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Darlings, we’re back! Back from Vegas! Back from spending the holiday once again in America’s birthplace! Back at a gorgeous LOunge, carefully selected by a team of Lorenzos for maximum soothing and optimal stimulation. Of course we never really left and wound up posting two Drag Race recaps over the holiday, but still. A threshold has been crossed. Today is TUESDAY, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Welcome. We’re off to the content fields with empty baskets to fill. Chat amongst yourselves. How did you spend the holiday weekend?


The Downton Abbey Movie Sequel Is Coming In March 2022
The Downton Abbey movie sequel, a Focus Features project, which was confirmed for December 2021, is now set for March 18, 2022.
Hugh Dancy, Laura Haddock, Nathalie Baye and Dominic West are joining the cast for the follow-up to the September 2019 Downton Abbey movie. Simon Curtis (My Week with Marilyn) is directing the film, written by Downton series creator, Julian Fellowes, Gareth Neame, and Liz Trubridge.


A First Chance at First Place
With five new sports debuting at the Tokyo Olympics, these female athletes are entering uncharted territory.

After a year-long postponement, the final countdown to the Tokyo Olympics has officially commenced. You’ve heard of gymnastics, swimming, and track, of course. But this year, the International Olympic Committee is introducing a new batch of sports, including skateboarding, surfing, karate, sport climbing (aka rock climbing), as well as the women’s canoe sprint.


At 75, Charlotte Rampling Remains an Icon of Classic French Style
With her intellect, extraordinary beauty, and, of course, her supreme versatility as an actor, it’s little wonder that Charlotte Rampling has served as a muse to filmmakers and fashion designers alike throughout her six-decade career. Whether it was her early days as a model in Swinging Sixties London that saw her become a favorite of Yves Saint Laurent and Helmut Newton, or her career revival over the past two decades working regularly with auteurs like François Ozon—or even her regular appearances in some of Juergen Teller’s most risqué photographs throughout the 1990s—there is something ineffable about Rampling’s appeal that draws us back to her again and again.


Immerse Yourself In The Nostalgia Of These Cannes Photos From The ’90s
The Cannes Film Festival returns today after its pandemic-induced hiatus – albeit later in the year than usual, and with a slightly truncated guest list. Cannes has always been a magnet for the biggest names in Hollywood. A whirlwind of photocalls, premieres and parties, the French Riviera festival always serves up major style moments as well as celebrating the best in international film.
Ahead of the long overdue return of Croisette style, immerse yourself in some epic Cannes moments from the 1990s – from Drew Barrymore dipping her toes in a pool and Rocky star Dolph Lundgren’s rigorous (and rather public) workout, to Grace Jones holding court at an after-party and Naomi Campbell shutting down the red carpet as only a supermodel can.


This Horse Ranch in Montauk Is Now an Idyllic Art Destination
At The Ranch, a converted horse barn and its surrounding fields become a giant canvas, featuring the works of artists that Levai, now an independent dealer, still represents. In the barn, eight new works by Peter Halley currently take center stage; grand and luminous compositions inspired by Han Hoffman’s work with color and geometry. In an adjacent space, 30 drawings by the artist Susan Te Kahurangi King adorn the walls; the earliest, from 1958, were made when King was just seven years old. Outside, meanwhile, visitors are met with a series of sculptures by Frank Benson, Aaron Curry, and Virginia Overton.


50 best Cannes dresses of all time
Our favourite fashion moments from the Croisette

The Cannes Film Festival is undoubtedly one of the most glamorous events on the celebrity calendar. Each year, the occasion brings in Hollywood’s biggest stars and the Croisette provides the most beautiful backdrop for the daily film premieres and parties which take place. It is one of the most prestigious red-carpet events of the year, and the celebrities and stylists always pull out all the stops, meaning we get some of the best fashion possible.
And, this year’s event marks the return of the festival in all its glory. Although of course there are still some restrictions in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the current loosening of rules means we are likely to see a very starry crowd arriving in the South of France to celebrate one of the most famous film festivals in the world – and we have a feeling that the stars on the red carpet will be making up for lost time when it comes to their wardrobes.
As we await this year’s glamorous festivities, we are looking back to some of the best moments in the festival’s history. Below, we round up 50 of our favourite Cannes Film Festival dresses of all time. And, to discover what goes into a Cannes Film Festival red-carpet look, head here as we speak to stylists about the glossy event.


Gwen Stefani marries Blake Shelton wearing Vera Wang
The couple tied the knot on his private Oklahoma ranch

Congratulations to Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, who tied the knot over the weekend after nearly six years together. The newlyweds held the ceremony on Shelton’s private Oklahoma ranch, where he built a private chapel specially for their big day, as well as a tent for the reception.
Stefani wore a Vera Wang gown with a structured bustier and full tulle skirt with a long train and cropped front. To finish her bridal ensemble, she accessorised with a dramatic sheer veil with floral detail and a playful hair bow.


Rainbow Rowell on Tapping into Her Own Demons For Any Way the Wind Blows
The author gets personal about the “profound impact” the pandemic had on writing the third and final installment of her popular Simon Snow series.

The prolific Rowell took an extended break from writing, and eventually learned she had an undiagnosed parathyroid disorder — an insidious and hard-to-identify calcium imbalance that assaults the body and brain at once. While recovering from having a tumor removed, she started work on other projects which meant it was four years before the second Simon Snow book, Wayward Son, debuted in 2019. But in those intervening years, Simon, Baz, and their schoolmates Penelope Bunce and Agatha Wellbelove had found their audience. Wayward Son was a best-selling smash hit. Rowell quickly made good on her promise that readers wouldn’t have to wait another four years and the third and final (for now) Simon Snow book hits bookshelves this Tuesday.


All UK hairdressers will now be trained to cut and style Afro hair
Last month, a new version of the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for hairdressing – nationally recognised practice standards which form the basis of many competency qualifications across the UK – was published and approved by the government, having been updated to include Afro and textured hair. This means all new hairdressers will learn to work with Black hair as part of their training.


Celebs and Athletes Show Support for Sha’Carri Richardson Amid Unfair Olympic Suspension
Let Sha’Carri run.

Sha’Carri Richardson has experienced a huge outpouring of support from celebs, fans, fellow athletes, and politicians after being suspended from the Olympic team for a month due to testing positive for THC.
Many people think the suspension is massively unfair due to marijuana not being a performance enhancing drug—not to mention the policing of its use being firmly rooted in racism. Add this to the fact that Sha’Carri said she’d used marijuana to cope with learning about the death of her biological mother, and her disqualification seems completely unjustified and wrong.


Duck Nails Are TikTok’s Most Unexpected Nail Trend
The flared nail shape is surely an acquired taste.

Duck nails, fan tips, flared nails, wide tips, Jersey nails— no matter what you choose to call them, the Y2K nail shape’s presence on social media lately is undeniable. The wide, triangular tips that resemble that of a fan, duck’s foot, or a pair of flared jeans are taking over TikTok and Instagram as one of the most unexpected nail trends we’ve seen in a while. They seemingly appear as a nail appointment gone wrong, but the stretched-out aesthetic is actually an intentional, highly desired look.


Robots were supposed to take our jobs. Instead, they’re making them worse.
The robot apocalypse is already here, it just looks different than you thought.

The robot revolution is always allegedly just around the corner. In the utopian vision, technology emancipates human labor from repetitive, mundane tasks, freeing us to be more productive and take on more fulfilling work. In the dystopian vision, robots come for everyone’s jobs, put millions and millions of people out of work, and throw the economy into chaos.


Creating Master Works from Tiny Pieces of Glass
Maurizio Fioravanti is a celebrated figure in the rarefied world of micromosaics.

In a tiny studio atop a historic palazzo in central Rome, Maurizio Fioravanti creates miniature worlds of massive fantasy.He is one of the world’s few micromosaic artists, a self-taught, 30-year practitioner of a painstaking craft that involves setting thousands of tiny glass tesserae, often measuring less than 1 millimeter in diameter, into small metal panels to create images of such remarkable detail that they appear to be photographs. The work is so time-consuming that Mr. Fioravanti produces fewer than 10 pieces a year, with prices starting at $50,000 for a ring.


How to be a good ancestor
Don’t get trapped in the now. You can help future generations survive risks like climate change, pandemics, and artificial intelligence.

Why we should care about people who don’t exist yet
Picture this: A child is drowning in front of you. You see her desperate limbs flailing in a pond, and you know you could easily wade into the waters and save her. Your clothes would get muddy, but your life wouldn’t be in any danger. Should you rescue her? Of course you should.


The touching meaning behind Princess Diana’s memorial statue outfit
Unveiled on what would have been the late royal’s 60th birthday last week, Ian Rank-Broadley’s sculpture depicts the People’s Princess in an elegant shirt and pencil skirt, cinched at the waist with a wide belt

Last Thursday, 1 July, marked what would have been the 60th birthday of the late Diana, Princess of Wales. To commemorate the occasion, Diana’s sons, the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex, came together to unveil a special memorial statue of their mother in Kensington Palace’s Sunken Garden. But what was the rationale behind the outfit that was chosen to be immortalised in the sculpture?


Meet the Portrait Mummy of Herakleides
An online exhibition explores the identity of a 2000-year-old mummified man

Herakleides’ mummified body has survived along with his painted portrait for nearly 2,000 years, providing a rare opportunity to examine a fully intact portrait mummy. Most Romano-Egyptian mummy portraits were separated from their mummies when they were found, leaving us with only the painted panels.
A recent study of his remains and the methods and materials used to create his portrait and burial shroud revealed more about elite burials in Roman Egypt, and highlighted the value of comparative studies where investigating the relationships among a group of artifacts can improve our understanding of ancient materials, their import, production, and use.





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