Dolce & Gabbana Alta Sartoria Fashion Show Rundown

Posted on August 31, 2021

Not content to parade a bunch of A-List stars in gownery before our eyes for their Alta Moda show, Dolce & Gabbana called on their legion of celebrity supporters to step out again; this time for the Alta Sartoria (haute couture menswear) show. Considering a surprise hailstorm sent mosts of the guest scattering (“When the audience opts en masse to run, screaming, for the exit at the end of a fashion show, it’s fair to say that things are not going quite to plan,” as Vogue put it), it’s a good thing they posed for pictures beforehand. The vibe this time was less “European royalty” and way more “hit the dance floor.”




Honey, you had us until we got to the crotch heart.




This is at least the third or fourth monochromatic suit ensemble in this exact color we’ve seen this month. The tailoring on the jacket makes it look a little like womenswear, with the tailored waist and the slight flare. We don’t love that part, but we can’t deny he’s pulling off the rest of it.




Love the head styling and the way the coat really plays against your expectations, but we can’t say we’re thrilled with those pants.




It was nearly impossible to find decent shots of Dame Helen because evidently, when she wasn’t dodging hail stones, she spent the night partying her ass off. Looking as this super-fun frock, we can’t say we blame her. That’s a dress that practically demands you get up on the dance floor with Meghan Thee Stallion.





We don’t blame her for going this route after that poofy Princess Grace drag from yesterday. This is probably way more in line with her preferences. Can’t really argue with it, although we don’t love the wet look. Still, it has a very ’90s feel to it and that suits her.





She can handle this sort of style with ease, but the floral effect is overdone and the shape is a little blocky. The flowers in the hair makes this look like cosplay.




Suddenly, an unexpected bit of Catwoman cosplay. This is fun but it feels a little randomly thrown together. Like, those shoes and earrings don’t seem like the most intuitive choices for a catsuit look.





It’s quite the little throwback frock, but it really looks great on her. Love the color of the dress and the choice to go sparkly on the feet. It’s ’80s Cinderella and we’re here for it.







[Photo Credit: IPA/, Simone Comi/Ipa/, Alberto Terenghi/Ipa/]

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