comment section, with many praising his honesty, openness, and sense of humor around going under the knife. “The transparency is everything!” said stylist June Ambrose. Beauty writer Jolene Edgar also credited his candor, writing, “Fighting stigma in true MJ fashion.”


Why Should I Have To Wait For It To Come To Me? Proposing To My Boyfriend Is The Best Decision I Ever Made
Earlier this month, actor Joshua Jackson revealed it was his wife Jodie Turner-Smith who popped the question, having asked him to marry her as they walked along a beach in Nicaragua on New Year’s Eve. Here, writer Jennifer Lane recalls resolving to propose to her own husband – and why she had no qualms about throwing tradition out of the window.


What Should Hang on Hospital Walls?
Patient advocates agree on the palliative effects of art. But they differ on what that art should look like.

Mid-pandemic, while undergoing a much-delayed Pap smear at a London hospital, and encountering a poster of some tulips that neither uplifted or offended me, I thought of a scene in Ben Lerner’s novel “10:04,” throughout which the protagonist undergoes various vaguely degrading medical experiences. “There was a poster of Picasso’s dove in the first neurologist’s waiting room, watercolors of Manhattan sunsets where they sent him for bloodwork, photographs of orchids where he waited for his CAT scan,” Lerner writes. The protagonist ponders asking his doctor, “Do you choose this stuff or does the hospital buy it in bulk?” He theorizes, irritably, “I understand the desire to have some decorations that indicate this isn’t just a hospital room, that a patient isn’t just a pathologized body. . . . it nods blandly to established cultural modes, the medium of painting and the cliched instance of it. They are images of art, not art.”


Las Vegas Buffets Are Back, Baby
The reopening of The Buffet at Bellagio is a bellwether of better times ahead for Sin City.

Many cities are identified with an iconic food. Philadelphia has its cheesesteaks, New York has pizza, New Orleans has po-boys, Baltimore has crab cakes. Las Vegas has all of them, because Vegas means a buffet.
“I think it’s about having a sense of indulgence and having everything. All of the choices are there for you but you don’t really have to make a decision,” says Wes Holton, executive chef at Bellagio Las Vegas, “I think that kind of sums up Vegas and what people expect when they come to Vegas.”


America’s mental health moment is finally here
There’s a mental health moment in America, and athletes are leading the way.

Athletes like sprinter Noah Lyle and swimmer Simone Manuel have also spoken publicly about mental health treatment or challenges. So have other public figures like Meghan Markle, who said in an Oprah interview earlier this year that she experienced suicidal thoughts as a result of media scrutiny but was told by the royal family that she couldn’t seek help.
And it’s not just famous people who are done staying silent. Record numbers of workers from retail to restaurants to offices have left their jobs this year, often citing mental health as a factor. In one 2020 survey, 80 percent of workers said they would consider quitting for a role that offered better support for mental well-being.


Why school lunches feel like they’re frozen in time
The fascinating history behind why students today are still eating square pizzas, crinkle fries, and cartons of milk.


Homeownership can bring out the worst in you
It’s the biggest thing you might ever buy. And it could be turning you into a bad person.

“Homeowner” is an identity baked into the fabric of America.
From political speeches to articles and advertising, Americans are bombarded with messaging valorizing homeownership. In 1995, President Bill Clinton released a 100-point plan to “boost homeownership to an all-time high,” writing that “for millions of America’s working families throughout our history, owning a home has come to symbolize the realization of the American Dream.”
His successor, President George W. Bush, made increasing homeownership a key policy priority of his administration, once explaining: “This Administration will constantly strive to promote an ownership society in America. … After all, if you own your own home, you have a vital stake in the future of our country.”


A thrilling first look at Imelda Staunton as the Queen in the fifth season of The Crown
The BAFTA-winning actress is taking over from Olivia Colman to play the monarch in the next instalment of the hit Netflix historical series

As anticipation mounts for the fifth season of The Crown, Netflix has released an exciting first image of Imelda Staunton, in costume as the Queen.





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