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Posted on August 10, 2021

Crimson Room Bar – Bangkok, Thailand


Sunlight? Who needs it? It’s scary out there! Best to just stay inside today’s utterly fabulous LOunge and indulge your Gatsby fantasies for the next twelve hours. Order a cocktail and get down to the business of sparkling. Reality and responsibility are both highly overrated.


What Do the Celebrities Have Against Bathing?
They’ve gone too far.

“More and more I find bathing to be less necessary, at times,” says Jake Gyllenhaal. “I do also think that there’s a whole world of not bathing that is also really helpful for skin maintenance, and we naturally clean ourselves.”
Look, I’m not saying that you need to shower everyday. Every other day, depending on your activity level, is perfectly fine with me! But, as a narcissist, my worst fear is that this “no bath, no problem” attitude sparks a “wellness” movement in which large swaths of people who ride the New York City subway system begin bathing less and less, especially in the summers. New York has enough special summertime fragrances already, thanks!


How To Advocate For Yourself In The Workplace, As Told By The L Word: Generation Q’s Bette Porter
Whether she’s running for office or running the art world, the L Word icon, as played by Jennifer Beals, has taught us all the meaning of “power lesbian.” As The L Word: Generation Q ramps up season 2 on Showtime, the actress gives us some advice straight from Bette’s notebook.

“It’s not just about advocating [for yourself],” Beals says. “The advocating has to come from a place of honesty and research and knowing your value, right? So the first part is kind of taking a look at where you are in your workplace. You can’t complain about where you are and do nothing about it. That’s the first thing. If you don’t like your situation at work, and you’ve done everything in your power to better your situation, then you need to move on. You need to have the courage—first of all—to move on, which is a little scary for some people.”


John Travolta Reminisces on His Famous Dance with Princess Diana
Nancy Reagan orchestrated the now-iconic moment between the princess and the actor.

It turns out that Nancy Reagan was pulling strings behind the scenes for Princess Diana. John Travolta recently revealed that it was the First Lady who suggested he ask the Princess of Wales to dance during her famed White House visit.
In a clip from the new special In Their Own Words: Diana, Princess of Wales, shared by People, Travolta remembers getting invited to the White House in 1985 to meet Diana. He noted that he “went with a very humble attitude” to the dinner because he felt he “was an extra in a room of very important people.” However, as the evening progressed, the First Lady approached the Grease actor with a special request.


The Secret History of Japanese Wine
One writer traces the surprisingly deep roots of winemaking in the heart of Japan’s modern-day wine country

The story most often repeated — in Japan and beyond — is that Japanese winemaking started just 150 years ago with the introduction of European oenology. But I’d read in the Kikizake-shi textbook (like a sommelier’s manual for sake) that people in Japan fermented grapes long before any encounter with the West. The alcoholic drink people made from grapes in premodern Japan is usually called budoshu (grape alcohol) to distinguish it from wine, but I wanted to know: was there any meaningful difference? To find out, I headed inland to the heart of the modern wine industry in Yamanashi prefecture, southwest of Tokyo.


55 K-Dramas You’ll Be Completely Hooked On
Wait, how is it already 2 a.m.?

If you’re not watching Korean dramas, better known as K-dramas, then you’re missing out in several ways. First, there’s the big-picture, cultural impact to consider: K-dramas have become a worldwide phenomenon, and if you’re going to be a pop culture connoisseur/productive denizen of the entertainment-loving internet—and you’re here, so you obviously are both of those things—then you need to be versed in all things K-drama. And then there’s the more important reason to watch K-dramas: They are addictive and amazing, and you’ll thank yourself for adding them to your pop culture diet.
Known for their interesting storylines and intense (if sometimes predictable) plot twists, Korean dramas can go from super sappy to incredibly heartbreaking to “WTF, what was that?” in a heartbeat. That variety is exactly what keeps viewers coming back for more. Here, we’ve listed the best K-dramas to watch.


Meet Tableau’s Julius Værnes Iversen, Danish Fashion’s Go-To Floral Artist
Even as ideas around gender and self-expression evolve, fashion is still often linked to concepts like femininity, fragility, and sometimes even fickleness. And the bias exists in spheres beyond fashion, too. In Copenhagen, Julius Værnes Iversen is working to deconstruct such binding notions in the area of floral design, which he is elevating to the level of art.
The son of a wholesale florist, Iversen established his company almost four years ago. “I sort of created this very stylistic room for flowers, you could sort of call it a gallery for flowers,” he explained on a recent call. Since its start Tableau’s activities have expanded greatly, and now embrace set design (including for many fashion clients) and art installations. “We can design everything from a bench to a vase to a stool,” said Josphine Jein, who handles the company’s communications and e-commerce. “We also just added doing full interior spatial designs.”


25 Pumpkin Recipes to Make This Fall
While pumpkin certainly makes a wonderful, this squash is far more versatile than you might think, and these pumpkin recipes prove it. We love it in and , or made into a for the ultimate spread. Don’t forget about those seeds, either—you can use them for everything from to , and they’ll add the perfect crunch. Read on for these recipes, and more of our favorite ways to cook with pumpkin.


Press Secretary Jen Psaki is Good At Mending Fences. Just Don’t Call Her Nice.
According to Psaki, the most important thing about speaking on Biden’s behalf is getting the tone right. “The first thing he said to me was ‘We need to be aligned on tone,’ or, really, he needs me to be aligned with him,” she tells me. “He said, ‘We are healing a country whose nerves have been frayed. It’s just a little bit frantic. We need to be projecting calm, openness to engagement, governing for all people.’ ” She goes on, “It doesn’t mean you don’t have moments where you are tough or firm or make clear to people when they’ve crossed a line. He does that, too.” But, she says, the tone thing “is really my North Star.” It’s questionable how far it will go in a country where, according to one poll, a quarter of citizens, and more than half of Republicans, believe that Donald Trump is the “true president.” But Psaki says the administration thinks it can make inroads not by “wrestling with alligators—or former alligators, or the people around them—but by delivering results.” She goes on, “That’s what we’re betting on. We’ll see if we’re right.”


Happy Birthday, Whitney Houston! 40 Classic Photos of the Divine Diva
For Whitney Houston, it wasn’t a matter of if she’d become a superstar, but when. Her mother, Cissy, is a powerhouse gospel singer who toured with Elvis Presley and sang backup on Aretha Franklin records. Her cousin, Dionne Warwick, defied every expectation for a Black pop singer in the ’60s with crossover hits like “Walk on By” and “I Say a Little Prayer.” Born in 1963, Houston inhaled Chaka Khan records in her youth and sang in the choir at Newark’s New Hope Baptist Church, where Cissy acted as musical director. Word quickly spread around town about Houston, the teenage girl with the octave-spanning voice of an angel.
“Being around people like Aretha Franklin and Dionne Warwick, all these greats, I was taught to listen and observe. It had a great impact on me as a singer,” Houston once told a journalist. “Growing up around it, you just can’t help it. I identified with it immediately. It was something that was so natural to me that when I started singing, it was almost like speaking.”


Camila Cabello and Billy Porter’s Reimagined Cinderella Is a High Fashion Fairytale
Unlike her predecessors Camila Cabello’s “Ella” doesn’t aspire to life as a royal, instead she’s busy building a fashion empire. The heroine’s shift from dreamer to proactive entrepreneur makes for a different kind of narrative, one the forces behind the project hope will inspire young girls. “It is a completely new telling of the story. I feel like other fairytales have values that are more antiquated and don’t reflect women accurately,” shared Cabello from Los Angeles. “In this Cinderella, she has dreams and ambitions, and she wants to save herself, not have a prince or anybody else save her.”
Given Ella’s goals, much of the modernization is expressed via wardrobe. For costume designer Ellen Mirojnick, telling Ella’s story meant starting from scratch. “With Cinderella you of course think of the blue dress, the glass slipper, etc. but that wasn’t how we were going to approach this story,” she says. “This is a brand new retelling so we wanted to put a twist on it and embrace a new point of view, [one] that promotes female empowerment and individuality.”


The Style Files of Gillian Anderson
From the original The X-Files series to The Crown, Gillian Anderson has enjoyed a long career in the spotlight. And for just about the entire time that the television star has been a household name, Anderson’s sense of style has remained classic and chic. From sultry gowns to simple menswear moments, Anderson’s red carpet looks never disappoint, and whether she’s playing a British Prime Minister or a sex positive therapist, her sense of humor remains in tact as well. In honor of her 53rd birthday, here are her best looks from 1996 to today.


Catherine Zeta-Jones Set as Morticia in Tim Burton’s ‘Addams Family’ Series for Netflix
She joins a ‘Wednesday’ cast that includes Jenna Ortega as Wednesday and Luis Guzman as Gomez.

Netflix’s upcoming Tim Burton Addams Family drama series Wednesday has found its Morticia.
Catherine Zeta-Jones has been tapped to serve as a guest star and play the matriarch in the eight-episode series from director Burton and showrunners Al Gough and Miles Millar (Smallville, Into the Badlands).
Wednesday is described as a sleuthing, supernaturally infused mystery charting Wednesday Addams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy. Wednesday attempts to master her emerging psychic ability, thwart a monstrous killing spree that has terrorized the local town, and solve the supernatural mystery that embroiled her parents 25 years ago — all while navigating her new and very tangled relationships at Nevermore.


Brands are already marketing to Generation Alpha
The kids born after Gen Z are prime targets for marketers — and so are their millennial parents.

My greatest desire as a toddler was to own a play kitchen, complete with miniature appliances, utensils, and plastic food. All my neighborhood playmates had one. The kitchens were everywhere, according to my mother: displayed in toy catalogs and television commercials, in day care centers, and in the homes of family friends.
It was, in hindsight, one of my very first consumerist desires, a toy that sought to instill ideals of domesticity in young girls. That didn’t matter to my parents, or to 3-year-old me. I was learning to want things: snacks, games, and gadgets that were strategically dangled in front of my barely formed child brain, even if my parents held all the buying power. This parent-child dynamic — in which the child ceaselessly annoys their caretaker to receive a desired object — likely won’t ever change.


All for show: A short history of the status symbol
NFTs are the latest status symbol, with billionaires fighting each other to ‘own’ a piece of digital art. But, from purple to pineapples via private jets, here’s what came first – as chronicled in the September issue.



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