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Posted on August 23, 2021

Tish Bar and Restaurant – Belsize Park, London, England


Comfy chairs, pretty colors, and lots of sunlight — that’s what the doctor (or in this case, Lorenzo) has ordered for you today. Why? You know why. It’s Monday and we could all use as much help as we can get in order to make our way through the day.

We’ve got a kitty to take to the vet and then several hours of calming said kitty down from her traumatic experience of being at the vet, which is kind of a shit way to start a Monday but Miss Miu Miu has needs and we’re gonna get them taken care of no matter how damn stressful it is. After that, we’re off to the content mines for a full day’s worth of distractions for y’all. Wish us luck!


Sister Act: A Closer Look at the Quietly Influential Life of Catherine Dior
On paper, Catherine Dior is an unlikely heroine. Born into the prosperous Dior family in 1917, the youngest of five children, she seemed destined for a decorative existence. But when the family’s fortune suddenly vanished due to failed real estate ventures, a life of leisure seemed far less inevitable. In 1935, the teenage Catherine moved from the family’s stately home in Granville, Villa Les Rhumbs, to a dilapidated farmhouse in Provence. She soon escaped to live with her older brother Christian in Paris, selling accessories for a fashion house while he peddled his sketches.


This 85-year-old Shark Diver Who Worked on ‘Jaws’ Shares Awe-inspiring Stories and Diving Tips
She’s also the subject of a new National Geographic documentary that premiered this summer.

Since the 1975 release of ‘Jaws,’ the summer season has become somewhat synonymous with sharks. Add in the pop culture phenomenon that is ‘Shark Week’ (and its many spinoffs) plus coverage on the news of any shark encounter and you’ve got a jam-packed summer. But despite the pervasiveness of sharks in media, most of us are still quite far removed from these magnificent fish. However, Valerie Taylor has dedicated her career to them.
The 85-year-old conservationist and photographer has spent her whole life in the company of sharks. First as a champion spearfisher and then working with her husband late Ron Taylor to document her dives with sharks. The amazing footage of Taylor, often shown on National Geographic, featured the petite blond wearing her signature pink wetsuit swimming around with some quite sizeable sharks.


Chipotle Is Testing a Plant-Based Version of Chorizo
It’s the first meat alternative the brand has offered since tofu Sofritos hit the menu in 2014.

When White Castle put the first nationally available plant-based burger on its menu three years ago, the question was still up in the air as to whether fast food brands (and consumers) would embrace alternatives to their usual meats. But as nearly every major chain has adopted some kind of vegan- or vegetarian-friendly protein since, the question seems to have been answered with a resounding yes. And now Chipotle is continuing this hot streak for fake meat by giving guests the opportunity to swap one of its popular burrito bowl fillings with Plant-Based Chorizo.


This TikTok Designer Upcycles Designer Bags Into Just About Anything
Got an old Louis Vuitton bag lying around? Do you secretly wish it were a pair of sandals? Fret not, because a new TikTok designer can totally transform it for you. Peder Cho is a 29-year-old designer based in Los Angeles who is turning designer bags into just about anything—from shoes to bikinis. “My business is centered on sending me your loved pieces to flip into something new you want,” says Cho.
Cho is actually an accountant, but he quit the profession in 2018 to pursue his true passion after learning to sew about a little over a year before. “To be a full-time designer now is insane,” says Cho. “I’m so geeked I get to dedicate my life to creating it how I want.” Cho began posting his DIY’d, upcycled creations on TikTok in February this year, and now he has over 180,000 followers. His specialty is turning dust bags into something a little more enviable. Recently, he made a Dior Saddle-inspired bag out of a Gucci dust bag, as well as a pair of shorts out of Christian Louboutin dust bags.


What’s Going on With the Search for a New Jeopardy! Host?
The trivia show Jeopardy! has been a mainstay of American pop culture since its inception in 1964, but the death of longtime host Alex Trebek raised many questions about the show’s legacy (and, more specifically, who would be selected to continue it). There’s been plenty of uproar lately about the various people tapped to host the show, but where did it all begin? For a full explanation of what, precisely, is going on with Jeopardy! right now, keep reading.


Met Gala Themes Over the Years: A Look Back at Many First Mondays in May
After a pandemic-induced hiatus, the Met Gala finally, finally returns for 2021. But this time, not on the first Monday in May—but rather, the second Monday in September, as a grand finale to New York Fashion Week.
This year’s Met Gala theme? “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.”
The gala is, yes, a major star-studded fundraising event, but its importance goes beyond dollars raised and social media impressions made. It’s a grand display of art as fashion and fashion as art, showing how both forms comprise and define our cultural fabric. Each theme is chosen with the utmost consideration—what story does this tell? What history does it teach? In 2018, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” showcased hundreds of holy items from the Vatican. A few years earlier, “China: Through the Looking Glass” celebrated China’s influence on Western and Eastern design. Last May explored “Camp” and its exaggerated artifice.


Beyoncé Wears Audrey Hepburn’s Priceless ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ Diamonds In Her First Tiffany Campaign
When you have Beyoncé and Jay-Z starring in a campaign that will hopefully usher in a new era of your brand, you break out the big guns. For Tiffany & Co, that meant adorning Beyoncé in the 128.54 carat Tiffany Diamond previously only worn by three other people (one of them being Audrey Hepburn), along with a host of other luxury jewels.
Of course, the priceless Fancy Yellow diamond on a long chain adorned with over 100 carats of diamonds itself looks right at home around Beyoncé’s neck as she poses for Tiffany’s new About Love campaign, shot by Mason Poole and styled by June Ambrose and Marni Senofonte, and the accompanying video, shot by Black Is King director Emmanuel Adjei.


Why We’re All Hot For Property
Throwing open the (floor-to-ceiling French) doors on our addiction to property porn, Victoria Moss searches through the beautifully big, the small but perfectly formed and the most impressive of semis, to ask: when it comes to getting off on our fantasy homes, what is it we’re really looking for?

This innate desire to look inside other people’s homes and show off our own is nothing new. Sonia Solicari, director of the recently reopened Museum of the Home (which charts how we’ve lived and the evolution of home design over the past 400 years through its ‘Rooms Through Time’) explains that, ‘The Victorian bay window was designed for a dual purpose. It gave you more viewing of the street, but it also allowed people to look into a space that was often curated with ornate bird cages.’ The east London museum is also home to a hugely popular photographic documentary series by Mark Cowper, featuring interiors of flats in the high-rise Ethelburga tower in Battersea. ‘It’s one architectural space decorated in myriad ways,’ Solicari explains. ‘People want ideas for themselves and they also want to know where they fit in society, it’s a basic need.’ But now it’s easier than ever to answer that need through our online presence.


Angelina Jolie Joins Instagram, Shares Letter From Afghanistan Teen As First Post
Angelina Jolie has begun her social media life with a bang, as her first post has accumulated 1,168,915 likes and 3.7 million followers in just nine hours.
Jolie used her first post to draw attention to a letter she said she received from a teenage girl in Afghanistan.
“Right now, the people of Afghanistan are losing their ability to communicate on social media and to express themselves freely,” Jolie said in the post caption. “So I’ve come on Instagram to share their stories and the voices of those across the globe who are fighting for their basic human rights.”
The girl, whose name was redacted, wrote about her fears that the return of the Taliban will end her school career, saying “we are all imprisoned again.”


Biden backs school districts in fight against GOP mask mandate bans
Eight states, including Florida and Texas, are trying to ban mask mandates.

The 2021-22 school year is here, and with the US once more facing an out-of-control surge of Covid-19 cases, the fight over public health measures in schools is reaching a fever pitch as K-12 students head back into classrooms.
Republicans in at least eight states are taking a hard line against classroom mask requirements, contrary to federal public health guidance — and increasingly, individual school districts, with the support of the Biden administration, are moving to mandate masks anyway to protect their students.
In Texas and Florida, the two largest states to block school mask mandates outright, the school year has already gotten off to a bad start. More and more students and teachers in both states are testing positive for the virus, and some school districts have been forced to shut down entirely.
Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah have all prohibited mask mandates in schools, according to Politico, though in Texas that ban is currently not in effect pending further litigation.


Princess Marie of Liechtenstein has died aged 81
‘She passed away… in the presence of her family,’ said an announcement from the Princely House

The German-speaking principality of Liechtenstein – a 25km-long country between Austria and Switzerland – is in mourning, following the death of Princess Marie of Liechtenstein over the weekend, at the age of 81.


Your Favorite Nail Polish Brand Just Launched a Plant-Based Line
There are now 30 more shades of OPI nail polish to choose from.

OPI is adding even more polish options into the mix with its Nature Strong Natural Origin Lacquer range, a collection of 30 vegan, non-GMO, plant- and mineral-based nail polishes and a top coat priced at $12 each. According to the brand, the polishes are up to 75% natural in origin, with ingredients like sugar cane, wheat, potatoes, and corn, while the top coat is up to 65% natural in origin. Nature Strong is certified by The Vegan Society and the bottle and cap are made from 20% post-consumer recycled materials.


Sadiqua Bynum Is the Badass Stuntwoman Behind Some of Hollywood’s Wildest Tricks
Jumping through windows and drifting in cars is all in a day’s work for this former champion gymnast.

At 27, Sadiqua Bynum may be one of Hollywood’s youngest stuntwomen, but with credits in major blockbusters like Black Panther and The Suicide Squad, she’s already made a name for herself, doubling onscreen for stars like Regina King, Angela Bassett, and Gabrielle Union. And working in entertainment was only this badass woman’s backup plan. First came gymnastics.




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